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2022 World Cup: USA and Mexico will need Qatar's cooling technology, says engineer Saud Abdul Ghani

6:07 PM GMT+4 17/12/2018
Khalifa International Stadium
The engineer leading the team behind the innovative technology is expecting calls from the 2026 FIFA World Cup hosts...

Qatar will put its cooling technology to use in the 2022 World Cup which will be the first time when the competition is held in the months of November and December.

The advanced version of the cooling technology was tested last year at the Khalifa Stadium for the Emir Cup final where the organisers successfully managed to keep the rising temperatures under check. 

The ‘cooling technology’ expert Dr.Saud Abdul Ghani believes that the USA would soon ‘need’ support from Qatar for the 2026 World Cup. The World Cup in the USA, Mexico and Canada would certainly benefit from Qatar’s cooling technology to combat the hot and humid weather conditions in June.

“We have invited them but they have not got in touch as of now but I think it is a learning experience. People learnt from the Russia World Cup. For example, when the World Cup happened in South Africa and Brazil, the referees used to stop the game to provide water breaks to the players.

“If you want to avoid that, the only way to do is controlling the environment. I think it’s a learning experience and they have to talk to us sooner or later,” said Dr.Saud Abdul Ghani, the engineer leading the team behind the cooling technology at Khalifa International Stadium, Qatar.

He mentioned that Qatar is willing to offer help to other nations who wish to host mega tournaments such as the World Cup.

“The designing of the cooling technology needed a lot of investment. But the components if you do it once you can do it again. That is why Qatar is offering this and the other countries can learn from free of charge. Only the process of adapting that design to the stadium because different stadiums have different characters, different height, different depths, so we have to adapt that design to that particular stadium. But it is only adaptation rather than redesigning,” he explained.

The USA, Mexico and Canada won the bidding rights for the 2026 World Cup which will have 48 teams participating. There will be a total of 80 matches played across the three nations which have 23 stadiums which are built or under construction.