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J. Sotirio
R. Bonevacia
2 - 0
K. Rowles
Yellow Card
T. Elrich
B. Kamau
1 - 0
B. Hamill
Yellow Card
A. Hoole
Yellow Card

Match Stats

48% 51%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 4
Total Passes 354 388
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Final Series
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FULL TIME: WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS 2 CENTRAL COAST MARINERS 0 - The final whistle sounds and it is the Wanderers first win in over two months, relieving the pressure valve after 2-0 win. The Wanderers started the second half with a one goal advantage. The Mariners had plenty of chances in the second half, but they weren't able to make the Wanderers pay. When Sotirio found the back of the net in the 77th minute it was all over, with the Wanderers keeping the Mariners stranded in 10th position, six points behind ninth position on the A-League ladder.
90' + 6' The Mariners have looked flat today, after putting in an encouraging performance last week.
90' + 4' Mallon has whipped in three decent balls from the left side, but the Mariners weren't able to make the most of their chances.
90' + 2' This loss will almost certainly mean the Mariners will pick up the wooden spoon for season 2018/2019, unless they can change things around in a hurry.
90' We have six minutes of stoppage time to play.
89' Bonevacia brings it down to his feet, he fires it for goal and it is just wide of the mark. So close for Bonevacia.
89' This looks like the game where Vedran Janjetovic got his groove back, after a challenging few weeks.
R. Mahazi
J. O'Doherty
87' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - Third and final change for the Wanderers as O'Doherty is off and Mahazi runs on to replace him.
85' Janjetovic judges the flight of the ball perfectly from the Oar kick and is able to pluck the ball out of the air.
83' The ball drops for Mourdoukoutis, who attempts an over the head kick, but Duke is there with the ball coming off a Mariners defender for a corner kick.
82' Oar with a shot on the run, but unfortunately for him it is straight to Janjetovic, who is able to make an easy save.
81' The next box to tick for the Wanderers would be a clean sheet to restore Janjetovic's confidence after a nightmare game last week.
79' All the Wanderers need to do now is to retain the possession and eliminate the danger.
J. Sotirio
77' GOAL WANDERERS (Jaushua Sotirio) Western Sydney Wanderers 2 Central Coast Mariners 0 - Bonevacia threads it through for the run of Sotirio, who runs it into the box. He is one on one with Kennedy who comes out to challenge him, but he slides towards the bottom right corner of the net, to give the Wanderers a 2-0 lead over the Mariners.
77' We are back under way, for the final quarter of the match.
75' A drinks break has been called even though it has cooled down, but the rules state if there is a first half drinks break, there must be a second half drinks break.
K. Rowles
Yellow Card
74' YELLOW CARD MARINERS - Rowles goes in for a late challenge on O'Doherty and is awarded a yellow card in the process.
72' Pain uses Oar to paddle him out of trouble, hoping for the one-two, but Oar's touch is a heavy one and it sails out of play.
M. Duke
Oriol Riera
70' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - The Wanderers also make their second changer with Riera off for Duke.
S. Mallon
M. Millar
69' SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - The Mariners make their second change of the match as Millar makes way for Mallon.
68' It is all looking a little untidy at the moment from both teams.
66' Riera chests it down inside the box, he takes a shot on goal but it is blocked by Graham.
64' This game seems to be getting away from the Mariners. They need something to change and in a hurry.
62' Baccus with a shot around the body, but he kicks it over the crossbar, going out for a goal kick.
60' Baccus brings down Oar in a very dangerous position for the Wanderers. Hoole takes the set piece, but he drives it wide of the mark.
58' Bonevacia takes the free kick for the Wanderers, but the kick is not great and he ends up turning the ball over.
56' It has been 24 matches without a clean sheet for the Central Coast Mariners.
54' Oar makes a breaks inside the box, keeping the ball low, but Janjetovic is able to make a great save.
53' Baccus plays the ball for goal but he blasts it over the crossbar.
52' The Mariners are starting to spend some quality time with the ball inside their attacking half.
50' Sotirio runs it into the box, as he looks to pull the trigger on goal but the shot is blocked by Aspropotamitis.
48' The Mariners change is a tactical and attacking change, as they look to change their fortune.
T. Oar
T. Hiariej
46' SUBSTITUTION MARINERS - The Mariners make their first changer as Hiariej makes way for Oar. A change of the Tom's.
46' SECOND HALF - The Mariners get this second half under way.
HALF TIME: WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS 1 CENTRAL COAST MARINERS 0 - The Wanderers go into the half time break holding a 1-0 lead over the Mariners. It was a pretty uninspired first half from both teams, but the Wanderers thoroughly deserve their half time lead, thanks to an unexpected Elrich goal in the 45th minute. The Mariners need to change things up if they are planning on picking up the points today.
45' + 4' The Mariners have some options on the bench, including the possible debut of a very fast winger in Mallon.
45' + 2' The Mariners are in an all too familiar position, needing to fight back to rescue this one.
45' We have four minutes of stoppage time to play for the first half.
T. Elrich
45' GOAL WANDERERS (Tarek Elrich) Western Sydney Wanderers 1 Central Coast Mariners 0 - Kamau gives it over to Elrich, just outside of the box, Elrich looks for a pass to the back post, with Sotirio in the best position, but it hits the post and it goes in.
45' Sotirio off the back post, as it comes back into play with Riera in the box seat, but he makes a meal of it.
43' Millar takes a shot on goal from just inside the box, but it takes a ricochet, with Hoole pouncing onto it, but Janjetovic makes the save.
41' Bonevacia has been the Wanderers best this afternoon. He has looked very dangerous around goal.
B. Hamill
Yellow Card
39' YELLOW CARD WANDERERS - Hamill goes into the ref's book after he intentionally brings down Hiariej in the middle of the ground.
38' The Mariners have not had a single shot on goal, yet they have had five corner kicks.
A. Hoole
Yellow Card
36' YELLOW CARD MARINERS - Hoole is booked by the ref, after he brought down Baccus.
34' There is not a great deal of attacking play happening for both teams.
32' Play has resumed with the Mariners having a throw in, inside their defensive half.
30' The referee has called for a drinks break, to combat some of the warm conditions.
28' It has at time been a scrappy game, with a lot of mistakes being made in the middle of the ground.
B. Kamau
K. Yeboah
26' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - The Wanderers are forced to make an early change as the injured Yeboah is replaced by Kamau.
24' Bonevacia with a super ball into the box for a Riera header forcing Kennedy to push the ball away. 
Oriol Riera
Yellow Card
22' YELLOW CARD WANDERERS - Riera has been booked for his accidental elbow on Aspropotamitis.
21' Play has been held up as Aspropotamitis has gone down, after a head clash with Riera's elbow.
20' Hamill appeals for a foul from the corner kick, saying he was dragged down by Murray. The referee isn't buying it.
18' The Mariners have only won one game this season which was against Melbourne City.
16' The Mariners must win today, as a loss will have them six points adrift from ninth position.
14' Bonevacia presents himself as an option in attack, but Millar is one step ahead and intercepts the ball.
12' The Wanderers are in full flight in the middle through Elrich, but he has no support ahead of him and ends up turning the ball over.
10' Janjetovic has had a tricky few weeks, making some suspect decisions, but currently he still remains the Wanderers number one keeper.
8' The Wanderers have thrown away 16 points from winning positions this season. The Mariners have lead eight times this season, yet only yielding the one victory from those matches.
6' The Wanderers are starting to spend some quality time in attack. This could be very dangerous for them.
4' Yeboah streaks away into the attacking half, but he is unable to find a suitor for the ball.
2' Both teams have had a tough season and are currently sitting at ninth and tenth on the ladder respectively. This is a rare chance for success for one of these teams.
1' FIRST HALF - The Wanderers kick off and we are under way.
TEAMS - CENTRAL COAST MARINERS (3-4-3) STARTING XI - Ben Kennedy (GK); Jonathan Aspropotamitis, Aiden O'Neill, Kye Rowles; Matthew Millar, Tom Hiariej, Jem Karacan, Sam Graham; Andrew Hoole, Jordan Murray, Connor Pain. SUBS - Adam Pearce (GK), Jack Clisby, Michael McGlinchey, Tommy Oar, Stephen Mallon. 
TEAMS - WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS (4-2-3-1) STARTING XI - Vedran Janjetovic (GK); Tate Russell, Brendan Hamill, Tass Mourdoukoutas, Tarek Elrich; Keanu Baccus, Jordan O'Doherty; Jashua Sotirio, Kwame Yeboah, Roly Bonevacia; Oriel Riera. SUBS - Nick Suman (GK), Bruce Kamau, Mitchell Duke, Mathieu Cordier, Rashid Mahazi. 
The Mariners have lost their last eight games away from home, which is their worst away losing streak. In three of their last four away games, they held the lead at half time.
The Wanderers have won their last three fixtures against the Mariners and should they chalk up a win today, it will be the first time they would have recorded back to back at Spotless Stadium since October 2017.
Welcome to Spotless Stadium for the match between the Western Sydney Wanderers and the Central Coast Mariners.