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C. Jenkinson
Yellow Card
C. Jenkinson
M. Antonio
M. Barrow
A. Ayew
J. Shelvey
J. Cork
Pedro Obiang
A. Song
K. Naughton
Àngel Rangel
E. Valencia
M. Zárate


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Shots Off Target
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Total Passes 678 239


The draw keeps Swansea, who are next in action against West Bromwich Albion, inside the relegation zone, two points behind safety in the form of 17th-place Newcastle United, whilst West Ham remain in eighth place, just one point ahead of ninth-place Liverpool ahead of Saturday's must-win game away to bottom side Aston Villa.
The referee blows his whistle for the final time and brings an end to a thoroughly enjoying game. Despite all of the entertainment, neither side were able to find the back of the net, and Swansea will be the more frustrated of the two after they bossed possession the vast majority of the afternoon. The Swans looked far more confident than they have in recent weeks but still looked off the pace in the final third, where they just couldn't beat West Ham's determined back line, no matter how hard they tried. Collins was the standout performer for the Hammers, as he was always on hand to throw his body on the line to help his side pick up their fourth consecutive draw.
What a chance for Jelavic! West Ham break away incredibly quickly and take Swansea completely by surprise. Jelavic then breaks into the hosts' penalty area before looking to shoot, but Fernandez does well to dart over and cut out the danger before he can do so.
Swansea push forward on one last attacking move, with Barrow and Naughton linking up well on the right wing. The latter then swings a dangerous cross into the penalty area, where it finds Shelvey, but the substitute's acrobatic overhead kick fails to beat Tomkins, who stays close to him at the far post.
Naughton and Kouyate both rise high as they attempt to get onto the end of a lofted pass forward, but they end up clashing heads before falling to the floor. The latter looks to have come off worse but, after a few moments on the ground, is able to get back up and continue.
Valencia gets himself into a good position on the left wing after West Ham quickly break out of their own half of the pitch, but the Ecuadorian's audacious shot from far out is completely mishit and flies comfortably wide of the Swansea goal.
The fourh official has indicated that there will be four minutes of added time.
Patient build-up play from Swansea ends with Shelvey 30 yards away from the West Ham goal, and he twists and turns before darting out to the right wing and curling a cross into the box. It's completely overhit, however, and ends up sailing well over the head of Ki and out to the left flank.
C. Jenkinson
Yellow Card
West Ham United
Jenkinson is quickly involved in the action after coming onto the pitch, but he receives a yellow card for his troubles after battling a little too hard down the left wing.
C. Jenkinson
M. Antonio
West Ham United
Jenkinson comes on to replace Antonio in West Ham's last change of the game.
What a chance for Collins! West Ham's resulting corner is curled into the heart of the penalty area, where it finds the aforementioned centre-back, but his bullet header ends up looping just over the top of the crossbar and out for a goal kick.
Sloppy play by Swansea allows Jelavic to charge into the left-hand side of the penalty area, but just as the Croatian is about to spin and shoot he's dispossessed by an excellent tackle from Williams. West Ham then come back again quickly before Tomkins rifles in a shot from the 25 yards out, but, once again, the hosts' captain is there to block the effort.
M. Barrow
A. Ayew
Swansea City
Ayew receives a loud round of applause from the Swansea fans as he makes his way off the pitch to be replaced by Barrow for the final seven minutes of the game.
A deep and dangerous curling cross from Naughton almost reaches Ki, but it bounces off both Tomkins and Antonio before going out for a corner. The resulting set-piece is initially dealt with well by Collins before falling at the feet of Britton, but Swansea midfielder's 20-yard strike is also blocked well by the West Ham centre-back, who has had a great game thus far.
The resulting set-piece is curled into the heart of the penalty area, where it skims off the head of Ayew before falling to Williams, but the Swansea captain can only send his half-volleyed strike flying over the top of the crossbar.
Chance for Swansea! A wonderful lofted pass from Shelvey flies over to the top of the West Ham defence and into the path of Gomis. The Frenchman charges forward before being beaten to the ball by Adrian, who can only parry the ball into the path of Sigurdsson. The Icelandic midfielder takes a quick touch before unleashing a low shot from 30 yards out, but his strike takes a slight deflection that sends it out for a corner.
This time the resulting set-piece finds Jelavic before bouncing over to Gomis, who doesn't take any chances and unleashes an almighty volleyed clearance to send the ball over to the halfway line.
The first corner results in a second, which Swansea are only half able to deal with. Valencia then sends a deflected cross into the feet of Naughton and out to Ogbonna, but the defender's low strike flies off Williams and out for another West Ham corner.
Great save by Fabianski! Valencia picks up the ball on the left flank and immediately cuts inside before unleashing a rocket of a shot from the edge of the Swansea penalty area. It curls violently in the air as it heads towards the crossbar, but the Polish goalkeeper does wonderfully well to read the flight of the ball before tipping it out for a corner.
Swansea quickly work their way down the left flank through Ki, who darts forward before spinning and teeing up Shelvey. The substitute then finds Sigurdsson, who quickly moves the ball onto Naughton, but the right-back's first-time, thumping strike ends up flying well wide of the goal.
J. Shelvey
J. Cork
Swansea City
Meanwhile, Shelvey has come on to replace Cork for Swansea.
Pedro Obiang
A. Song
West Ham United
Song makes his way off the pitch to be replaced by Obiang.
Gomis is out-muscled on the right flank, allowing West Ham to push forward quickly. They work the ball over to Song, who then spins and tees up Cresswell with an absolutely wonderful pass that finds the left-back near the byline. He then thumps a dangerous low cross towards the near post, but Fabianski is there to cut out the danger at the vital moment.
Once again, Swansea work the ball around well before a long pass forward finds Gomis, but the Frenchman is too slow in trying to get back onside and, once more, the linesman's flag brings an end to a promising attacking move for the hosts.
K. Naughton
Àngel Rangel
Swansea City
Rangel seems to have picked up a nasty-looking injury, and he gingerly makes his way off the pitch to be replaced by Naughton for the final 20 minutes.
Britton charges through the middle of the pitch and beats two West Ham players before teeing up Gomis, but the Frenchman carelessly strays into an offside position and, as a result, the linesman's flag is quickly raised once again. Swansea are all over the visitors and are absolutely bossing possession at the moment.
A half-hearted West Ham attack breaks down, allowing Swansea to fly forward on a quick counter-attack. They work the ball out to Ki, who then sends it down the left flank and into the path of Gomis, but the South Korean's pass was slightly too late and, as a result, the linesman's flag is raised for offside against the Ghanaian.
Chance after chance is being presented to Swansea, but for now West Ham are just about managing to hold on. This time it's Gomis who receives the ball in a good position after impressive play by Ayew, but, with his back to goal, it takes him by surprise and he's unable to get a shot away before being dispossessed.
Ki almost makes it 1-0! The South Korean flies into the penalty area after playing a lovely one-two with Sigurdsson before unleashing a brilliant, first-time shot. It looks set to find the back of the net but deflects off Collins and out for a corner. The replays show that the strike hit the defender's hand, but the referee didn't see it and instead awards the hosts a corner.
E. Valencia
M. Zárate
West Ham United
Zarate makes his way off the pitch to be replaced by Valencia in West Ham's first substitution of the game.
And now Ki goes close! The resulting set-piece bounces over to Fernandez, who spins and unleashes a thumping cross-cum-shot that flies over to the far post. It reaches the South Korean midfielder, but he's unable to send his header towards goal. Swansea are starting to look incredibly dangerous once again!
Excellent strike by Cork. Swansea come back once again before earning themselves a free kick 30 yards away from goal. It's flung into the penalty area, where it's only half dealt with by Kouyate, allowing the aforementioned midfielder to unleash a thumping volley that Adrian does wonderfully well to push round the near post with a fantastic diving save.
Swansea are just about able to deal with the resulting set-piece before breaking away on a quick counter-attack. Fernandez is initially unable to find Gomis with his attempted through-ball but works the ball over to Sigurdsson via Ayew, but the Icelandic midfielder's thumping low strike is well stopped by Collins, who throws his body in front of the shot to stop it from troubling Adrian.
Once again, Antonio does well to get forward, this time down the left wing, before cutting inside. He has few options in front of him so decides to unleash a shot from just outside of the Swansea penalty area, but it takes a deflection off Williams that sends it out for a corner.
Antonio battles his way down the right flank before trying to tee up Noble, but his attempted back-heel is poor and is cut out by Taylor. The left-back temporarily loses the ball to Tomkins but does well to out-muscle the West Ham defender before shepherding the ball out of play for a goal kick.
As was the case at the start of the first half, West Ham are finding it difficult to break out of their own half of the pitch due to the strong performance being put in by the hosts. Swansea are looking incredibly bright on the ball and will be looking to make that count before the visitors eventually wake up.
West Ham initially work the ball forward well, with Antonio and Zarate looking bright down the left flank, but the latter's final pass is poor and ends up rolling harmlessly out of play for a throw-in deep inside the Swansea half of the pitch.
After patient build-up play from Swansea, Cork flicks the ball into the path of Gomis, who quickly peels away from his marker on the edge of the West Ham penalty area. He then unleashes a thumping strike, but just as he does so the linesman's flag is raised for offside.
And we're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out onto the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
It's been an impressive and hard-fought opening 45 minutes, with both sides looking bright at either end of the pitch. Swansea started the better of the two and put the visitors under plenty of early pressure, but West Ham slowly grew into the game and by the end were doing well to hassle the hosts' back line. However, Swansea have held firm to keep the Hammers' front line largely quiet, meaning that it's still all to play for with 45 minutes left to go and with both teams desperate for a victory.
West Ham earn themselves a late free kick, which Noble flings into the Swansea penalty area. However, it comes far too late in the half and just as the captain makes contact with the ball the referee blows his whistle and brings an end to the opening period.
The fourth official has indicated that there will be just one minute of added time.
West Ham break away on a quick counter-attack, with Kouyate doing well to get down the right flank. He then curls a dangerous low cross into the middle of the box, where it looks set to find Jelavic, but Britton sticks out a foot to send the ball looping into the air and into the hands of Fabianski, who is then clattered into by Antonio.
Swansea revert to the patient build-up play that characterised their early attacking moves, but West Ham look far more compact and well-organised than they did at the start of the game. As a result, they are doing well to deal with everything that is being thrown at them.
So close from Ayew! The Ghanaian sends a brilliant cross-field pass right onto the head of Ki, who nods the ball down into the path of Gomis. The Frenchman tries to unleash a shot but completely misses the ball. However, it ends up bouncing over to the aforementioned attacking midfielder, who does get a strike away that beats Adrian before flying into the side-netting.
Rangel breaks down the right flank before cutting inside and sending the ball over to Gomis. The Frenchman, aware of the West Ham players around him, immediately tries to tee up Sigurdsson with a deft flick, but Collins reads the Frenchman's mind and is there to snuff out the danger.
Ki skips past Song and finds himself in acres of space 25 yards out. He receives the ball and takes a quick touch before unleashing a thumping strike towards goal, but Ogbonna does well to throw his body in front of the shot to stop it from testing Adrian.
West Ham certainly seem to be working better off the ball than they were earlier in the half. They're doing well to quickly close down Swansea when the hosts get hold of possession, which is causing problems for the home side and disrupting their rhythm.
Song twists and turns on the left flank before curling a dangerous cross into the heart of the Swansea penalty area. It's half dealt with by Fabianski, who can only send his punched clearance bouncing into the path of Collins. The centre-back immediately unleashes a volley from just inside the box, but it takes a deflection off Fernandez that sends it out for yet another West Ham corner.
West Ham have looked far better over the past few minutes as they increase the pressure that they're exerting on the hosts. Zarate, who has arguably been their best player, unleashes a thumping shot from 25 yards out that Fabianski does well to parry out for a corner.
A determined attacking move from West Ham results in a corner on the right flank. It's whipped by Zarate into the middle of the box, where it finds Collins, but despite his good run to meet it the centre-back can only send his header bouncing wide of the far post.
Almost a costly mistake by Rangel! The Spaniard is caught sleeping on the ball by Jelavic, who steals the ball from under the right-back's nose before charging down the left wing. He then cuts inside and tees up Noble, but the captain's low strike from the edge of the Swansea penalty area is poor and misses the goal by quite some distance.
Great chance for Ki! Once again, Gomis, who has started extremely well, picks up the ball in a dangerous position before spinning and teeing up the aforementioned South Korean, who immediately unleashes a thumping strike that Adrian does well to tip round the post.
Gomis charges down the right wing on a great run before sending a powerful cross into the West Ham penalty area. It's slightly overhit, however, and misses both Ayew and Sigurdsson before being dealt with by Antonio on the edge of the box.
Swansea patiently work their way forward before Ayew fires the ball off the leg of Tomkins and out for a corner on the left wing. It's played short before Sigurdsson charges into the box and chips a cross towards the back post, but Ogbonna is there to out-muscle Cork before Zarate clears the danger with a thumping half-volley.
A poor pass from Ki sends the ball straight into the feet of Antonio, who immediately breaks away on a quick run down the right flank. He heads towards the byline before going one-on-one with Williams, but it's the latter who comes out on top thanks to a wonderfully-timed sliding tackle that results in a goal kick for Swansea.
It's been all Swansea thus far as they continuously put West Ham under an incredible amount of pressure. The visitors have found it difficult to break out of their own half of the pitch, and when they do they're quickly closed down and dispossessed by the determined hosts, who look bright and full of energy.
Sloppy defending from West Ham allows Sigurdsson to pick up the ball just outside of the visitors' penalty area. With his back to goal the Icelandic midfielder tees up Ayew, who immediately sends a through-ball into the path of Gomis, but it's slightly overhit and misses the striker before rolling into the hands of Adrian.
Zarate picks up the ball in space and skips inside before unleashing a thumping low strike from 30 yards out. It's well hit with plenty of power behind it but ends up sailing safely into the hands of Fabianski in the middle of the goal.
Cork initially does well to skip past Cresswell on the right wing before attempting to curl a cross over to the far post, but, off balance, he ends up firing it out of play for a goal kick.
West Ham are finally able to push forward on an attacking move of their own, which ends in a corner on the left flank. It's whipped by Zarate towards the near post but is underhit and, as a result, Williams is able to clear the danger with a strong header away.
Ayew goes close! Taylor picks up the ball in acres of space on the left flank and whips a lovely cross into the heart of the penalty area. It finds the aforementioned Ghanaian, who jumps high above Ogbonna before sending a looping header just over the top of the crossbar and onto the roof of the net.
The resulting corner is just about dealt with by West Ham, but Swansea come back once again as ball after ball is flung into the visitors' penalty area. Sigurdsson then unleashes two quick-fire shots from the edge of the box, but both fail to beat the wall of claret and blue shirts in front of him before bouncing out for another corner.
Swansea embark on a patient but impressive attacking move, with Gomis playing an important role in the attack. He spins in the middle of the pitch and tees up Rangel before charging into the box in an attempt to get onto the end of the right-back's cross, but it's cut out by Ogbonna before he can do so, resulting in a corner.
After a determined start from both sides, Gomis battles with Ogbonna inside the right-hand side of the West Ham penalty area before spinning round and unleashing a thumping volley. It's well hit but Adrian is able to watch it sail comfortably wide of the near post and out for a goal kick.
And we're off! West Ham get us underway, attacking from left to right.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, West Ham boss Slaven Bilic has also made only one alteration to the side that started the draw at home to Stoke, with Nikica Jelavic coming into the starting line-up to replace the injured Andy Carroll.
Alan Curtis has decided to make just one change to the Swansea side that started the aforementioned defeat away to Manchester City, with Wayne Routledge making way for Bafetimbi Gomis.
West Ham United substitutes: Randolph, Jenkinson, Hendrie, Cullen, Oxford, Obiang, Valencia.
West Ham United XI (4-1-4-1): Adrian; Tomkins, Collins, Ogbonna, Cresswell; Song; Antonio, Kouyate, Noble, Zarate; Jelavic.
Swansea City substitutes: Nordfeldt, Amat, Naughton, Shelvey, Montero, Emnes, Barrow.
Swansea City XI (4-3-3): Fabianski; Rangel, Fernandez, Williams, Taylor; Ki, Britton, Cork; Sigurdsson, Gomis, Ayew.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this afternoon…
As for West Ham, they too have struggled in recent weeks and are now in danger of slipping into the wrong half of the table. The East London side sit just one point ahead of both 10th-place Everton and 11th-place Stoke City, and, as a result of last weekend’s goalless draw with the Potters, are now without a win in their last six league games, a far cry from the seven-game unbeaten run that they embarked on earlier in the campaign. The Hammers, who have been hit by a plethora of injuries, the latest of which struck Andy Carroll, are without a win in the Premier League since October 24th, and they, like Swansea, will be desperately looking for three much-needed points to help kick-start their season once again.
A win for Norwich City means that Swansea now sit in the relegation zone in 18th place, making today’s clash even more of a must-win for the South Wales side. After last week’s narrow 2-1 defeat away to Manchester City, the Swans now have just five points from their last 10 Premier League games, a truly terrible run of form that is only worse than bottom side Aston Villa. In truth, they looked far better against the aforementioned Sky Blues than they have in recent weeks and were unlucky not to leave the Etihad Stadium with a point, but they are still struggling at both ends of the pitch, with their defence and attack looking equally poor. However, last weekend saw Bafetimbi Gomis find the back of the net for the first time since the end of August, and caretaker manager Alan Curtis, who will remain in charge for today’s game as the search for Garry Monk’s replacement goes on, will be hoping that the Frenchman can help his side to a much-needed victory here this afternoon.
Good afternoon and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Premier League game between Swansea City and West Ham United at the Liberty Stadium.
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