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M. Martins
S. Thill
O. Thill
Yellow Card
V. Selimovic
Red Card
G. Rodrigues
Yellow Card
C. Adams
L. Dykes
0 - 1

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44% 55%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 6
Total Passes 435 529
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Scotland go into the Euros on the back of a win and a draw, with Clarke able to take a lot of positives from this performance. Their tournament gets underway a week tomorrow against the Czech Republic. As for Luxembourg, they'll be back in action in the World Cup qualifiers against Azerbaijan in September.
Adams' first-half goal seals a 1-0 win over Luxembourg for Scotland. The visitors dominated the game and broke the deadlock when Adams slotted in at the far post. Dykes also hit the post in the first half before Selimovic was sent off for denying a goal-scoring opportunity. Scotland had two goals ruled out in the second half, with Dykes handballing it before poking in and Adams fouling Pinto to head it past Moris.
90' + 2' Luxembourg are making a late push for an equaliser with Pinto playing a free-kick short to Rodrigues on the left. He tries to open up some space for a cross but is crowded off the ball by Patterson.
90' Fraser puts the corner into the middle of the box and McKenna flicks his header on. It's going wide, but Adams is at the far post to hit the shot on the half-volley, but it bounces over the bar.
88' Scotland are still getting a lot of joy down the left wing as Fraser pulls away from Jans again to curl a deep cross towards Adams at the far post. It's just too high for him and Pinto nods it out for a corner.
86' Fraser whips an early cross into the box this time and it looks like Adams has his second of the game, but he can't stretch far enough to volley it towards goal. It comes back out to McGinn, but he catches Bohnert and gives away a free-kick.
M. Martins
S. Thill
84' Martins is also coming on to replace Sebastien Thill.
D. Alves da Mota
A. Skenderovic
84' Luxembourg are making a double change now, with Da Mota coming on for Skenderovic.
K. Nisbet
L. Dykes
82' Final change for Scotland now and it's Dykes that's making way for Nisbet.
81' The hosts are still being penned back deep in their own half and no matter what they try, they just can't get out. Patterson drives forward down the right and Pinto blocks his cross but then gifts the ball back to McGinn.
79' CHANCE! Fraser checks back to wrongfoot Jans before chipping his cross into Dykes on the penalty spot. He flicks his header on towards the far post, but it bounces just wide of the target.
78' Luxembourg can't get out of their own box at the moment as Scotland try to force the ball towards goal. Patterson whips it in from the right and Mahmutovic half clears it to McTominay, but his shot is blocked by Carlson.
J. Forrest
B. Gilmour
76' There's finally a break in play so Scotland can make the change after the injury, with Forrest coming on for Gilmour.
74' Olivier Thill caught Gilmour in the head with his shoulder and the midfielder has stayed down to receive treatment. They carefully get him into a sitting position, and it doesn't look like they'll be taking any risks as he's led off the field.
O. Thill
Yellow Card
72' Olivier Thill has only been on the pitch for seconds but he's already been booked after crashing into Gilmour without attempting to play the ball.
O. Thill
D. Sinani
71' Second change for Luxembourg now and it's Sinani that's making way for Olivier Thill.
69' NO GOAL! The cross from the left comes in from Fraser this time and he loops it up for Adams in the middle. He rises above Pinto to head it across goal and into the far corner, but he's judged to have fouled the defender and it won't count.
67' Luxembourg are keeping the pressure on here and Rodrigues dribbles past Hanley before pulling it back for Skenderovic on the edge of the box. He tries his luck from range but blazes his effort high over the bar.
65' SAVE! A rare attack for Luxembourg sees Pinto play it infield to Rodrigues and he decides to have a go from the edge of the box. He fires his shot towards the far post, but it's held onto by Marshall.
R. Fraser
A. Robertson
64' And Robertson is also going off, with Fraser on to replace him.
N. Patterson
S. O'Donnell
64' Scotland are making another double change now as well, with Patterson coming on for his debut to in place of O'Donnell.
F. Bohnert
M. Deville
64' Luxembourg are making their first change now and it's Deville that's going off for Bohnert.
62' More joy for Scotland down the left here as Tierney pushes forward again and he floats a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. Carlson gets there ahead of Moris and manages to get it out for a corner.
60' CLOSE! Scotland keep the pressure on Luxembourg here as Robertson whips a corner into the box and he picks out McTominay in the middle. He nods it back across goal in the crowded box, but it bounces just wide of the post.
59' DOUBLE SAVE! Robertson's cross is hit first time by McGinn on the left of the box but Moris makes himself big to deny him. Dykes keeps hold of the ball and works it out to Gilmour and the goalkeeper stretches to tip his shot away as well.
57' NO GOAL! It's a great cross from O'Donnell on the right this time and he picks out Dykes in the six-yard box. He takes it past Moris before he poking it over the line, but he used his arm to control it, so the goal won't count.
56' GOOD SAVE! Scotland are still causing all sorts of problems down the left and this time, Robertson pulls it back for McGinn on the edge of the box. He turns before hitting the shot and a deflection makes it bounce awkwardly, but Moris does well to push it away.
54' Robertson links up well with Tierney before whipping another dangerous cross into the far post, but none of his team-mates have made that run. Moris scrambles back across his line, but it ends up bouncing harmlessly out of play.
52' Luxembourg break quickly on the counter and Pinto curls a cross into the near post from the left. Sinani stretches to meet it but ends up catching Gilmour with a high boot and the attack comes to an end.
50' Scotland are keeping the pressure on Luxembourg here and O'Donnell floats a lovely cross into the far post from the right. Dykes rises to meet it, but fouls Jans in the process and gives away a free-kick.
48' SAVE! McTominay touches it back to Gilmour and he drives forward, getting between three Luxembourg defenders to get to the edge of the box. He pokes a shot towards the far post and Moris tips it wide of the post.
46' Luxembourg get us back underway for the second half! 
B. Gilmour
C. McGregor
46' McGregor is also going off, with Gilmour on to replace him.
S. McKenna
D. Gallagher
46' There's a double change for Scotland at the start of the second half, with Gallagher making way for McKenna.
Clarke will be pleased with his side's performance so far and will be hoping they can use their man advantage after the break to see off the game. Holtz will be disappointed after the bright start, but it could be a long second half if Scotland pick up where they left off. 
Adams' goal gives Scotland a 1-0 lead over Luxembourg at half-time. The hosts made a bright start, and Marshall had to claw Selimovic's early effort off the line, but Scotland dominated after that. Dykes hit the post with a header before setting up Adams' opener when he slotted in at the far post. Selimovic was then sent off for pulling back Dykes and denying a goal-scoring opportunity.
45' + 1' Tierney gets the better of Mahmutovic down the left and he drills a low cross into the six-yard box. McTominay is caught on his heels so can't get there and Skenderovic clears the danger at the near post.
44' McGregor is still having no luck finding any space down the right so he knocks it to McTominay. He tries to set Robertson in down the left, but he takes a heavy first touch and then uses his arm to keep the ball in play.
42' Scotland are still dominating possession here and are patiently trying to draw Luxembourg out of their shape. Tierney makes another good run down the left, but his cross is blocked by Mahmutovic.
40' Luxembourg are sitting deep and making it difficult for Scotland to get into the box. The visitors are switching it from right to left to try and open up some space, but they can't get in behind them at the moment.
38' Adams has either scored (twice) or assisted (once) in all three of his starts for Scotland. 
36' CHANCE! Selimovic's foul was made just outside the D and McTominay is standing over it. He curls his effort up and over the wall, going for the far-top corner, but it's too high and flies over the bar.
V. Selimovic
Red Card
34' LUXEMBOURG DOWN TO 10 MEN! Dykes is through on goal and Selimovic is trying his best to get back. He drags the forward back by his arm, denying a goal-scoring opportunity, and the referee has no option but to show him a straight red.
33' Rodrigues just shrugs off the pressure from Hanley before pulling it back to the edge of the box for Thill, who is making a late run. McGinn recovers brilliantly though and slides in to put it out for a corner ahead of him.
31' Hanley gets himself out of trouble and spots Robertson sprinting down the left and switches it out to him. Robertson tries to hook it back towards goal from the byline, but can't keep the ball in play.
G. Rodrigues
Yellow Card
29' Rodrigues kicks the back of Tierney's legs, missing the ball completely, and picks up a yellow card for the challenge.
L. Dykes
27' Dykes has time to turn on the ball and drive into the box, drawing the four defenders to him before squaring it through to Adams.
C. Adams
27' ADAMS SCORES! The Luxembourg defenders all drift towards Dykes on the ball and Adams has so much space at the far post when he's played in. He hits it first time, sending it under the goalkeeper and into the back of the net. 1-0 Scotland! 
25' Pinto gets away from O'Donnell down the left again and whips his cross into the middle. Rodrigues ducks, knowing Deville is behind him, but it's over his head and cleared by Robertson at the far post.
23' Mahmutovic nicks the ball off Dykes and spots Jans with space to run into down the right. He goes long, trying to set him on the counter, but overhits it and it rolls harmlessly out of play.
21' Luxembourg have a free-kick a long way out through the middle and Thill floats a good cross into the box. Selimovic flicks it against Hanley and he hooks the ball away from danger.
19' O'Donnell scuffs his clearance which gives Pinto the chance to hit a first-time cross into the box. No one's waiting at the far post though and Robertson has time to deal with it.
17' McTominay's run is cut out in the box, but Scotland manage to keep hold of the ball, with Tierney curling a cross into the far post. It hits Dykes and loops towards goal, but it's a comfortable catch for Moris.
15' OFF THE POST! Robertson is given a lot of space down the left and he whips a great cross into the middle of the box for Dykes. He rises above Carlson to help it on but his effort rebounds off the far post.
13' Luxembourg have never beaten Scotland in any of their four meetings (D1 L3), scoring just once and conceding 11 times. They've avoided defeat once: a goalless draw in a Euro 1988 qualifier.
11' There's a nervy moment at the back for Moris when he's closed down by Adams and he rushes his clearance. It's too short for Carlson and bounces off Dykes, but much to the keeper's relief, it goes straight to him.
10' Scotland just can't get out of their own box at the moment as Luxembourg continue to push forward. Pinto drives forward down the left and fizzes a low cross into the box, which Hanley intercepts, before putting his clearance straight out of play.
8' GREAT SAVE! There's a bit of confusion in the box when Thill whips the corner in and it falls to Selimovic in the middle. He flicks his shot towards the far bottom corner and Marshall gets down quickly to claw it off the line.
6' The visitors break quickly on the counter again after McGinn's clearance falls to Adams and he spots Moris off his line when he ventures into Luxembourg's half. He hits an early ball into the box, but it's held onto by the keeper.
4' Scotland are on the attack here and Adams plays it out to Dykes on the left of the box. He manages to slip it through to McTominay before he's tripped, but his low cross is blocked by Selimovic in the middle.
2' Rodrigues makes a great run down the right, holding off Gallagher to get into space before pulling it back for Jans. He whips a great cross into the box which Marshall catches. The referee has just stopped the game though as the ball is already going flat and they need to find a replacement.
1' Adams gets the game underway for Scotland! 
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Scotland have won their last match leading up to a major tournament (Euros & World Cup) ahead of just one of their previous seven appearances (D3 L3), a 2-1 win over Malta before the 1990 World Cup. They have failed to score in six of their previous seven such games.
Steve Clarke makes seven changes from the Netherlands game on Wednesday as he looks to give more players minutes on the field. Marshall, O'Donnell, McTominay, Hanley, McGinn, Adams and Gallagher all come in. Armstrong, Turnbull, Forrest, Hendry and Gordon start on the bench.
Luc Holtz makes just three changes to the side that lost to Norway last time out as he brings in Selimovic, Skenderovic and Sebastien Thill. Olivier Thill drops to the bench.
SCOTLAND SUBS: Nathan Patterson, Scott McKenna, Ryan Fraser, Jack Hendry, David Turnbull, Greg Taylor, Billy Gilmour, James Forrest, Kevin Nisbet, Stuart Armstrong, Craig Gordon, Jon McLaughlin.
SCOTLAND STARTING XI (4-3-3): David Marshall; Stephen O'Donnell, Scott McTominay, Grant Hanley, Andy Robertson; Callum McGregor, John McGinn, Kieran Tierney; Che Adams, Lyndon Dykes, Declan Gallagher.
LUXEMBOURG SUBS: Daniel Alves Da Mota, Florian Bohnert, Chris Philipps, Lucas Fox, Marvin Martins, Ralph Schon, Alessio Curci, Olivier Thill, Eric Velga, Eldin Dzogovic, Seid Korac.
LUXEMBOURG STARTING XI (4-4-1-1): Anthony Moris; Laurent Jans, Vahid Selimovic, Enes Mahmutovic, Michael Pinto; Gerson Rodrigues, Aldin Skenderovic, Dirk Carlson, Danel Sinani; Sebastian Thill; Maurice Deville.
It's Scotland's last game before they start their Euros campaign against the Czech Republic a week tomorrow and they'll be hoping to take a positive result into the tournament. They faced Netherlands in their other friendly last Wednesday but were denied a win after Memphis Depay's late goal made it 2-2. They face a Luxembourg side that have won just one of their last six in all competitions (D1 L4) and lost their last outing against Norway 1-0.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the international friendly between Luxembourg and Scotland at the Stade Josy Barthel!