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Kazakhstan v France Live Commentary, 28/03/2021

0 - 2
O. Dembélé (19)
S. Maliy (44 og)
Astana Arena


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That win takes France top of Group D for now, with Ukraine and Finland to kick off in the other group game shortly. They're now unbeaten on the road in their last seven in all competitions, which they'll hope to continue against Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday. Kazakhstan's losing start sees them stay bottom and next up for them is a trip to Ukraine.
Two first-half goals for France sees them beat Kazakhstan 2-0. Dembele opened the scoring for the visitors 19 minutes in when he drilled a low shot into the far bottom corner. They got their second just before half-time when Maliy headed Dembele's corner into his own net. Mbappe saw a penalty saved by Mokin in the second half, with the goalkeeper also making great saves to deny Dembele and Mbappe to keep it at 2-0.
90' + 3' SAVE! France break quickly again and Mbappe finds himself in space on the edge of the box when Coman picks him out. He takes it forward, drilling a low shot across goal, but Mokin is equal to it and he pushes it away.
90' + 2' There are shouts from France asking for another penalty after Sissoko went to ground in the box under a challenge from Astanov following a quick break, but there wasn't anything in it and the referee waves play on.
K. Coman
O. Dembélé
90' France are making their last change as well and it's Dembele that's going off for Coman.
E. Astanov
V. Vasiljev
89' Final change for Kazakhstan now and it's Vassiljev that's going off for Astanov.
O. Dembélé
Yellow Card
88' Dembele used his hand to intercept Tagybergen's pass and he picks up the first booking of the game for dissent due to his reaction.
87' Alip is receiving treatment for what looks like a knee injury at the side of the pitch and Kazakhstan are just holding off making a change to see if he's okay. He's on his feet quickly though and will be coming back on.
85' Vassiljev has just switched to the right for Kazakhstan and he plays a great ball forward for Karimov to chase through the middle. He's in on goal if he can bring it under control, but he doesn't see Zouma getting back and the defender does well to intercept it.
M. Samorodov
R. Valiullin
83' And Valiullin is also taken off, with Samorodov on in his place.
R. Karimov
A. Nurgaliyev
83' Kazakhstan are making another double change, with Karimov coming on to replace Nurgaliev.
M. Sissoko
T. Ndombélé
82' Fourth change for France now and it's Ndombele that's making way for Sissoko.
81' Kazakhstan win a free-kick on the left and Vassiljev swings a deep cross into the box towards Erlanov. Rabiot heads it clear just ahead of him and Tagybergen tries to keep it alive for the hosts but gifts the ball straight to Zouma.
79' Digne breaks forward down the left and he plays in Rabiot with a good throughball. He cuts into the box and drills a low cross into the six-yard box towards Mbappe's run, but Mokin comes off his line to block it at the near post.
77' Ndombele breaks quickly through the middle for France and he spots Dembele as he cuts inside from the right and into a pocket of space. He tries to turn away from Alip when he gets the ball, but the defender does well to nick it off him.
A. Mokin
Penalty Save
75' It was a comfortable save from Mokin as he dived the right way and got a strong hand to the ball to take it away from goal and out for a corner.
K. Mbappé
Penalty Miss
75' IT'S SAVED! Mbappe steps up to take the penalty that he won and it's a confident run-up to the spot. He keeps his shot low, aiming for the bottom-right corner, but it's punched away by Mokin. Still 2-0!
Penalty Save
75' IT'S SAVED! Mbappe steps up to take the penalty that he won and it's a confident run-up to the spot. He keeps his shot low, aiming for the bottom-right corner, but it's punched away by Mokin. Still 2-0!
74' PENALTY TO FRANCE! Ben Yedder threads the ball through for Mbappe and he's being tracked by Maily and Alip as he gets in on goal. He manages to get a shot away before the Alips takes out his standing leg and the referee awards a penalty.
73' France are on the attack again with Dembele making a driving run down the right and he spots Mbappe in space on the edge of the box. He pulls it back for him, but there's not enough on the pass and Maliy clears his lines.
71' GOOD SAVE! Again, Kazakhstan create their own problems as Bystrov gifts the ball to Ben Yedder on the left and he pulls it back for Mbappe in the box. It's a tight angle, but he goes for goal anyway and the goalkeeper parries it away with a strong hand.
69' GREAT SAVE! Kazakhstan play themselves into trouble when they try to play out from the back and Mokin's clearance is picked off by Dubois. He swings a good cross into the middle for Dembele and his header is tipped over the bar by the goalkeeper.
67' Mbappe and Lemar are linking up well down the left for France, but Kazakhstan have crowded out their box so there isn't any room to swing a cross in. Digne gets forward to help open up the space, but he can't get past Bystrov.
Y. Tungyshbayev
M. Fedin
65' Fedin is also going off, with Tungyshbayev on for him.
Y. Vorogovskiy
S. Muzhikov
65' Double change for Kazakhstan now and Muzhikov is being taken off for Vorogovskiy.
64' Dembele pushes his way through Kazakhstan's left side before bundling the ball into Mbappe. He has his back to goal so tries to play it back out to him, but the pass is intercepted by Valiullin.
62' The corner is swung in for France and it's Lenglet that gets on the end of it in the middle. He flicks his header onto goal and Mokin pushes it away, but spills it straight to Zouma. He gets down quickly and just does enough to put him off and the shot is sent wide.
61' CHANCE! Mbappe is straight into the action as he plays a one-two with Dembele to get into the six-yard box. It's squared back to him and he's set himself for the shot at the near post, but Nurgaliev just manages to get a touch to put it out a corner.
A. Rabiot
P. Pogba
59' And Pogba is the other player being taken off, with Rabiot replacing him.
W. Ben Yedder
A. Griezmann
59' Griezmann is also making way, with Ben Yedder on in his place.
K. Mbappé
A. Martial
59' There's a triple change for France now and Martial is first to make way after his earlier knee problem, with Mbappe on for him.
58' SAVE! There are three France players standing over the free-kick, but it's Martial that strikes it, curling his effort over the wall towards the far post, but Mokin keeps his eyes on it and punches it away from goal.
56' Kazakhstan are trying to play out from the back but it's not working for them as Griezmann once again wins the ball back in midfield. He drives forward and plays a throughball into Lemar, who's brought down by Erlanov just outside the box.
54' France are closing Kazakhstan down high up the field and Muzhikov's pass is intercepted by Lemar down the left. Bystrov manages to get a touch on it to help it back to the goalkeeper and Mokin quickly clears his lines.
52' Martial went down under a challenge from Maliy in the box and the referee waves play on but the forward has stayed down holding his knee. He's getting treatment on it now and the stretcher is being brought on, but he's able to walk off the field.
50' It's a good run by Vassiljev down the left as he pulls away from Dubois to get to the byline and he pulls a cross back into the middle. He's looking for Fedin, but it's behind him and Ndombele clears his lines.
48' OFFSIDE! Martial gets brought down by Maliy and he takes a quick free-kick to catch out Kazakhstan. He touches it onto Dembele, who plays it through to Griezmann and he slots it into the near bottom corner, but he set off too early and the flag goes up against him.
46' France get us back underway for the second half!
For all of France's possession in the first half, they didn't actually create many clear cut chances, with their only shot on target being Dembele's goal. Deschamps will be happy with the lead, but he'll still want to see an improvement going forward. As for Kazakhstan, they've done well to limit France's chances, and Baysufinov won't be too disappointed with their performance so far.
France take a 2-0 lead over Kazakhstan into the break. It's been a game of few chances at both ends, with Dembele breaking the deadlock 19 minutes in when he was played in by Martial just inside the box and he drilled his shot into the far bottom corner. They doubled their lead just before half-time when Maliy headed a corner into the back of his own net.
S. Maliy
Own Goal
44' OWN GOAL! The corner is swung into the box for France after Maliy's clearance and the defender is marking Pogba in the middle. He leans in to try and clear it, but he ends up heading it past the wrongfooted Mokin and into the back of his own net. 2-0 France!
43' GREAT BLOCK! Mokin rushes off his line to close down Lemar on the left of the box, but he chips a cross over him and Alip towards Martial in the middle. Maliy races back into his box and just gets there in time to take it off the forward's head.
41' Vassilev cuts inside from the left, wrongfooting Dubois, and picking out Muzhikov who has space to run into. He takes too long to decide what he wants to do though which gives Zouma chance to win it back for France.
39' Kazakhstan still have everyone sitting back in their own half as France patiently play out from the back and Ndombele tries to speed things up by playing in Griezmann. He lays it off to Digne, but Nurgaliev cuts it out for the hosts.
37' Lenglet spots Dembele's run as he gets in between the Kazakhstan defenders and into the box, so he plays a long ball over the top towards him. He brings it down on the stretch, only for the offside flag to go up against him.
35' Kazakhstan are keeping possession in their own half at the moment, just knocking it around between their defenders as France sit back and invite them forward, but the hosts are in no hurry to mount an attack.
33' France break quickly on the counter with Ndombele picking out Ndombele's run down the left of the box. He holds it up well before trying to square it to Griezmann, but Bystrov is there to cut it out for Kazakhstan.
31' France are moving the ball upfield a lot quicker now and Pogba turns to play a throughball into Martial, who cuts into the box from the left. There's too much on the pass though and he can't keep it in play at the near post.
29' The initial free-kick is cleared by France, but Kazakhstan win it back and Valiullin is picked out in space just outside the box. He takes the shot first time, but slices at it and his effort flies high and wide of the near post.
27' Valiullin gets the better of Dubois down the left and he plays a one-two with Vassiljev to try and open up more space. Pogba and Ndombele both get back to help out and the wing-back gets sandwiched between the two to win a free-kick.
25' Lemar is caught on the ball by Vassiljev and he instantly plays a throughball into Fedin, who turns away from Dubois. He has no one up in support with him though and Lenglet gets back to nick it off him while he tries to hold it up.
23' Fedin's loose back pass to Tagybergen is picked off by Dembele and he turns away from the midfielder to run on goal. He tries to play in Martial ahead of him, but Alip is covering and comes away with the ball.
21' Kazakhstan just can't get a touch on the ball at the moment as France push forward again. The hosts are trying to close them down quickly, but Dubois just ghosts past Valiullin down the right.
A. Martial
19' Martial was quickly being closed down by Maliy and he spotted Dembele in space before laying it off to him.
O. Dembélé
19' DEMBELE SCORES! None of the Kazakhstan defenders are picking up Dembele's run into the right of the box and he has time to take a touch after getting the ball off Martial before hitting the shot. He drills it across goal, past Mokin and into the far bottom corner. 1-0 France!
18' It's a rare chance for Kazakhstan to break forward with Valiullin chasing down Muzhikov's pass down the left, but he has Dubois with him all the way. He hits his cross against the defender and France have it back again.
16' It's a great ball over the top from Ndombele to pick out Digne's run into the box and he hooks it back from the byline. He put it into a good area, but Griezmann didn't gamble on it and Erlanov clears his lines.
14' Martial drives into the box from the right and he has Griezmann with him in support, but he chooses to go for goal himself. He drills a shot towards the near post, but Alip gets back quickly to block it.
12' Pogba's throughball somehow gets through to Martial and he does well to hold off Erlanov as he turns to get a sight of goal. Maliy is closing him down as well though and he stops him from getting a shot away.
10' Still, France are keeping possession well and keeping Kazakhstan penned back in their own half, but they're not in any hurry to get into the final third. Pogba lays it off to Digne before continuing his run into the box, but the left-back chooses to go back to Lenglet.
8' Kazakhstan win a free-kick on the right and Bystrov takes it short to Muzhikov before getting it back. He swings a deep cross into the far post, but Lloris is there to collect it ahead of Fedin.
6' Lloris almost plays himself into trouble in his own six-yard box after he takes a poor first touch after Lenglet plays it back to him. Fedin is quick to close him down but the goalkeeper just manages to hook it clear of his goal.
4' It's well worked by France with a series of one-two passes to switch play from right to left and open up some space in behind Kazakhstan. Griezmann tries to pick out Lemar's run into the box, with a throughball, but it's intercepted by Maliy.
2' France are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening minutes and Pogba spots Martial peeling away from Alip on the edge of the box. He tries to pick him out with a long pass over the top, but the forward can't reach it on the stretch.
1' Fedin gets the game underway for Kazakhstan!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Griezmann has played the last 45 games for the French national team - the longest streak for a Les Bleus player since the post-war era.
Didier Deschamps also makes nine changes after his side's draw with Ukraine on Thursday, with only Lloris and Griezmann staying in the line-up today.
Talgat Baysufinov makes nine changes from the team that played in their last outing against Lithuania in the Nations League in November, with only Alip and Tagybergen retaining their places.
FRANCE SUBS: Olivier Giroud, Raphael Varane, Mike Maignan, Adrien Rabiot, Moussa Sissoko, Steve Mandanda, Benjamin Pavard, Ferland Mendy, Lucas Hernandez, Kylian Mbappe, Wissam Ben Yedder, Kingsley Coman.
FRANCE STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Hugo Lloris; Leo Dubois, Kurt Zouma, Clement Lenglet, Lucas Digne; Paul Pogba, Tanguy Ndombele; Thomas Lemar, Antoine Griezmann, Ousmane Dembele; Anthony Martial.
KAZAKHSTAN SUBS: Daniar Usenov, Ramazan Orazov, Stas Pokatilov, Ramazan Karimov, Abzal Beysebekov, Elkhan Astanov, Aleksandr Marochkin, Maksim Samorodov, Yerkebulan Tungyshbayev, Mukhamedjan Seysen, Timur Dosmagambetov, Yan Vorogovskiy.
KAZAKHSTAN STARTING XI (5-4-1): Alexandr Mokin; Marat Bystrov, Temirlan Erlanov, Sergiy Maliy, Nuraly Alip, Ruslan Valiullin; Serikzhan Muzhikov, Askhat Tagybergen, Vladislav Vassiljev, Azat Nurgaliev; Maxim Fedin.
France were left shocked in their opening qualifier when a second-half own goal sealed a 1-1 draw with Ukraine for the current World Champions. As for Kazakhstan, they're the last ones in the group to get their qualification campaign underway. It's their first match in 2021 and they're winless in their last five competitive outings (D1 L4), with their last win coming in their opening Nations League game in September last year.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the World Cup Qualifier in Group D between Kazakhstan and France at the Astana Arena!