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Elche v Atlético Madrid Live Commentary, 01/05/2021

0 - 1
Marcos Llorente (23)
Estadio Manuel Martínez Valero


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That win takes Atletico five points clear at the top of LaLiga with Real Madrid and Barcelona yet to play this weekend. It's a big game for them next time out as well as they travel to Barcelona. Elche miss the chance to move out of the relegation zone and stay in 18th. Next up for them is Real Sociedad on Friday.
Atletico hold on against Elche to beat them 1-0! They took the lead through Llorente in the first half when his deflected shot wrongfooted Gazzaniga. This was just minutes after Suarez had one disallowed for a tight offside. Elche improved in the second half and had some great chances to level things up, including a late penalty after Llorente handled it in the box. Fidel stepped up but fired the spot-kick off the outside of the post in stoppage time.
S. Savić
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
90' + 4' Yellow Card Stefan Savić
90' + 4' BOYE! Another cross into the box for Elche and Nino picks out Boye at the far post. He knees it up before going for the overhead kick, but he can't get any power on the shot and it bounces harmlessly towards Oblak.
90' + 3' Simeone is screaming instructions at his players from the sidelines as they give away another free-kick on the right. Fidel goes across to take it and he's looking for Calvo at the far post, but he nods it into Oblak's gloves.
Penalty Miss
90' + 1' OFF THE POST! Fidel steps up to take the penalty and he stops just before striking the ball. Oblak still dives the right way but can't get near it and the spot-kick rebounds off the outside of the post and is cleared by Trippier. Still 1-0 Atletico! 
89' PENALTY TO ELCHE! The free-kick is swung into the box by Rodriguez and he's looking for Piatta at the far post. Llorente threw his arm up to make the block ahead of him and the referee points straight to the spot, much to the goal scorer's confusion.
88' Elche are keeping the pressure on Atletico here and Piatti swings a good cross into the box but Oblak is quickly across to collect it under pressure from Boye. The referee spotted a handball by Trippier in the build-up though and the hosts have a free-kick.
86' GREAT CHANCE! Atletico don't clear their lines properly from a corner and Rodriguez heads it back into the box. He picks out Barragan at the far post and he volleys it just over the crossbar.
84' Llorente bursts past Rodriguez on the right and drills a low cross into Joao Felix in the middle. He should've hit it first time but chose to pull it back for Saul instead and he fires his shot against Gonzalez.
J. Giménez
Atlético Madrid
82' Gimenez is also taken off, with Felipe on in his place.
L. Suárez
Atlético Madrid
82' Simeone is also making a double change as he brings on Saul for Suarez.
Josan Ferrández
I. Marcone
80' Marcone is also going off, with Josan on to replace him.
Víctor Rodríguez
Josema Sánchez
80' Another double change for Elche now and Josema is the first to make way, with Rodriguez on in his place.
78' Carrasco swings the free-kick he won into the box from the left and Llorente dives forward to get on the end of it but misses. Calvo hesitates as he waits for Gazzaniga to get it and Suarez flies in, but the keeper manages to hold onto it.
Yellow Card
76' The yellow card is out again, this time for Barragan after he clumsily drags Carrasco to ground.
L. Boyé
Yellow Card
75' Boye is judged to have handled the ball when he won it back and he kicks it away in frustration which earns him a yellow card for dissent.
73' Barragan goes long with his clearance and Piatti does well to hold off Savic to nod the ball down. He doesn't have anyone up with him in support though and he gifts it back to Atletico.
Pere Milla
71' Third change for Elche now and Escriba is taking off Milla for Nino.
Pere Milla
Yellow Card
69' Milla is booked after he slides in late on Trippier and although he gets the ball, he takes out the right-back on the follow-through
67' Atletico are being penned back in their own half by Elche, but the hosts are still struggling to get in behind them. They switch play from right to left and back again before Barragan is brought down by Trippier.
Á. Correa
Atlético Madrid
65' Second change for Atletico now, and it's Correa that's being taken off, with Koke replacing him.
63' OFFSIDE! Trippier plays a wonderful throughball into Correa and he turns before playing in Suarez ahead of him. He's one-on-one with the keeper as he drives into the box and his first shot hits the post before he taps it in, but the flag is up against him.
61' Mella has stayed down after he was caught in the back of the head by Kondogbia's elbow during an aerial challenge. He slowly gets back to his feet without needing treatment and the free-kick he won comes to nothing.
59' Fidel whips a dangerous cross into the six-yard box and Gonzalez rises above everyone else to reach it. Oblak goes to punch it as well and the defender clatters into him after Kondogbia ducked to give away a free-kick.
João Félix
T. Lemar
Atlético Madrid
57' Atletico are making their first change of the game now and it's Lemar that's making way for Joao Felix.
56' It's better from Elche now as they're keeping hold of the ball but they're slow to move it upfield. Barragan eventually switches it out to Fidel on the left, but it's a wild cross from him that flies straight into the stands.
54' Elche just can't get out of their own half at the moment as Atletico continue to close them down high up the pitch. They're trying to move it quicker but they can't find a way through the visitors.
52' Llorente has had a hand in 15 goals in LaLiga in 2021 (seven goals, eight assists). Only Lionel Messi (27) and Gerard Moreno (16) have been involved in more this year.
50' Suarez flicks on Trippier's cross for Correa but it looks like the chance is gone when Gonzalez hooks it clear. His clearance ends up hitting the forward though and Gazzaniga rushes off his line to tip it away from danger.
48' CHANCE! Atletico have made a bright start to the second half and Carrasco flicks the ball into Suarez on the left of the box. He takes it around Calvo before hitting his shot, but he sends it straight into the side netting.
46' Elche get us back underway for the second half! 
H. Palacios
46' Barragan is also being brought on in place of Palacios.
P. Piatti
Tete Morente
46' Elche are making a double change at the start of the second half as they bring Piatti on for Morente.
Simeone's team looked in control for big parts of the first half and Simeone will be hoping they can make a bright start to the second half as well to try and seal the three points. Elche's final ball has let them down in the final third and they need to improve that if they want to cause Oblak any problems.
Atletico take a 1-0 lead over Elche into half-time. The visitors dominated in the first half and thought they'd taken the lead 16 minutes in when Suarez fired into an empty net, but VAR disallowed it for offside and Llorente's deflected effort did break the deadlock six minutes later. Atletico thought they had a penalty just before half-time for a handball against Gonzalez, but it would've been harsh and VAR overturned the decision.
45' + 2' NO PENALTY! VAR is having a long look at the penalty incident and they've asked the referee to go across and have a look at the monitor. After watching the replays, he goes back onto the pitch and overturns his decision.
45' PENALTY TO ATLETICO! Suarez pulls the ball back to Correa from the byline and he works it into space so he can get a shot away. He fires his effort on goal and Gonzalez turns into it and it hits his arm as he makes the block. It was tight to his side, but the referee points to the spot.
43' Kondogbia gifts the ball back to Elche with a poor pass and Fidel has space to run into down the left again. He whips in an early cross which is blocked by Trippier and the resulting corner comes to nothing.
Y. Carrasco
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
41' Carrasco thinks he should've won a corner which isn't given and he's making his frustration very clear to the referee which earns him a yellow card for dissent.
40' Morente takes Hermoso out of the game with a clever spin and he fizzes an early throughball into the box for Boye to chase. The forward sets off too early though and the offside flag is up against him.
38' Palacios has stayed down holding his knee after a heavy collision with Kondogbia in an earlier attack for Atletico and he looks to be in a lot of pain. The medical team come on to give him some treatment and it looks like he'll be able to carry on.
T. Lemar
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
36' Lemar steps across to try and win the ball off Guti, but steps on his foot and is shown the first yellow card of the game.
35' Atletico are happy to just sit back and let Elche keep the ball in their own half as the hosts are slow to mount an attack. Marcone plays a good throughball forward for Guti, but he's put straight under pressure.
33' Guti plays a loose pass out to Morente and Hermoso reacts quickly to step in and intercept it. He plays a one-two with Carrasco to open up some space down the left but his cross from the byline is blocked by Palacios.
31' Fidel makes another good run down the left and pulls away from Trippier to square it to Morente. His first touch is loose and he slides in to try and keep it from Kondogbia but catches him and the chance goes to waste.
29' Oblak goes long with his clearance and Carrasco brings it down brilliantly on the stretch. He's put under pressure straight away from Morente though and is fouled by him as he tries to break away.
27' Atletico are sitting back as Elche patiently continue to push forward and Milla wins a free-kick when Savic catches him late. Marcone curls the ball into the box, but it comes to nothing for the hosts.
25' Elche are starting to move the ball a bit quicker now after going behind, but their passing in the final third is letting them down. Fidel finds himself in a lot of room down the left, but he hits a poor cross against Savic at the near post.
Y. Carrasco
Atlético Madrid
23' It's a good run from Carrasco down the left to draw the defenders out to him and open up some space in the middle for Llorente.
Marcos Llorente
Atlético Madrid
23' LLORENTE SCORES! Carrasco pulls the ball back to the penalty spot where Llorente is hovering unmarked and he hits the shot first time. He fires it on goal and it takes a deflection off Josema's arm on the way through which is what takes it past Gazzaniga into the back of the net. 1-0 Atletico!
22' Escriba isn't happy with the decision that's just gone against his side as he feels they should've had a free-kick instead of Atletico getting a throw-in. The referee has gone across to have a word and try to calm him down.
20' Atletico are still keeping the pressure on Elche here and the hosts just can't get out of their own box. Suarez lets it run to Llorente, who takes it past Gonzalez and drills a shot from the edge of the box, but Gazzaniga holds onto it.
18' DISALLOWED! VAR has had a look at the goal and Llorente had timed his run off the back of Josema perfectly, but Suarez was just ahead of him when he played the ball across the box and the goal won't count. Still 0-0!
16' SUAREZ SCORES! The Elche defenders aren't quick to react when Llorente gets in behind and Gazzaniga rushes out to him. He squares it across the box to Suarez who sends it into the back of the empty net off the bottom of the crossbar, but VAR is having a look at this...
14' It's Elche's first real bit of possession of the game and they move it upfield quickly. Fidel has space on the left and he curls a good cross into the middle of the box for Milla, but he heads his effort over the bar.
12' CLOSE! It's a clever bit of play from Suarez as he lets the ball run through his legs to Correa as he turns Calvo before continuing the run. It's flicked to him in the box and he tries to drill it into the near bottom corner, but he sends it just wide of the post.
10' Atletico have won their last three away games against Elche in LaLiga, winning 2-0 in each of the last two.
8' Trippier slides it through to Correa on the right of the box and he pulls it back into a dangerous area. Gazzaniga gets down quickly to push it away but he sends it back towards the forward and Gonzalez has to react quickly to put it out for a corner.
6' Carrasco cuts inside from the left this time and he fizzes a low ball into the box looking for Correa. It's just out of his reach though and a slight nick off Palacios helps it into Gazzaniga's gloves.
4' It's still Atletico on the ball here and they're patiently playing out from the back as they try to open up Elche. They switch it from right to Carrasco on the left and his cross is palmed away by Gazzaniga in the middle.
2' Atletico are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening minutes here and Lemar squares it to Correa on the edge of the box for an early chance. He drills a shot on goal, but it's blocked by Calvo.
1' Suarez gets the game underway for Atletico!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Elche have lost their last seven games against Atletico in LaLiga, failing to score in four of the last five. Only against Real Madrid (eight between 1984 and 2015) have they endured a longer run of consecutive defeats in the top-flight.
Diego Simeone makes five changes to his team after the loss to Bilbao on Sunday, with Hermoso, Gimenez, Lemar, Kondogbia and Suarez all coming in. Felipe, Koke, Herrera and Saul drop to the bench and Renan Lodi is out with a thigh injury.
Fran Escriba makes just two changes to the side that beat Levante last time out as he brings Josema and Milla into the team. Piatti starts on the bench, while Johan Mojica misses out through injury.
ATLETICO MADRID SUBS: Sime Vrsaljko, Joao Felix, Saul Niguez, Ivo Grbic, Lucas Torreira, Vitolo, Felipe, Koke, Hector Herrera, Moussa Dembele.
ATLETICO MADRID STARTING XI (4-4-2): Jan Oblak; Kieran Trippier, Stefan Savic, Jose Gimenez, Mario Hermoso; Marcos Llorente, Geoffrey Kondogbia, Thomas Lemar, Yannick Carrasco; Luis Suarez, Angel Correa.
ELCHE SUBS: Antonio Barragan, Gonzalo Verdu, Edgar Badia, Pablo Piatti, Victor Rodriguez, Nino, Lluis Andreu, Luismi, Cifu, Josan, Omenuke Mfulu, Emiliano Rigoni.
ELCHE STARTING XI (4-4-2): Paulo Gazzaniga; Helibelton Palacios, Dani Calvo, Diego Gonzalez, Josema; Tete Morente, Raul Guti, Ivan Marcone, Fidel; Lucas Boye, Pere Milla.
Atletico can go five points clear at the top of LaLiga with a win today. They suffered a setback in the race for the title with a 2-1 loss to Athletic Bilbao last time out and haven't won any of their last five on the road in all competitions. As for Elche, they have a chance to move out of the relegation zone if they avoid defeat here. They've won just one of their last eight games (D3 L4), but it came last time out when they beat Levante 1-0.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the LaLiga meeting between Elche and Atletico Madrid at the Martinez Valero!