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The all-time favourite FIFA Ultimate Team cards of pro players and personalities

8:00 PM GMT+4 10/01/2019
FIFA card composite
There have been plenty of overpowered FUT cards over the years that seasoned players will remember all too well. Goal looks back at some of the best

Ultimate Team debuted in FIFA 09 and revolutionised the game franchise for the years to come.

Over the years there have been a wide variety of overpowered cards that had players ripping their hair out on frustration - unless you were the one using them!

Seasoned FIFA players will remember the likes of Seydou Doumbia, Alexander Esswein and Emmanuel Emenike who were ridiculously pacey, leaving defenders with no chance.

Goal decided to look back on the hordes of overpowered cards by asking FIFA's biggest personalities and pro players to look back on their favourite ever cards from FIFA Ultimate Team...

  • FIFA Cards - Mayuka

    Emmanuel Mayuka (72) - FIFA 13 - ChuBoi

    Chukwuma 'ChuBoi' Morah has become one of the faces of FIFA's competitive scene, regularly appearing on tournament broadcasts.

    ChuBoi was formerly the community manager for FIFA and transitioned into a streamer and content creator. The host has thrown it back all the way to FIFA 13 for a card many FIFA players will remember.

    "My favourite FUT card of all time is probably the 72-rated striker Emmanuel Mayuka from FIFA 13 aka 'Mayuka the Bazooka'. He was the best striker in the game, period. Now you may ask yourself why a silver card was the best striker that year? Because that card was sent by God!

    "He had 90 pace, but it felt like 150. He had 67 shooting but every shot was a GOAL. It made absolutely no sense... the stats were a lie. He was better than Prime R9. When you saw him in the loading screen you knew you were already finished."

  • FIFA Cards - Santana

    Felipe Santana (77) & 82 Naldo (82) - FIFA 11 - Shellzz

    Shaun 'Shellzz' Springette is Manchester City's latest esports signing after the Englishman was left teamless due to the collapse of UNILAD. Shellzz took the FIFA scene by storm when he won the PlayStation finals in his competitive debut.

    The Man City player struggled to name just one favourite card, with his eventual answer consisting of two - Felipe Santana and Naldo - who created an excellent pairing for multiple FIFAs.

    "If you played Ultimate Team in FIFA 11/12/13, I’m pretty sure you’ll have faced these two before. Both are 6’3 with 80-something pace, these guys were a brick wall at the back and some of the most overpowered CBs that have ever existed in Ultimate Team, in my opinion."  

  • FIFA Cards - El Shaarawy

    Stephan El Shaarawy (73) - FIFA 12 - Bateson87

    Jamie 'Bateson87' Bateson is one of the recognisable faces in the FIFA community as his YouTube channel has over 1.2 million subscribers. The FIFA YouTuber has racked up over 387 million views across all of his content.

    Bateson has gone back to the game many consider one of the best iterations of FIFA ever, FIFA 12. The fast-paced gameplay and beautiful finesse shots of 12 were perfect for Bateson's pick of silver midfielder Stephan El Sharaaway:

    "This item everyone wanted to use regardless of his rating. He made everyone a FIFA skiller and everyone loved trying to get highlight reel goals every game. He was the one player who gave me fun and excitement every time I used him."

  • FIFA Cards - David Villa

    David Villa (88) - FIFA 11 - Chesnoid Gaming

    Time for another FIFA Youtuber in Chris 'ChesnoidGaming' Wood, who has over 260k subscribers and over 77 million views racked up on his main channel.

    His favourite card of choice goes back all the way to FIFA 11, before Chesnoid even began his current channel. His card of choice is David Villa who at the time was one of the best strikers in the world with an overall rating of 88 in the game.

    And Chesnoid couldn't compliment the Spaniard enough: "Still to this day, he is the deadliest striker I've ever played with.

    "Villa always gave you full confidence that he'd finish a chance and score you the goal to win the game. Clinical."

  • FIFA Cards - Lacazette

    Alexandre Lacazette (95) - FIFA 17 - Deto

    Moving back to the esports scene and we have another Manchester City player in Kai 'Deto' Wollin. The German is one of the best players in the world, best known for his slow and calculated build up.

    However, Deto has opted for a pacey forward in Alexandre Lacazette and his Team of the Season card from FIFA 17.

    FIFA 17 was the game that Deto had his best performance in, finishing as the runner-up in the FIFA Interactive World Cup to Spencer 'Gorilla' Ealing. And it is no surprise then that he has happy memories of this card, as he explains.

    "TOTS Lacazette was a fantastic player for me that year. This was the card that took me to the FIWC 2017 Final in London!"

  • FIFA Cards - Carroll

    Andy Carroll (78) - FIFA 18 - Brandon Smith

    If you have watched a FIFA esports tournament over the last few years, you almost definitely will have heard Brandon Smith and Richard Buckley commentating. The young duo have covered most tournaments this season and there are few people with more passion for the game.

    Earlier this season when West Ham hosted its own esports cup an issue with servers meant the FIFA 19 tournament had to be played with West Ham players only in the 85-rated head-to-head mode.

    Smith was commentating at the time and was oddly excited to see Andy Carroll in play. It turns out, Carroll's card from the previous game is one of his favourites:

    "A player that I used to love using on FIFA 18 was Andy Carroll and I’m not joking. Last year, he was one of the most overpowered super subs.

    "When he was used from the 70th minute in a game of FUT Champions he would beat any defender to the ball in the air and he even had a lethal left foot on him. So for me, it’s an easy one. Andy Carroll.. my FIFA 18 MVP."

  • FIFA Cards - Balotelli

    Mario Balotelli (86) - FIFA 12 - Richard Buckley

    Smith's commentary partner Richard Buckley decided to go much further back for his answer with another FIFA 12 card making this list. The Italian forward was in his prime at that time, taking the Premier League by storm for both the right and wrong reasons.

    However, it was a performance on the international stage that rewarded Balotelli with one of his best ever cards and the one that Buckley loved to use.

    "I'll go with Mario Balotelli from FIFA 12, he got a European Man of the Match for his fantastic performance against Germany in the Euros and was outstanding in-game.

    "He was pacey, strong, could head the ball and above all else was very fun to play with, I'll be hoping for another very good special version of Mario this year in FIFA 19."

  • FIFA Cards - Ibrahimovic

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic (96, FIFA 14) & Ousmane Dembele (91, FIFA 17) - Marshall89

    Next is another FIFA YouTuber in Marshall89 who has amounted over 229k subscribers and 61 million views across his channel. Like many on this list, Marshall89 was not able to pick just one card as his all-time favourite and eventually settled for two between whom he could not decide.

    First up we have Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Team of the Year card from FIFA 14, who was one of the best strikers in the game with a 96 rating. Marshall89 remembers: "He had everything you needed in a striker, 99 stats everywhere and five-star skills!" 

    Joining Ibra is Ousmane Dembele's Team of the Season card from FIFA 17 during the winger's time at Borussia Dortmund. Once again, it was the five-star skills that drew Marshall89 in: "TOTS Dembele was easily the most fun I've ever had with an item in FUT! Five-star skills and weak-foot with amazing stats. What a player!"

  • FIFA Cards - Nilmar

    Nilmar (83) - FIFA 12 - Mike LaBelle

    Mike LaBelle is a professional FIFA player for New York Red Bulls as well as an on-broadcast talent for esports tournaments. FIFA 12's popularity has really shone through on this list as LaBelle has opted for Nilmar's 83-rated Villarreal card from the game.

    Speaking to Goal, he was full of praise for both the card and the game itself:

    "Nilmar from FIFA 12 was a MONSTER. If you ran up against this card you knew what to expect in a battle of fast-paced FIFA.

    "FIFA 2012 is also the time period I really started to experiment with Ultimate Team, so this has stuck with me as a golden year so to speak in the FIFA world."

  • FIFA Cards - Sturridge

    Daniel Sturridge (83) - FIFA 15 - Graham 'GrayzaGoal' McIntyre

    Finally we have Goal's own professional FIFA player, Graham 'GrayzaGoal' McIntyre. Before signing for Goal at the start of 2018, McIntyre was signed to Scottish Premiership side Hibernian.

    "The reason I loved Sturridge so much in FIFA 15 is because he saved me on numerous occasions that season. One time, I was at a Gfinity event and I beat Tass (now playing for Faza Clan) with the worst team possible and it was a Daniel Sturridge header that got the winner and out of the group stage.

    "He is tall physical and has good speed. Overall a great card and will always be my favourite. He also got a Flashback card at the end of last year."