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FIFA Mobile, PES 2018 & the best soccer & football games for mobile phones

9:04 PM GMT+4 18/01/2019
FIFA Mobile
Need a football gaming fix when you're on the move? Goal has rounded up some of the best football games for mobile gameplay!

Whether you're having football withdrawal as you wait for the weekend games to arrive or if you're missing out on your weekly football fix during an international break, there are plenty of ways that football fans can get their fix of their favourite sport – and one of them is through handheld gaming.

Everyone is familiar with the likes of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, but the app stores on your smartphones have a seemingly endless amount of games to help you pass the time before your team plays next – from football game simulations that are heavily reminiscent of real-life or simple, pixelated arcade games designed to help you cure your boredom when you're on the go.

  • FIFA Mobile

    FIFA Mobile

    Easily the most popular football game on a mobile device, FIFA Mobile carries on their legacy with this gaming experience fit for your pocket. Much like the proper full-scale versions of their FIFA gaming series, FIFA Mobile boasts state-of-the-art graphics, fluid mechanics and a seemingly endless offering of content.

    Gameplay includes a single-player campaign mode, online P2P, online leagues, players from over 550 different teams, and more. It has more content than any other game offered in the football genre, though some will be limited by the freemium features.

  • PES 2017

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

    While FIFA Mobile is more of an abridged, pocket-ready game that has been purposely suited for easy mobile device play, the mobile version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is basically the real deal of the full-sized version of the game – but for phones.

    Of course, the mobile version of PES 2018 does come with some necessary alterations, but if you're a gamer looking to recreate the full PES experience on smartphones and tablets, this has got you covered.

    PES 2018 has the same 3D visuals and extensive online features as their full-scale game, and though they don't have as many of the licenses teams and players that FIFA have, they do have the likes of David Beckham, Romario and Ian Rush available this season.

  • Pocket League Story 2

    Pocket League Story 2

    If you're looking for something more casual and not anything as intense as FIFA Mobile or PES 2018, Pocket League Story 2 is here for you. The heavily pixelated game is football management at its most casual, with low stakes. There are no real-life players or teams in this game, and Kairosoft's version of this football simulation game is relaxed and stripped down, more like a Nintendo arcade game featuring sprites, upbeat music and lots and lots of colours.

    As of the game itself, it's an underdog story as you, the player, take a squad of derelicts and turn them into modern-day football successes, building your stadium, facilities, backroom staff and squad along the way. You can also play in multiplayer mode, which lets users face off against rival teams from around the world.

  • Top Eleven 2018

    Top Eleven 2018

    Essentially, Top Eleven 2018 is a football management simulation for gamers more interested in a game-oriented experience than the mobile versions of Football Manager.

    In Top Eleven, users will be able to decide on every factor of their club, ranging from stadium construction to squad tactics, club transfers and formations. Top Eleven boasts more than 5,000 real-life players throughout the game, so there won't be an issue of a lack of authenticity – providing a comfortable middle-ground between Football Manager and Pocket League Story 2.

  • Flick Kick Football

    Flick Kick Football

    If you're tired of football managing and tactics and formations and want a casual flickabout to just pass the time in between mundane real-life things, give Flick Kick Football a go. It's simple, and easily addictive – a super casual arcade game that gets you to perfect your flicks and swipe controls.

    With just a swipe of the finger you're tasked with drilling the ball into the net. It sounds simple enough, but the higher levels and points you rack up, the harder (and more addictive!) the game becomes.

  • Tiki Taka Soccer

    Tiki Taka Soccer

    Classic old-school gamers will rue the fact that Sensible Soccer isn't available on mobile, but the next best thing is – Tiki Taka Soccer.

    Tiki Taka Soccer is a worthy homage to the PC favourite, which shows gameplay action from a bird's eye perspective featuring a straightforward touch-and-tap interface. It's easy enough to pick up, but tougher to master.

  • Head Soccer La Liga

    Head Soccer La Liga

    The only official video game released by La Liga, Head Soccer is nothing revolutionary by way of PES or FIFA Mobile but fits in the same category as Flick Kick Football – that is to say, not extremely challenging but having the potential to be extremely addictive.

    It's an arcade game that features two players pitted against one another (or one-person player versus the computer) squaring off in a one-on-one match, where both need to – you guessed it – head the ball to each other.

    It's sort of like ping pong, but more fun, and features real players, upgrades, and power-ups throughout the game. It's another game that's perfect for passing time.

  • New Star Soccer

    New Star Soccer

    New Star Soccer seems like just another football simulation game (and a relatively simpler version of one), but there's more to it than that! The simulation feature is just one part of the game play, which is just one part swipey football sim, and another part casual life simulation where users are able to be in control of the player's affairs off the pitch.

    That's right. Similar to The Sims (but football edition), New Star Soccer lets users decide to buy property, visit the casino, decide on the player's social life – and rack up points doing so – all the while trying to make the grade with their football team.

  • Football Manager Mobile

    Football Manager Mobile 2018

    There are two Football Manager games left to complete the list, with the first being FM Mobile 2018 if you're more inclined to play the scaled down version of the game on-the-go. The handheld iteration of the game is the popular football simulation game whittled to fit into the palm of your hand, and has been entirely tailored for the handset.

    As it has been programmed for mobile, there is no 3D match engine (games unfold through old-school text-scrolling style) and the menu screens have little to zero flair, but the basic functionality and gameplay modes are all there. The main goals of the game stay the same as well, with users getting to manage teams from all over the world, alongside a massive database of players on offer, with no limits to the sorts of tactical skillets you can play with.

  • Football Manager Touch 2018

    Football Manager Touch 2018

    Football Manager Touch 2018, however, is different from FM Manager Mobile, with this version of the game streamlined to bring the ultimate Football Manager experience to tablets so users can immerse themselves deep into the gameplay immediately. This is the made-for-mobile Classic version found on PC and is richer than what the FM Mobile version has to offer, repackaged for mobile play without sacrificing some of the more enriching aspects of the game.

    This version does have the 3D match engine as well as a broad range of tactical options, and what's cooler is that you can even transfer your saved game from the PC edition to your mobile via Steam to continue your gameplay wherever you go.