Valentine's Day gift ideas for football fans: What to buy diehard Man Utd, Arsenal & other PL club supporters

February 14 can be a pain and a drain but we have some fantastic ideas that'll make things easier for you

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is upon us again. For some fans the best gift they could have asked for is already set up, with Real Madrid hosting PSG in one of the most eagerly anticipated Champions League clashes to date.

For the rest of us, though, February 14 can be a real struggle to get things right. If your other half is a football fan, however, Goal has some ideas to set you on the right path...

Valentine's Day ideas for Man City fans

Manchester City's official online shop has a selection of replica kits and official match shirts, ranging from £60 to £90 - adding a name and number will set you back a further £12.50. Additional extras such as the Premier League badge and the Manchester Bee range from £3 to £9.

If that's a little out of your price range, a Wembley 1999 retro shirt clocks in at £30, while hats, scarves, gloves, T-shirts, training tracksuits and various other pieces of clothing vary in price between £11 all the way up to £85.

Even smaller items such as watches, bags, minibar sets (oh hello!), aftershave, golf tees, golf balls, cufflinks, stuffed toys, stationery and figurines are all there for your perusal too, should you want to go super cheap or just add a little something extra to your other half's goodie bag.

If you really want to impress, and you have the cash, you could go all out for a season ticket... although expect to join a lengthy waiting list and be prepared to shell out upwards of £635.

Alternatively, you could just pay for a premium sports TV package and enjoy the footy in a relaxing bath in the comfort of your own, warm home. Just saying.

Valentine's Day ideas for Manchester United fans

Similar to Man City's shop, United charge a standard £12.95 for shirt personalisation, but there is some good news!* Home strips can come in as low as £35 without any names or numbers on the back, as long as it's a short-sleeve version – somehow the long-sleeve shirt cost almost double at £65. 

The Red Devils' store also offers a range of kitchenware – including that same minibar! – at fairly cheap prices, they also offer homeware bits and pieces such as bedspreads, console skins, and of course your standard football equipment: boots, balls, bags, shinpads, etc.

Man Utd console skin

*Good news entirely dependent on how much you like sleeves.

Valentine's Day ideas for Liverpool fans

Depending on how old your beau is, or even just how much of a fan of the club's history he or she is, Liverpool's store offers a large selection of very cool retro kits ranging from £30 to £50 – super handy if you enjoy the hipster look.

If you're feeling a little more upmarket they also have a higher end of fashion gear on sale, such as smart jackets, jumpers, watches and bags that cost anywhere between £30 and £150. A newly created Valentine's section is also on there with gifts available at a variety prices – just be careful not to go too cheap or you mind end up spending February 14 walking alone.

Liverpool retro kits

Valentine's Day ideas for Chelsea fans

What every Chelsea fan really wants is more new players at the club, but we understand that we as the public have limited sway in such matters and would recommend going for something a bit more achievable.

A brand spanking new shirt will cost anywhere between £60 and £90, with lettering again adding to that price. Training tops are slightly cheaper around £45, though long-sleeved ones can creep up as high as £159. What is it with these clubs and their expensive sleeves?!

'Lifestyle' T-shirts are far cheaper, as low as £12 for adult sizes; wallets, phone skins, slippers and such are also a bit more affordable, or for as little as £30 you could build your own miniature replica of Stamford Bridge!

Chelsea t shirt

Valentine's Day ideas for Arsenal fans

Unfortunately for Gunners fans, the Arsenal shop is clean out of Arsene Wenger puffer jackets! Disaster, we know, but there's other stuff on there too. Like the most expensive kit of all the top five teams, for example, the authentic match strips clocking in at a hefty £100 – though they do have free custom printing.

Much like all the other clubs, training gear is far cheaper than official strips. Bags, balls, hats, phone cases, gift cards (like real money but you can only spend it in one place) and all that other good stuff is on there too, as well as our personal favourite: an Arsenal Rubik's Cube

Rumour has it it's easier to solve than the mystery of why Wenger hasn't signed a good defensive midfielder since Patrick Vieira left.

Arsenal Rubiks Cube

Valentine's Day ideas for all football fans

Jokes aside, maybe your partner isn't a fan of any of the above clubs and just enjoys football in general. If that's the case, you can't go wrong with a beanbag lap tray – perfect for snacking (or a beer if you're careful) in front of the television.

If they're a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, Goal's resident cartoonist Omar Momani has his own online store where you can look at a multitude of fun cartoons that can be printed on T-shirts, hoodies, mugs and more.

CARTOON: Messi's evolution

If he or she is an active player, whether it be fives, sevens, elevens or just kickabouts with pals, standard sports training gear is always a winner. Alternatively, snoop around and see whether they could use a fresh pair of boots – and always check what kind of turf they play on if you're going to make it a surprise. Grip matters!

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In an interesting turn of events, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Nike's Mercurial football boots, first worn by Brazil icon Ronaldo, and, you've guessed it, the new kicks are available on July 14. Check those out here.

Or maybe you've been putting off getting a console for fear of never getting to use the TV. If that's the case... trust us, folks, no one will love you more than if they feel like they can play FIFA 18 without being judged. Or go classic and buy an old console that runs Sensible Soccer - or even more classic yet: Subbuteo!

Whatever you do, best of luck, you crazy lovers!