USWNT & Arsenal star Heath 'loves' London & says it must be like how Thierry Henry felt going to New York

Tobin Heath Arsenal 2021-22Getty Images

Arsenal star Tobin Heath believes she understands how Thierry Henry must have felt following his transfer to the New York Red Bulls.

As a USWNT standout, Heath is used to being recognised by fans back from her days playing for Oregon side Portland Thorns, but since she made the switch to England, things have changed.

Having joined the London club from Manchester United last year, the 33-year-old has found she is rather anonymous among the crowds of the big city.

What has been said?

Just as Gunners hero Henry was a well-known face for Londoners, he was not a famous face when he initially landed in New York from Barcelona in 2010 and Heath reckons the pair have gone through similar experiences in that regard.

Heath told The Times: "Going to a massive global city, it was probably like the way that [Thierry] Henry must have felt when he came to New York and could just ride around in the subways and not be bothered, because nobody knew who he was..

“That’s the way I feel here. I love it, because I honestly don’t get stopped ever. It’s actually really nice. For someone like me, I’m pretty shy. It’s a little uncomfortable for me. I actually love being in London for that reason.”

Arsenal hope to keep Champions League dream alive

Former Paris Saint-Germain star Heath has claimed many accolades throughout her career, but is yet to win the Champions League so far.

Arsenal are still in the frame to lift the title this season as they are set to face Wolfsburg in the quarter-finals, with the home leg taking place at the Emirates Stadium.

Heath is excited to return to the stadium, and believes playing on such a can give a huge boost to the women's game.

“I think it’s incredible," she added.

"For these massive clubs like Arsenal playing at the Emirates is fantastic and for Barcelona playing in the Camp Nou to a sell-out is fantastic.

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“The opportunity that’s there for the growth of women’s football is huge but it just shows that when the big clubs want to get behind their women’s team, there’s massive rewards for it and there’s massive engagement.”

She added: “The quality is just insane and having this opportunity to play in the Champions League with this squad, was something that was important to my decision [to join], for sure."

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