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The FIFA 19 Ultimate Team squad that won Doolsta the eMLS Series One

6:21 PM WAT 28/01/2019
Doolsta eMLS graphic
The Philadelphia Union esports player reveals why he chose Flashback Zlatan Ibrahimovic and silver left-back Ray Gaddis in his tournament winning team

The second ever eMLS is underway as Philadelphia Union's Cormac 'Doolsta' Dooley won the eMLS Series One in Los Angeles with a huge win against Kid M3mito from FC Dallas, who won the first ever eMLS Cup without losing a single game.

The eMLS has the unique rule that every player must include three MLS players, two of which must be from their represented club, on the pitch at all times. His team featured Champions League Thibaut Courtois in goal, a backline of super inform Joao Cancelo, TOTY Raphael Varane, TOTY Sergio Ramos and Ray Gaddis. Then in his star-studded midfield line, Doolsta played with four central midfielders: TOTY N'Golo Kante, TOTY Kevin De Bruyne, super-inform Eden Hazard and inform Borek Dockal. And finally, the champion sported a lethal strike partnership of Flashback Zlatan Ibrahomivic and 99-rated TOTY Cristiano Ronaldo. Goal caught up with Doolsta to find out the secrets and thought processes behind the team that led him to victory.

Can you explain your reasoning behind each MLS player you used and how they performed for you in the tournament?

"I always had it in my mind that I would have a Union player at either left-back or right-back and after using Ray Gaddis last year, I felt he was the right choice at left-back. Borek Dockal was a no-brainer because of the 81-rated inform he received and he linked well with Gaddis. Flashback Ibrahimovic was my choice at striker due to his unbelievable stats which have him as the best card in MLS."

Who was the MVP of your squad in the tournament and what made them so good?

"The MVP of my squad could have been any of the starting 11 as they were all great but TOTY Ronaldo really stood out. He scored so many goals for me and was clutch with some key late goals as well so I would have to say him."

What was your reason behind your chosen formation? Have you found that is the best in the game or just suits your personal style? What tactics did you employ?

"I ran the 4-1-2-1-2 narrow for the tournament because I have used it for the past two FIFA's and feel comfortable using it. I feel like it is the best formation in terms of creating chances but it is a formation that can leave you vulnerable for a counter-attack so having a strong midfield and back line is key. The formation suits my passing style well and allows my midfield to hold a diamond which is effective for keeping possession. I used pressure after heavy touch for defensive tactics and balanced for attacking."

What is your preferred playstyle and how did your team enhance that?

"Possession is my emphasis of play and I'm comfortable playing a slow style or fast paced one touch pass style. My team at eMLS League Series One was very suited to my play with most of my players being fast and agile which was needed for my style.”

If you could pick one Philadelphia Union player to receive a big upgrade/special card who would it be and why?

"The one Union player I’d like to see receive an upgrade would be Ray Gaddis because he has been a favourite of mine to use for eMLS and it would make my back line even more solid."

What do you think gave you an edge over your opponents and helped you pick up the win?

 "I think my passing in and around the box gave me the edge over my opponents as I feel they found it hard to defend against at times.”

And finally, how did it feel to win the eMLS Series One tournament and represent Philadelphia Union?

"It was a dream come true to lift that trophy and it was even more special the fact that it is my first ever competitive title. I was just hoping to make top four at the start of the day and felt happy if I just managed that, but to go on and win it all was surreal. To represent the Philadelphia Union at any event, let alone eMLS is an honour and I'm glad I could win this for the club."