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The best adidas Originals trainers you can buy in 2022

2:00 PM WAT 02/09/2022
The best adidas Originals trainers
Looking for stylish classics with a modern twist? The retro designs of these timeless adidas Originals are sure to hit you with a wave of nostalgia

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adidas Originals trainers are inspired by iconic, classic designs from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, but new shoe tech has turned these vintage styles into comfortable, versatile lifestyle shoes.

The collection features former sports shoes converted into everyday trainers and retro designs brought into the modern-day, with several picks containing recycled materials as the German company looks to become more sustainable. There are bright, bold and intricately designed trainers, while others are more stripped-back, low-key and simplistic.

We’ve put together the best Originals you can get on the market today, depending on what you want out of your style game.

The best adidas Originals: our top three

What are adidas Originals?

adidas Originals are what their name suggests - various models of shoes with a retro feel that play on the brand's history.

There are many lines within the banner - from Gazelles to Hamburgs - but each one shares the distinction that they were born in-house. They also all feature the iconic trefoil stripes logo.

What kind of adidas Originals are there?

There are well over two-dozen types of Originals out there, and each comes with its own calling card.

There's the Stan Smith, the Forum, the NY90, the Samba and twists on the classics through collaborations with Disney and Star Wars, to name a few.

What is the difference between adidas Originals and other adidas footwear?

While varying lines within the Originals ranges will give you specific additional functions over others, all are generally designed for everyday usage.

For example, these are trainers, not boots - you won't be able to play great football in them, much like you wouldn't find a walk to the shops easy on studded soles. With that in mind, here are the best adidas Originals you can get right now.

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adidas Gazelle

Best overall originals

The original, the best, the undisputed king of the adidas Originals range - the Gazelle is the ultimate original that showcases style for all those who wear it.

Its low-profile and iconic three-stripe piping overlays its leather upper and rubber outsole, matching smooth comfort with keen traction, while an additional sockliner helps secure a snug fit. This is a reissue of the classic 1991 incarnation and is still sublime after all these years.

Get them from adidas for £75.00

adidas Delpala

Best budget-friendly Originals

There's no need to break the bank in your hunt for Originals - the Delpala proves you can get high-quality style at a reasonable price.

That chunky rubber sole is of the vulcanised gum variety and offers heavy reinforcement for day-to-day wear, while a canvas and leather upper combine for a sturdy result. It's proof that you don't need to blow open your wallet to get good results.

Get them from adidas for £60.00

adidas Ozweego

Best all-black Originals

A retro yet futuristic trainer with impeccable detailing and distinctive midsole lines on a big, bold design featuring the iconic eyestay and recognisable translucent nylon tube for support - the Ozweego is one-of-a-kind.

The innovative result is lighter than its size would indicate and provides targeted support and impact absorption in the forefoot and heel to create an incredibly comfortable, cushioned shoe.

Get them from adidas for £95.00

adidas Continental 80

Best all-white Originals

Comfortable and well-rounded, the Continental 80 has its roots as a sports shoe and has retained its stability well over the years, with a touch of '80s style married to modern tech to deliver a superb end result.

A breathable toe box, a durable outsole and firm padded support around the high-top ankle allow a well-structured finish that supports and smooths movement across everyday usage, ensuring you will get the best out of this effort.

Get them from adidas for £85.00

adidas Hamburg

Best low-cut Originals

A throwback to another superb line, the Hamburg brings back the '80s once more in the adidas range, delivering a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

With a leather upper, textile lining and rubber outsole, it has minimal frills and no fuss - a top-of-the-line shoe refined with its core materials over the years to create something special.

Get them from adidas for £80.00

adidas Forum Mid

Best high-top Originals

An iconic, stylish throwback updated for the modern-day with a bit of flair, the Forum Mid brings high-top heaven to the forefront with sustainable and durable results, ozone-safe and ready for action.

Its biggest eye-catch comes in the form of a unique, removable criss-cross strap system that allows for a quick, off-the-cuff adaptation of its look, allowing you to mix it up a little bit, depending on your mood.

Get them from adidas for £90.00

adidas Busenitz Pro

Best old-school Originals

Furthering the relationship between the company and Dennis Busenitz, the latest Busenitz Pro delivers a skate shoe that's ready to hit the park whenever, wherever you need it to deliver.

A pivot point cupsole allows for dynamic turns and grip, while its GEOFIT collar helps to make it a smooth fit while offering additional support to the ankle and foot, keeping you safe and secure as you make your steps.

Get them from adidas for £85.00

adidas Ozrah

Best future-cool Originals

Step beyond the here and now with a shoe that looks like it has fallen from the stars above. The Ozrah is a space-age choice whose dramatic look gives the impression you can walk between dimensions.

Adiprene cushioning helps bolster its dramatic TPU cage craft the bulk of its 360-degree look, while a half-and-half recycled upper ensures that it will help save the future alongside the present.

Get them from adidas for £77.00 (was £110.00)

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