Syrian fans hilariously troll Australian supporters on Facebook

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Syria supporters
The Qasioun Eagles' supporters have taken to the official Socceroos Facebook page to deliver interesting banter ahead of Tuesday's match

Everyone loves a bit of banter between football fans but Syria's supporters have taken it to the next level ahead of Tuesday's World Cup qualifying playoff second leg against Australia.

The Socceroos have a slender advantage in the tie, with the 1-1 draw achieved in Malaysia last week securing a vital away goal.

Syria 7/1 to beat Australia

But Syria's fans aren't short of confidence - or comical trolling - as they flooded the Socceroos official Facebook page with a stack of hilarious comments.

Check out some of their best work below.

- Martin Hassan: A kangaroo named Cahill went to a bar, Cahill the kangaroo ordered a beer, the bartender was an eagle named Soma, simply sent the kangaroo home. it's not a joke I know, cause we are here not to make you laugh.

- Youssef Sy: people of australia do you walk normally like other humans or jump around like kangaroo?

- Tarek Audi: We will defeat you in your homes...We are the sons of Syria...Woe to you...Ask history about Syria and it will tell you...Victory to us, God willing Syria my love...#yes#...#we..#can They are coming, Russia....

Syria Australia

آلاء ابراهيم: Did you know the first blood transfusion was carried out by Gan Dennis in 1667. When the transfer of donkey blood to a boy ...! 350 years later, the grandchildren of this boy appeared in the form of the Australian team. Learn and do not learn, and God does not know you!

- Hanan AlKadi: Did you like our comments? We will steal from your eyes sleep .. Yellow Gecko. We are coming ..#Syria

- Mohamed Dliwati: Goaaal! the first one for the syrian team by Omar Al Soma, oh wait.. why are you so afraid?.. i'm just missing with you and the match haven't even started. Go syrian eagles

- Waddah Ghanem: Kangaroo will know the taste of bitter this night .. your night to forget.

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- Samer M Amoudi: The Australian team is very weak and we can crush it simply and we do not care about the number of people in the stadium because every Syrian in the stands represents thousands of Syrians and they all beat one heart and say Syria will win and eat the kangaroo.

- Jalal Ibrahem Salama: I am from Syria and I would like to tell you that we will freeze your oxygen in your throat and we will do it on your land. Woe to you, you idiot kangaroo.

- Ahmed Aljarad: We will make you forget the milk that you breastfeed from your mother #Syria