Comfort breeds confidence - Strikers to thrive with Nike's Hypervenom III

The Flyknit upper of Nike's Hypervenom III makes them the "most comfortable" boots Bruce Kamau has played in

Bearing down on goal in the 90th minute with the game in the balance, a comfortable boot could be the difference between striking the winning goal and wasting the chance.

Melbourne City forward Bruce Kamau has highlighted the importance of comfort in football boots after helping unveil Nike's Hypervenom III in Australia.

Bruce Kamau Melbourne City A-League

While many young footballers might be focused on how they can cut through defences or unleash a powerful strike, Kamau has argued the confidence that comes from a comfortable boot can be decisive.

And the 21-year-old rates Nike's Hypervenom III as the nicest boot he's had on his feet.

"They're very comfortable. I was surprised, actually, by the comfort," he told Goal.

"I wore them today in training and usually when you're wearing new boots you get a few blisters but today was fantastic - very lightweight and great on the feet."

Bruce Kamau Melbourne City A-League

Kamau added: "I've been wearing the Hypervenoms for quite a while now and out of all the releases, I'd say they're definitely the most comfortable, the most lightweight."

Having yet to score a goal since his move from Adelaide United to City at the start of the A-League season, Kamau added that Nike's Hypervenom III could make a difference to his prowess in front of goal.

"If you feel comfortable in the boot, you feel confident in yourself when you go to strike the ball and that's something that's vital when you're in front of goal - that confidence," he said.

The number nine is back - Nike's Hypervenom III to inspire a new generation of strikers

Kamau leads City for assists (six) this season, while he is second for successful dribbles (26) and is the club's best forward in terms of tackles (20) and interceptions (19).

The Kenya-born attacker will be wearing the Electric Green and Hyper Orange boots throughout 2017 and he doesn't mind that he'll stand out on the pitch.

"I think that they look good. They're bright, they're colourful and I like that. I like to be a bit out there with what I wear," he said.

With a Flyknit upper, Nike have made the Hypervenom III significantly lighter than previous versions, which Kamau hopes will benefit his speedy play out wide.

Plus the exciting winger likes how the boot cuts out the majority of resistance to enhance his touch on the ball.

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"You want to feel the ball as much as possible and with these new boots I think that's something [Nike have] achieved," Kamau said.

Nike's Hypervenom III are available online here will be in stores in Australia from February 2.