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Former England manager Allardyce brands FA's retrospective diving ban 'utter rubbish'

5:29 PM WAT 18/05/2017
Sam Allardyce Crystal Palace
Players in England found to have deceived officials through simulation will now receive a suspension, but the Crystal Palace boss is not a fan

Crystal Palace boss Sam Allardyce has slammed the new rule that allows the Football Association (FA) to retrospectively punish players for simulation from next season, describing it as "utter rubbish".

Following a ruling by the FA Council, a panel of one ex-match official, one former manager and one ex-player will review footage and advise whether an offence has been committed, with a player charged in cases where the trio reach unanimous agreement.

Retrospective action can be taken when an alleged offence has been missed by the referee and resulted in a penalty, a red card or a second yellow card, with the punishment a two-match ban.

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But Allardyce thinks a huge limitation of the rule is that players wrongly punished by a referee for diving offences do not get their incidents reviewed.

Asked for his view on the law, Allardyce told reporters: "Well it is utter rubbish because what about the lad that gets booked that didn't dive?

"What are you going to do with that? Are they going to say, 'Oh that is unlucky, next time we will try and get that right?'

"So the lad that dives gets punished. But the lad that gets punished by the referee when he didn't dive - you are going to have to reverse that somehow."

Allardyce then offered an alternative suggestion about how to deal with the issue of diving.

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He said: "Bring technology in and we can look at it on the day. 

"Then bring a sin bin in so we can put him in the sin bin for 10 minutes and then put him back on.

"Then we can stop paying all these people money for them to do rubbish situations in the game. That is utter rubbish."