Onyedika Ogbuke returns to Enugu Rangers fold after pardon

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The Flying Antelopes have pardoned the player following his apology over his act of indiscipline

Enugu Rangers have lifted the indefinite suspension on Onyedika Ogbuke following his apology for “gross misconduct”.

The former Nigerian U23 man was accused of indiscipline by the management and was subsequently handed an indefinite suspension, which he has now successfully apologised for.  

In a statement, the club’s chairman Davidson Owumi explained their decision to make a U-turn on their suspension was due to the midfielder’s admittance of his offense.

“After receiving an apology letter sent to the management by Onyedika Ogbuke coupled with pleas from concerned followers of the game and our teaming supporters as well as his teammates and coaches, we came to a conclusion to lift the suspension placed on him,” said Owumi.

“However, there must be some little sanctions for him to understand the gravity of what he is been pardoned for.”

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Also confirming Owumi’s views, club’s team manager Amobi Ezeaku said: “The cries for a pardon from our teaming supporters and that of his teammates can’t be swept away.

“As a listening management, we had to lift the suspension as we move as one family into the group stage of 2018 Federation Cup in Kano. I believe that the move we made has served its purpose for the good of the club.”

Following his lifted suspension,the 32-year-old who had missed his side’s Federation Cup campaign will back in action when they compete in group stages in Kano on Monday.