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Fabian McCarthy unsure if Lorenzo Gordinho will alone ease Kaizer Chiefs' defensive woes

1:25 PM WAT 17/08/2018
Fabian McCarthy
The former Amakhosi defender believes Chiefs are not the only PSL side struggling to find a consistent centre-back pairing this season

Having conceded five goals in three league matches so far, former Kaizer Chiefs defender Fabian McCarthy has called on the club to improve defensively. .

Under the guidance of coach Giovanni Solinas, Chiefs have started the new season with Daniel Cardoso, Erick Mathoho and Siyabonga Ngezana marshaling the back four.

However, the combinations are not seemingly working as the club has written to Bloemfontein Celtic, requesting Lorenzo Gordinho back. 

Speaking to Goal on Friday, McCarthy was unsure if the centre-back would solve their defensive problems.

“Look, the thing is that I was also surpised to see Gordinho go to Celtic on loan, but we don't know now whether it is the coach or the club that wants him back,” McCarthy told Goal .

“I was also surprised to see him go, but I think the coach has tried different combinations at the back and they may not be working according to his needs,” he added.

“I think Gordinho had lapses in concentration. He is a great defender and is maturing nicely, but it is now up to Celtic and Chiefs to decide,” he reacted.

“I am happy he was playing regularly and growing at Celtic, but if he will solve the problems alone is another issue,” said the 41-year-old.

“In my view, Cardoso has had one or two games where he failed to deliver and you will remember the penalty against (Mamelodi) Sundowns and the own goal against Baroka FC. So, the coach may feel he needs Gordinho,” he continued.

“The coach may feel they lost points in those two games and I just hope they can sort the problem without frustrating him (Cardoso) because he is a great player,” responded the former Celtic defender.

“I don't know the agreement between the clubs, but I know he was loaned out until December. I just hope the decision will benefit the player and everyone involved - I rate Gordinho highly and he has what it takes to help Chiefs,” he added.

When asked if the Mathoho-Ngezana combination could work, the ex-Phunya Sele Sele defender said time might not be on the coach's side to experiment with combinations.

“Look, obviously he will want to try and see which one works best, but it may also be too late to get Gordinho and experiment because Celtic have also planned around him,” he added.

“Let's see what the clubs will agree on and I think there are options for the coach to improve their defending because it involves a lot of factors,” McCarthy said.

“For instance, I recall during our time at Chiefs, the goalkeeper coach would call the keepers aside and include two defenders in a meeting to discuss the plan and how to defend,” recalled the former Chiefs centre-back.

“I think it's not only for defenders to solve the problems, the midfielders, goalkeeper and the two centre backs must always communicate with the keeper and the midfield,” he responded.

“Communication and organisation is key at the back and I don't think it's only Chiefs who are facing problems in terms of a solid partnership,” said the former Bafana Bafana international.

“For example Sundowns, they have also changed their centre-backs and (Orlando) Pirates are yet to settle for their best centre-back pairing,” added the Vryburg-born legend.

“In my opinion so far, it is (Bidvest) Wits that looks settled at the back because they have had a consistent pairing and they are solid,” concluded McCarthy.

Moreover, Celtic have indicated that they would Chiefs to honour the agreement made when Gordinho moved to Bloemfontein, but the two clubs are still locked in dicussions over the player's possible return to Naturena.


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