Roar and The Den at a crossroads after controversial chant

Brisbane Roar fans/The Den
More active support issues in the A-League

Brisbane Roar look set to join Melbourne City as another A-League side without active support after ongoing issues with The Den rose to the surface on Tuesday.

Tensions between the two appear to have reached boiling point during the club's last home game against Perth Glory with The Den informing the club that they'd be withdrawing their support until specific demands were met as a result. 

"The background to this is perhaps long and varied," a Roar statement read. 

"However, there was an incident at the recent home game against Perth Glory that has created friction between the club and The Den Steering Committee. 

"Without going into too much detail, the incident involved several offensive chants culminating in a final chant of 'F*** the FFA'.
"When a BRFC staff member approached The Den leadership team on duty that day, it was met with a tidal wave of abuse and swearing by other members of The Den. 

"This action was unacceptable and caused great distress, however, The Den Steering Committee has accused BRFC of “censoring” the chants they use because one of our staff members pointed out that 'F***' is offensive.
"As a consequence, The Den has issued ultimatums and are refusing to provide "Active Support" until they are met."

The Roar have consequently decided to withdraw their support of The Den Steering Committee and are hopeful of restarting the group after consultation with other fan groups. 

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In response, The Den have claimed the club failed to communicate properly with their group and stressed that they must start tackling the serious issues around active support.

"Rather than engage with us about the serious concerns we raised regarding club interference in active support and censorship of fans, we have today been notified by an email from club management that their ongoing relationship with the Steering Group is ‘untenable’ and that the club is choosing to ‘remove’ their support of the Steering Group as of today," a statement from The Den read.

"While we had always intended to step down at the end of this season given the issues we have been dealing with behind the scenes for the last couple of years, it is disappointing that the club has taken this course of action seemingly for no other reason than to avoid tackling serious issues raised on behalf of active supporters."