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Boateng: A lot of fans will be hoping Patriots don't win Super Bowl

4:00 PM WAT 02/02/2018
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The German hailed the dominance of the Pats and also revealed he might be interested in a change of career at the end of his playing days

Jerome Boateng describes the New England Patriots as “incredible” ahead of Super Bowl LII on Sunday, but concedes that many NFL fans would be rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Patriots come into the Minneapolis showdown as defending champions having beaten the Atlanta Falcons last year. Their recent dominance has turned some fans off, leaving neutrals cheering for the opposition this weekend.

Bayern Munich defender Boateng nonetheless says the Patriots deserve immense credit for their consistency. “It’s very interesting,” the World Cup winner tells Goal. “Two very strong teams and I think a lot of fans don’t want the Patriots to win it again! Kind of boring…

"But you have to give them credit, what they are doing is incredible. You see every year different teams in the playoffs but they are there every year. They are focussed, they are on point.”

Boateng has a friendship with New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and admits he could be tempted by a spell as an NFL kicker once his career is at an end.

“If I am good enough, why not?” he says of the possibility. “I think it’s interesting to go in another sport. But I have to see if I am good enough if I can kick the ball far enough!”

The NFL season has again been dominated by headlines surrounding the #TakeAKnee National Anthem protests started by ex-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in 2016. Boateng says he can understand the reasons behind the players’ protests and is fully behind the campaign.

“Of course I follow it,” he says. “It’s a very interesting thing to watch and for me it’s understandable.

“It’s a very big thing in the U.S. and I live in Europe it’s not that big here but of course we follow it and I support this.”

Boateng has previously used his influence and fame to raise awareness for anti-racism and anti-slavery campaigns and says high-profile athletes should lend their voice to these kinds of issues.

“I think it’s very important,” he says. “It’s very sad that we still have this these days so we have to step up and to find solutions.”