Benni McCarthy needs to learn‚ he is still a baby, says Muhsin Ertugral

The Urban Warriors coach has hit out at the Citizens coach's antics during the Cape Derby at the weekend

Cape Town City reasserted their dominance over their rivals Ajax Cape Town this past weekend when they left Cape Town Stadium with a 1-0 victory courtesy of Craig Martin’s second half header.

However, while the match was played in relatively good spirits considering the intertwined relationship between stakeholders of both clubs, it did threaten to boil over towards the end of the clash as coach Benni McCarthy was given his marching orders following an altercation with opposition coach Muhsin Ertugral.

The 40-year-old needed to be restrained as he lashed out at the Turkish-born tactician, and after the game Ertugral was not pleased by McCarthy’s antics.  

 “Benni (McCarthy) needs to learn, he was a great player, but he also needs to learn how to behave a bit on the side,” Ertugral told the media.

"There is a line (technical area)‚ why did they draw a line there? He came out of his line to my line and asked what I am doing. I don’t know what he is doing. He should ask himself that. I am long in this business and we put him out in the stands very quickly. Later on, he wanted to explain to me certain things‚ but after the game for me these things are always over,” he added.

"That is there‚ in the 90 minutes. He will take time to learn‚ but he will," he continued.

Furthermore, the Turk explained that McCarthy attempted to explain himself in the tunnel at the end of the game, but he was having none of it.

"When I came out [off the field] he was waiting for me outside, Ertugral said.

"I have a great respect for him‚ he is, in my opinion, a young boy that has achieved. How many players in South Africa have achieved what he has?

"There are two things in the football world that players want to achieve I think‚ win the World Cup and win the Champions League. He has achieved that.

"But after the game and I came out of the tunnel‚ he wanted to talk to me and I went to him and listened to him. He didn’t want to listen to what I had to say though, he wanted to go mad at me and I said, ‘If you want to go mad, I can’t help you’,” he continued.

"Someone after asked if I was wrong, but they had a couple more players on the field than us! The rule says very clearly‚ it’s a card. It’s my right to ask for it. This is football here‚ this is not an old pension home‚ we are playing a derby and I have a right to say that,” he lamented.

"Is he allowed [to speak]‚ because he played in the Champions League‚ and I am not allowed to speak? Does he have more rights than me‚ what is it?

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"Then he gets out of his line and wants to explain something‚ so I say get back to your line there. There’s a line there, and you need to be in there. When you get out because you want to explain something‚ then I will complain that you are out there," he explained.

"After that, for me, it was finished, but he still wanted to carry on [after the game]. He needs to learn‚ he is still a baby … next time I will bring lollipops so he can play with it," he concluded.