Arsenal star Mesut Ozil rewards Kenyan herds boy spotted wearing handmade shirt

The young boy received signed Arsenal shirts that were sent by the Gunners’ midfield star from London on Monday

Mesut Ozil displayed a heart of class after rewarding a Kenyan fan with a signed Arsenal shirt.

The young boy going by the name Lawrence was spotted in December wearing a self-written “Ozil 10” shirt on the streets of Nairobi. The photo was posted on Twitter by one Eric Njiru, and it eventually went viral.

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The tweet read: “I saw this kid today grazing in the streets of Nairobi – a city without really grass for cows. He told me he loves @MesutOzil1088 so much (You can see his shirt). Maybe one day this can reach Ozil and get a real Arsenal shirt.”

Ozil has since responded and sent two official Arsenal shirts with “Ozil 10” on the back along with football boots for Lawrence and his young brother.

Ozil also took his time to thank Njiru, who took the photo.