Former Nigeria striker Rashidi Yekini dies at 48

The all-time Super Eagles highest goals scorer died in Ibadan on Friday and will be buried in his home town on Saturday

One of Nigeria’s foremost strikers, Rashidi Yekini is dead. Yekini died in Ibadan on Friday and his corpse has been carried to Offa, his home town in Kwara State.  Yekini is the highest goal scorer in the history of the national team with 37 goals in 58 matches.

He will be remembered for his iconic celebration after Nigeria’s first ever goal at the 1994 World Cup against Bulgaria. It was the last that he ever scored in the World Cup though he was at the 1998 edition.

Yekini started his football career at UNTL football club in Kaduna before moving to IICC Shooting Stars, from where he was selected for the national team and became a scoring sensation. He participated in many Nations Cup competitions, from 1984 to 1994 in Tunisia when the Super Eagles won the trophy and was a part of arguably Nigeria's best ever collection of players in the national team - the 1994 group.

Yekini was known to be a hermit, training in the morning and going to the mosque in Ibadan, where he was based. He was very averse to journalists and kept away from the spotlight unlike many former professional footballers.

Yekini will be remembered as an unassuming footballer, whose only joy on the pitch was getting the ball behind the goalkeeper. He was 48 years old.