Enyimba to Henry Uche: You can't do without us

The Peoples Elephant have warned their star midfielder to submit himself to the club and warns clubs interested in the services of the player to deal directly with the management

Enyimba have termed their midfielder Henry Uche an ingrate after the player's media outburst asking to be let go by the club.

The Peoples Elephant frowned at the decision of the Eagles midfielder to resort to the press to sort issues he should have come to discuss with the management of the club and labelled him “ungrateful” despite all they have done for him over the years which the club reckoned culminated in the the midfielder's invitation to the senior national team. 

According to the press release made available to Goal.com, Enyimba stressed the club was shocked to read blatant lies being propagated by one of their players in the guise of seeking escape route to Europe when he still remains 100 percent property of the club and warned clubs that are interested in his services not to deal directly with him in their own interest.

According to the release: "The attention of the management of Enyimba International FC has been drawn to a report on Sporting Life Newspaper published on January 12, 2013 and titled "Please let me go."

"We are shocked by the words credited to our player Henry Uche and have decided to issue this official statement.

"Firstly, we would like to state categorically and for the record that Henry Uche is a player of Enyimba. The report quotes Henry Uche as saying he does not have a contract with us but this is completely baseless. We have the documents to prove that he is a bona fide member of Enyimba and warn any club interested in his services not to deal with him directly.

On the purported claims that Enyimba owed Henry a sum of 8 million naira- the amount he claimed he was willing to forfeit to seek his dream move abroad the release reacts:

"Also contained in the report are statements credited to the player that he is owed N8m by the club and wishes to forfeit the money to expedite his departure. This is blatantly false and again, we have the records to reinforce our statements.

As a club, we have the best interest of our players at heart but we will not sit and watch a player attempt to cheaply blackmail us in order to leave through the back-door."

Enyimba admonished Uche and their other players that are willing to seek greener pastures to do so through the appropriate channel and not through the back door

"Uche suggests his mind is made up to leave us but as anyone knowledge of football knows, the transfer of a player from one club to another is not down to what the state of a player's mind is, but through well established international transfer guidelines and these guidelines have to be followed for Henry Uche to be granted permission to leave.

"It is rather disgraceful that after standing by Henry when no club wanted him, brought him fame and recognition, this deception and misrepresentation is the way he chooses to repay us. It indicates an ungrateful, dubious character but we have seen it all before and have the experience and resources to deal with matters like this. We won't be cowered into releasing any member of our team and we will not hesitate to take legal actions against anyone attempting to sneak out our player.

"We would ordinarily have dismissed the claims in the report but we are wary of any attempt to damage our reputation as a foremost professional football club. We therefore will conclude this statement here by reiterating our position that Uche belongs to us and any club wishing to sign him must speak to us directly," the release Read.

Uche joined Enyimba from 3SC of Ibadan some seasons ago and he has recorded some successes for the Peoples Elephant.