Drogba return to Chelsea looking likely

Not content with the headlines already generated, the Blues are looking to bring the erstwhile star striker back to West London in a pre-Afcon loan deal

Not content with merely firing a manager and then bringing in his replacement some hours later, Chelsea have also raised eyebrows by announcing they are in talks to bring Didier Drogba back on loan from China.

The move was initially championed by the player, who stated his intention to move away from Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua on loan in order to maintain his fitness ahead of the Africa Cup of Nations. Whilst Liverpool were rumoured to have shown an interest, a return to Chelsea seems the only likely outcome now that the club have confirmed the appeal on their behalf.

The cynics among us may suggest that a bid for Drogba comes as a calculated move for Blues boss Roman Abramovich; what better way to assuage the terrace discontent at the dismissal of a club legend, than by bringing in an even bigger icon? It will be hard for Chelsea fans to complain vocally about proceedings with Drogba back amongst the action.

While Drogba played well over 200 games for Chelsea, he is perhaps best remembered for his final performance in a Blue shirt. Drogba’s efforts in the 2012 Champions League final prompted Sir Alex Ferguson to suggest that the Ivorian had single-handedly won Chelsea the cup. Indeed, it was his final, match-winning penalty that secured the trophy’s coming to West London.

However, is Abramovich merely making a rod for his own back? If the signing of Benitez is, as would appear likely, a move towards getting the best out of Fernando Torres, then would the return of Drogba not hinder Torres’s progression – as it did last season? A return of the Ivorian icon may be another caveat that Chelsea fans could do without.