Kompany discusses French elections: Nicolas Sarkozy is unstable and two-faced

The Belgium international has publicly attacked French president on social networking site Twitter and criticises amount of votes received by far-right parties
Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany has discussed his feelings regarding France’s ongoing presidential elections.

Posting on the social networking site Twitter, the Belgian wrote a number of tweets strongly opposing French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Sarkozy, along with rival politician Francois Hollande, is standing for presidency in this year’s French elections.

"Two candidates for president: @fhollande doesn't like the rich and @NicolasSarkozy doesn't like the foreigners... I'd be in trouble there!" Kompany posted his Twitter feed.

"As to @NicolasSarkozy he's an unstable two faced character and his politics are dangerous as its based on exploiting the fear of people."

"I actually don't like politics but let's say I do care. Winds me up that campaigns are based on getting votes and not getting it right.

“You raise tax to 75p for the high earners, I say that's great but it's stupid if the countries next door offer a lower tax rate."

Kompany also criticised the amount of votes received by far-right parties in France and believes that parties may be gaining votes unfairly.

He continued: "The far-right in France gets 20% of votes?? What a poor judgment, especially given the history of the country and the continent. #Elections.

"You can get lots of votes by sending out a message that the mass wants to hear whilst knowing that it will have no effect at all."