Dolphins bundled out of Caf Confederation Cup

The Port Harcourt side have had their journey in the second tier club competition cut short after they were walked over before today's kick off in Tunis
Nigeria’s Dolphins have been eliminated from the Caf Confederation Cup campaign even without kicking a ball after their opponents, Club Africain explored the game’s technicalities to walk them over in Tunis on Saturday.

The Port Harcourt side had issues with their travel plans and they departed for Tunis via Dubai a day later than they had expected to leave owing to issues over bonus and bad weather.

They were on their way to Lagos from Port Harcourt Airport when the club’s players disagreed with the bonus revealed to be paid to them by the management and sanity only prevailed after the Joe Johnson-led management increased the bonus.

By the time they arrived in Lagos on Thursday night, they had already missed their Emirates Airlines’ flight to Dubai and had to reschedule it for the following day.  

It was in the light of this that they beckoned on the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to ask Caf to postpone the game by one day but the continental ruling body declined their plea.

Dolphins left for Dubai on Friday afternoon but they arrived Tunis only few hours to the tie which meant that they missed the important pre-match meeting.

Club Africain walked them over just like US Bitam of Gabon did in 2013 to Heartland, then Federation Cup champions, after the Naze Millionaires got to the venue of the match in Libreville late.

Dolphins confirmed the walk over proceedings when they wrote on their twitter account that they had been eliminated with the words ‘walked over’.