To the fans of Nigerian football - a message from the editor

We have an exciting announcement to make. Nigeria has officially launched, meaning that the world’s biggest football site has just added yet another local edition to serve one of its more cherished and loyal communities.

The Nigerian audience appreciate and have been a fundamental part of our worldwide growth, and it is time that our brand recognizes the contribution that each and every Nigerian has made to by providing a local heartbeat that taps directly into the Nigerian football consciousness.

Nigerians love their football. It is the one aspect of our culture that keeps us united, a country of more than 250 ethnic nationalities. One of the most beautiful things in our country is the sight of strangers embracing at a television centre when the national team triumphs.

It is the vision of Goal com Nigeria to ensure the continued propagation of football as a tool for uniting our people. The joy of every Nigerian football fan is to be able to read about the exploits of their teams without restrictions, and we aim to bring the personalities closer to you, providing a platform for fans to feel closer to their heroes and favourite teams.

Whether you log onto our site from your mobile phones, your computers or your tablets, Nigeria is the place where you will find the latest news about the Nigeria Premier League, the Super Eagles, Nigerian players in Europe, as well as talents emerging in the country’s youth ranks. Nigeria is the unique voice that will deliver your football news in a language that you understand through our local team of writers and experts. Our motivation is to bring football news to you as soon as it happens, providing commentary and perspective while allowing you to interact with us and be part of the country’s football landscape.

You will still be able to read your international football news on the site. However, as you might have noticed, there’s the green and white flag on the top left-hand corner of the site that shows you that it’s the Nigerian edition.

We welcome you to Nigeria where you will never experience a dull moment. This is your Naija footprint within the beautiful world of football.

Lolade Adewuyi - Chief Editor, Nigeria