2018 World Cup: Australian Prime Minister reaches out to Optus Sport

You know things are serious when the Prime Minister is getting involved

Australia has been in an uproar over Optus Sport's coverage of the 2018 World Cup and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has boldly stepped in.

After continued calls for the government to intervene and hand full broadcast rights back to SBS, Turnbull took to Twitter to reveal he's been in contact with Optus CEO Allen Lew. 

Optus's coverage has been plagued by issues and clearly struggling with demand since kick off in Russia with some games simply inaccessible for some customers.

The telco has been making waves in Australia since it acquired the English Premier League rights in 2015 and initially struggled with technical difficulties with that coverage as well.

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Optus have the rights to every game at the World Cup with previous sole broadcaster SBS left to broadcast just 25 games. 

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott incidentally played a telling part in the free-to-air broadcaster losing full rights to the competition when he was in office. 

In an attempt to make amends with customers, Optus have offered mini Fetch boxes to all affected customers