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Key Events

90' + 4'
Y. Soteldo
Penalty Goal
1 - 3
Á. Correa
0 - 3
J. Correa
Lautaro Martínez
0 - 2
45' + 2'
Lautaro Martínez
G. Lo Celso
0 - 1
L. Martínez
Red Card

Match Stats

27% 72%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 10
Total Passes 219 595
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Brazil BRA Brazil 11 10 1 0 26 4 +22 31 W D W W W
2 Argentina ARG Argentina 11 7 4 0 19 6 +13 25 W W D W W
3 Ecuador ECU Ecuador 12 5 2 5 20 13 +7 17 D L W L D
4 Colombia COL Colombia 12 3 7 2 16 16 0 16 D D D W D
5 Uruguay URU Uruguay 12 4 4 4 14 17 -3 16 L L D W W
6 Chile CHI Chile 12 3 4 5 14 14 0 13 W W L L D
7 Bolivia BOL Bolivia 12 3 3 6 17 25 -8 12 W W L L L
8 Paraguay PAR Paraguay 12 2 6 4 9 17 -8 12 L L D W D
9 Peru PER Peru 12 3 2 7 10 19 -9 11 L L W L W
10 Venezuela VEN Venezuela 12 2 1 9 8 22 -14 7 L W L L L


Final Tournament
Intercontinental Play-off


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Argentina are still yet to lose after playing seven qualifying games for the 2022 World Cup and stay in second behind Brazil, who they'll face next time out, just months after beating them to the Copa America title. Venezuela's poor run continues, and they've now lost five of their seven qualifiers. They have Peru next up.
Argentina beat 10-man Venezuela 3-1 to continue their unbeaten start to qualifying. Substitute Luiz Martinez was sent off just 10 minutes after coming on in the first half due to a VAR review on a high challenge. Lautaro Martinez then put Argentina ahead just before the break. Substitutes Joaquin and Angel Correa added the second and third within three minutes of each other; the first from the edge of the box, before Angel Correa tapped in from close range. Soteldo pulled one back from the spot deep in stoppage time after VAR awarded the hosts a penalty.
90' + 6' GOOD SAVE! It's almost lazy from Argentina as they lose the ball on the edge of their opponents' box a couple of times before the rebound falls for Dybala. He drills a powerful shot across goal, and Farinez dives across to push it away.
Y. Soteldo
Penalty Goal
90' + 4' SOTELDO SCORES! He had to wait a long time for the penalty to be given, but it didn't rattle him at all. Cool as you like, he steps up to the spot and cheekily chips his spot-kick straight down the middle as Emiliano Martinez dives to his right side. 3-1!
90' + 3' PENALTY TO VENEZUELA! After one of the longest VAR checks, the referee finally goes back out onto the pitch and points to the spot. From the replays, it looks like Gomez just stepped over the ball and onto Soteldo's foot which is what stopped his run and Venezuela have a chance for a late consolation goal.
90' + 2' After a very long look from different angles and at different speeds, the referee is still standing at the monitor. He's been in deep discussion with the VAR team, but there's no decision just yet.
90' The referee has stopped the play here because VAR is just having a look to see if Venezuela should have a penalty from an earlier move. Soteldo was tripped by Gomez and the referee initially waved the claims away, but he's been asked to go over and have a look at the monitor...
88' None of the Venezuela defenders are picking up Molina's run down the right and he fizzes a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. Angel Correa slides in and gets a slight touch to it, but not enough to help it into the far post.
86' GOOD SAVE! Acuna squares the ball to Messi on the edge of the box, and Angel Correa's run draws the defenders away from him. Messi drills a low shot on goal first time, but Farinez gets down quickly to deny him.
84' It's risky from Oscar Gonzalez as he dawdles on the ball just outside his own penalty area. He can't pick out a pass, but he manages to keep hold of the it and get away from Angel Correa, Messi and Dybala and out of trouble.
82' Messi steps up to take the free-kick that Gomez won through the middle, and he lifts his strike just over the wall. It's heading towards the far post, but Farinez gets across to hold onto it. 
P. Dybala
G. Rodríguez
80' The final change for Argentina sees Rodriguez making way for Dybala.
J. Hurtado
Yellow Card
79' Hurtado clatters into Gomez with some force and gets nowhere near the ball as he knocks the substitute to ground. He picks up a yellow card.
78' Soteldo takes the corner short this time, playing a one-two before swinging a good cross into the far post. Ferraresi meets it, but gets caught under the ball and sends his header looping over the crossbar.
E. Palacios
R. De Paul
76' And De Paul is also making way, with Palacios replacing him.
A. Gómez
Lautaro Martínez
75' Another double change for Argentina now and Lautaro Martinez is going off for Gomez.
Á. Correa
74' ANGEL CORREA SCORES! He initially pulled the ball back for Martinez, who hit the shot sweetly first time when it came to him. Farinez made a good save to deny him, keeping it out with his legs, but Angel Correa was following it in and tapped it in from close range. 3-0 Argentina! 
73' Venezuela have another rare chance to put the ball into the box as Soteldo swings another corner into the box. This one's too close to Emiliano Martinez though and he holds onto it.
Lautaro Martínez
71' Lautaro Martinez can now add an assist to his goal after he held off Ferraresi long enough to touch Messi's pass onto Joaquin Correa.
J. Correa
71' JOAQUIN CORREA SCORES! A series of one-touch passing opens up a little pocket of space for the substitute as he made a late run into the box. Lautaro Martinez touched it into him and he took a touch before firing his shot into the near bottom corner. 2-0 Argentina! 
70' It's patient play from Argentina as they continue to knock the ball around just inside Venezuela's half. They're trying to open them up, but the hosts are staying in formation and making things difficult at the moment.
68' CHANCE! Soteldo has Pezzella tight to him, but the winger turns away from him and fires his shot on goal just as Molina closes him down. His shot takes a deflection off the defender and loops just wide of the near post.
J. Hurtado
Josef Martínez
67' And Josef Martinez, who has barely been able to get into the game, is also going off, with Hurtado on for him.
R. Hernández
A. González
67' Final changes for Venezuela now, and Alexander Gonzalez is the first to make way for Hernandez.
65' Argentina are still dominating possession here and Venezuela are trying to break up play as much as possible. There are a few late challenges coming in from the hosts and Messi is the latest to be on the receiving end as Soteldo clips him.
Á. Correa
Á. Di María
63' And Di Maria is also making way, with Angel Correa on to replace him.
J. Correa
G. Lo Celso
62' There's a double change for Argentina now, and Lo Celso is the first to make way, with Joaquin Correa on to replace him.
60' Lautaro Martinez has a chance to double his goal tally as Di Maria swings another corner into the box. He rises highest to get on the end of it and tries to guide his header towards goal, but he doesn't test Farinez as it bounces wide.
58' It's great play by Messi again after he's fed in by De Paul and he plays another clever one-two with Di Maria on the edge of the box. This time, he does get on the end of the return ball, but Ferraresi gets back well to nick it off him before he can have a shot.
56' It's a good break from Venezuela, with Soteldo leading the attack down the left. He pulls away from Molina before drilling a throughball forward for Jose Martinez to chase. It's overhit, but Otamendi doesn't take any chances as he puts it out for a corner. 
54' Rincon clips the back of Rodriguez's heels and Argentina win a free-kick down the left. Messi swings it into the box, but it's a poor one from him that's cleared by the first man.
52' Lautaro Martinez has scored his third goal in this World Cup qualifying campaign; all of them have come away from home and Argentina have won all of the games he's previously scored in.
50' Molina lays the ball off to Messi and he tries to play a one-two with Di Maria on the edge of the box, between a crowd of Venezuela defenders. The return pass doesn't come off though and the hosts come away with it.
48' GREAT CHANCE! Argentina have picked up where they left off and are keeping Venezuela penned back deep in their own half. Acuna squares it to Messi, who takes the shot first time but it hits Di Maria just in front of the keeper and the offside flag goes up.
46' Argentina get us back underway for the second half! 
D. Carrillo
J. Savarino
46' Another change for Venezuela at the break as Savarino doesn't come back out for the second half and Carrillo replaces him.
Scaloni will be pleased that his side used their man advantage and finally broke the deadlock. They've dominated possession and he'll be expecting more of the same. It's a tough challenge facing Leonardo Gonzalez's side though and he'll be hoping his defence can cope with Argentina's threat in the second half.
Argentina score on the stroke of half-time to lead 10-man Venezuela 1-0 at the break. De Paul saw an early chance rebound off the crossbar before Velazquez had to be stretchered off after picking up a knee injury. Luiz Martinez came on for him and was sent off less than 10 minutes later for a high challenge on Messi which VAR saw as a sending off. Lautaro Martinez then put the visitors ahead when he slotted in with the last kick of the half.
G. Lo Celso
45' + 2' Lo Celso picked his head up on the edge of the box and he slid the simple throughball into the box like Lautaro Martinez asked for.
Lautaro Martínez
45' + 2' ARGENTINA LEAD! It's been coming and Venezuela have finally been broken down. Lautaro Martinez points to where he wants it and Lo Celso slides the ball into the right area. The forward is in behind the defenders and he coolly slots it into the bottom corner. 1-0 Argentina! 
45' + 1' Instead of going for goal himself, Messi squares it out to Acuna on the left and he curls a brilliant cross in with the outside of his boot. Pezzella rises to meet it, but can only glance his header wide.
Y. Soteldo
Yellow Card
45' Soteldo is shown the first yellow card of the game for dissent as he isn't happy a free-kick has been given against Venezuela.
45' It's intricate passing on the edge of the box as they try to open up Venezuela and Messi turns away from Villanueva before the defender clumsily brings him down and Argentina have a free-kick in a dangerous position through the middle.
43' Di Maria plays a one-two with Messi from the corner so he could get a better angle for the cross and swings a dangerous ball towards goal. It has Farinez scrambling and he pushes it out at the far post to be safe.
41' A hopeful ball forward by Farinez is nodded down by Soteldo and the space opens up for Oscar Gonzalez through the middle. He drives to the edge of the box before pulling it back, but it's behind Savarino and Argentina have it back.
39' Rincon intercepts Rodriguez's pass through the middle and skips past De Paul's challenge before threading a pass into Savarino. He's on his own up top and he can't hold it up as he's closed down by Otamendi.
37' Venezuela have everyone back on the edge of their box as they try to stop Argentina getting through. Messi switches out to the left before drilling a low cross to Lautaro Martinez, but he can't flick it around Ferraresi towards goal.
M. Villanueva
E. Ramírez
35' Venezuela are making their second change now and they're going to sacrifice an attacking player for another defender by taking off Ramirez for Villanueva.
34' Argentina take another corner short, but they can't get a shot on goal. Ramirez hooks it away from Di Maria on the edge of the box, feeding it through to Savarino, but he's crowded off it and Argentina come again.
L. Martínez
Red Card
32' VENEZUELA DOWN TO 10 MEN! Less than 10 minutes after coming onto the field in place of the injured Velazquez, Luis Martinez's game is over! It was a very high and late challenge that he caught Messi with, and after watching the replays, the referee overturns his original decision and pulls out the red card.
31' The referee is looking at this from a lot of angles and he's taking his time over the decision as he watches the tackle from Luis Martinez. The longer he watches, the more likely this feels that it will be upgraded to a red card.
29' The yellow card has been shown to Luis Martinez and Messi is still down and receiving treatment on his knee after being caught late by a very high boot. VAR has asked the referee to go over to the monitor and have another look at this one...
28' CLOSE! Messi is brought down by Luis Martinez, but the referee plays the advantage as Argentina keep hold of the ball. De Paul slides in Lo Celso, who drills a low shot on goal, which Farinez pushes away. Lautaro Martinez is falling in, but he pokes it just wide from very close range.
27' Rincon does well to hold off Acuna before turning past Lo Celso to get out of a tight spot. He has no support up with him in the box though, and he's forced to go all the way back to his goalkeeper.
L. Martínez
J. Velázquez
25' Velazquez is stretchered down the tunnel after receiving more treatment, and Luis Martinez comes on in his place.
23' Velazquez is still down here for Venezuela, and it looks like he has a problem with his knee. Nobody was near him when he went down and it looks like he stepped awkwardly. He's stretchered off the field in a lot of pain, and his game is over.
21' Velazquez goes to ground off the ball when he's chasing it down, allowing Di Maria in behind Venezuela down the right. He has Lautaro Martinez making a great run to his left, and tries to curl it to him with the outside of his boot, but overhits it straight out of play.
19' Josef Martinez spins away from Pezzella on the edge of the box and tries to go across goal with his shot. It doesn't worry Emiliano Martinez though as it bounces well wide of the far post.
18' Rodriguez has stayed down for Argentina after a hefty collision with Alexander Gonzalez. It doesn't look good for the midfielder, with his knee bending awkwardly due to the contact. He limps off field and the medical team are going to give him more treatment on the sidelines.
16' The corner is taken short to Messi and he drifts away from two Venezuela defenders before squaring it to De Paul. He swings a great cross into the far post, but it's just too high for Otamendi and Ferraresi clears the danger.
14' Argentina are pushing forward again, and Messi is still being allowed too much space down the right. He pulls is back for De Paul this time, but he can't hit the target with his long-range shot.
12' OFF THE BAR! Messi is free down the right, but as he cuts inside, the defenders get tight to him and he can't dig out a shot. The ball rebounds off the defenders and falls kindly for De Paul. He hits the shot from range, Farinez is nowhere near it, and it bounces back off the bar.
4' Argentina are keeping the ball well at the moment, but they're not doing too much with it. They're passing it around nicely but can't find a way into the final third with a killer pass just yet.
2' It's good play from Venezuela in the opening minutes and they work it upfield well down the right through Soteldo. He squares it to Jose Martinez, who takes a shot first time, curling it on goal, but it's straight at Emiliano Martinez and he holds onto it.
1' Soteldo gets the game underway for Venezuela! 
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away! 
Venezuela have only ever won two of their 26 meetings with Argentina (D2 L22), with the most recent victory coming in an international friendly between the side in March 2019 when they won 3-1.
Lionel Scaloni makes just three changes to the side that played in the Copa America final. He brings in Pezzella, Molina and Rodriguez, with Montiel starting on the bench. Messi leads the line alongside Lautaro Martinez.
Just three players retain their places for Venezuela from their last match against Peru, with Farinez named in goal and Ferraresi and Savarino also staying in. Villanueva, Hernandez, Moreno and Castillo drop to the bench.
ARGENTINA SUBS: Nicolas Gonzalez, Nicolas Tagliafico, Alejandro Gomez, Paulo Dybala, Geronimo Rulli, Juan Musso, Joaquin Correa, Angel Correa, Lucas Martinez Quarta, Gonzalo Montiel, Exequiel Palacios, Nicolas Dominguez.
ARGENTINA STARTING XI (4-4-2): Emiliano Martinez; Nahuel Molina, German Pezzella, Nicolas Otamendi, Marcos Acuna; Giovani Lo Celso, Rodrigo De Paul, Guido Rodriguez, Angel Di Maria; Lautaro Martinez, Lionel Messi.
VENEZUELA SUBS: Jhon Murillo, Rafael Romo, Romulo Otero, Edson Castillo, Daniel Carrillo, Junior Moreno, Mikel Villanueva, Joel Graterol, Luis Martinez, Freddy Vargas, Ronald Hernandez, Jan Carlos Hurtado.
VENEZUELA STARTING XI (4-4-2): Wuilker Farinez; Alexander Gonzalez, Nahuel Ferraresi, Jose Manuel Velazquez, Jefferson Savarino; Yeferson Soteldo, Jose Martinez, Tomas Rincon, Oscar Gonzalez; Josef Martinez, Eric Ramirez.
Argentina are fresh off the back of winning their first Copa America title since 1993 and come into this game having made a good start to qualifying. They're unbeaten in their six matches so far, winning three and drawing three of those. Venezuela endured a tough summer due to a coronavirus outbreak in the squad just before the Copa America. They sit second from bottom in the qualifying table after losing four of their opening six games (W1 D1) and new interim boss Leonardo Gonzalez, will be hoping to try and get off to a positive start today.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the World Cup qualifier between Venezuela and Argentina at the Estadio Olimpico de la UCV!