Rayo Vallecano v Barcelona Live Commentary, 27/10/2021

1 - 0
R. Falcao (30)
Estadio de Vallecas


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Barca have now suffered back-to-back defeats in the league, which sees them stay ninth in the table, and they're still without a win on the road this season. Koeman will be hoping they can turn things around against Deportivo Alaves next time out. Rayo's winning run at home is now at five games as they move up to fifth. Next up for them is Celta Vigo.
Falcao's first-half goal helps Rayo Vallecano to a 1-0 win over Barcelona. The hosts were the better side throughout, with the goal coming after Busquets was caught on the ball. The Colombian was teed up, and he curled a low effort in off the inside of the post. Barcelona's only shot on target came from the spot in the second half after Depay was pulled down by Valentin, but he couldn't capitalise as Dimitrievski made a good save to deny him and protect his clean sheet.
90' + 7' MISS! Barca go down the left this time, with Alba whipping a great cross into the box. Gavi lets it drop before trying to hit the shot on the volley, but he slices at it and sends it flying wide of the far post.
90' + 6' Dest finds himself with space down the right again, and he takes the ball around Balliu and floats a cross onto the edge of the six-yard box. Dimitrievski watches it all the way though and gets there ahead of the crowd of players to hold onto it.
90' + 4' Depay has missed his first penalty in league competition since February 2019 against Monaco. The Dutchman had converted all 11 he had taken since then until today against Rayo (nine for Lyon and two for Barcelona).
Mario Suárez
Óscar Valentín
Rayo Vallecano
90' + 2' Fourth change for Rayo now, as Suarez is brought on to replace Valentin.
90' + 2' CHANCE! Into the second of eight added minutes here and De Jong gets away from Balliu down the right. Dimitrievski rushes off his line to close the angle, but the substitute chips a shot over him from the wing. Catena rushes back onto the goal line, but it lands on the roof of the net.
90' Again, Rayo drop deep to close the space and Alba plays a one-two with Depay as he tries to push into the final third. The return ball is poor and overhit though and Dimitrievski rushes out to collect it.
88' Barca are trying to find a way in behind Rayo as the end of the game ticks closer, but they just can't open up the space. Dest threads it through for Demir, but it's great work from Francisco Garcia to nudge him off the ball and see it out for a goal-kick.
86' Alvaro Garcia drives down the left for Rayo before whipping a cross to the far post. It's half-cleared by Pique as far as Palazon on the edge of the box, but his curling effort is blocked by Eric Garcia.
L. de Jong
Nico González
84' Third change for Barca now and it's Gonzalez that's going off for De Jong.
E. Saveljich
Yellow Card
Rayo Vallecano
83' It's a poor reaction from Saveljich to the linesman's decision, despite the fact that Aguero had been offside in the build-up to the shot. The referee books him for dissent.
82' Aguero is played in by Alba over the top and he plays a one-two with Depay on the edge of the box before having a shot, which is smothered by Dimitrievski. A corner is given, but Saveljich is furious that the offside flag didn't go up and he's gone across to the linesman to ask him why.
80' Zidane was warming up along the sidelines for Rayo, but Dimitrievski is back on his feet after receiving treatment, and it looks like he's going to carry on. He takes a moment to steady himself but then steps back onto his line.
78' Aguero heads a corner straight at Dimitrievski and the goalkeeper stays down after collecting it. It looks like he's still got a problem after taking an accidental kick to the head from Depay earlier, and the medical team are on to see to him again.
R. Nteka
R. Falcao
Rayo Vallecano
76' Falcao is the other player making his way off, with Nteka on to replace him.
P. Ciss
Ó. Trejo
Rayo Vallecano
76' Double change for Rayo now, and Trejo is the first to go off, with Ciss on in his place.
Philippe Coutinho
74' Barca are making their second change of the game now as Coutinho goes off, with Gavi on to replace him.
73' It's brave goalkeeping from Dimitrievski as he dived onto the loose ball and he ends up getting a kick to the head by Depay, who was following in his shot. The medical team come on to give him some treatment, but he'll be able to carry on.
S. Dimitrievski
Penalty Save
Rayo Vallecano
72' It was a really good save from Dimitrievski as he got his whole body behind the shot, and then he reacts quickly to latch onto the loose ball to stop Depay from having a follow-up shot.
M. Depay
Penalty Miss
72' IT'S SAVED! Depay steps up to take the penalty that he won, and he's kept out by Dimitrievski! The Dutchman takes a short run-up to the spot and fires it towards the bottom left corner, but the keeper goes the right way.
71' PENALTY TO BARCA! Depay makes a good run into the box, but Saveljich isn't letting him go easily. The defender tugs back his shirt and clips the back of his heels to bring him down. The referee had a good view of it and points straight to the spot. 
71' PENALTY TO BARCA! Depay makes a good run into the box, but Saveljich isn't letting him go easily. The defender tugs back his shirt and clips the back of his heels to bring him down. The referee had a good view of it and points straight to the spot. 
70' At 35 years and 220 days old, Falcao is the oldest player to score four or more goals in his first six games for the same club in LaLiga in the 21st century, surpassing Luis Suarez for Atletico Madrid in 2020 (five goals at 33y 247d).
68' It's patient play from Rayo as they switch it from left to right to open up some space. Trejo tries to knock it out to Palazon, who is peeling off the back of Alba, but the throughball is overhit straight out of play.
Yellow Card
66' Pique puts his hand across Falcao's face to hold him off as he goes up for an aerial challenge and is shown a yellow card.
65' Valentin slid in to block Alba from getting forward down the left, and he's stayed down as it looks like the left-back accidentally stood on his hand when he went past. The medical team are patching him up on the sideline, and he'll be okay to carry on.
Unai López
Santi Comesaña
Rayo Vallecano
63' Rayo are making their first change now, with Lopez coming on to replace Comesana.
62' Rayo are dropping deep in their own half to close down the space ahead of Barcelona now and Coutinho can't pick out a pass into the box. He decides to have a go from range, but Alvaro Garcia gets across to block his effort.
Y. Demir
Sergi Roberto
61' Barcelona are making the first change of the game as Roberto is taken off and replaced by Demir. 
59' BLOCK! Gonzalez carries the ball a long way as he drives through the middle, and he slides it through to Aguero on the right side of the box. He hits a shot back across goal, but Catena gets in between him and Dimitrievski to make an important block. 
58' Alba ran into the back of Palazon as he tried to go around the winger, and he looked to be in a lot of pain as he goes down holding his knee. The medical team come on to give him some treatment, and though he's moving very gingerly, it looks like he's going to try and carry on for now.
56' Palazon gets away from Alba down the right and fizzes another dangerous cross into the middle of the box. It bounces up invitingly ahead of Falcao, but Eric Garcia gets back across to intercept it before he can hit the shot.
54' Falcao has now scored in four of his last five matches against Barcelona (four goals in total), with the other three all coming with Atletico Madrid.  However, his team lost all of the previous four games.
Philippe Coutinho
Yellow Card
52' Coutinho tries to go through the back of Palazon to win the ball back, but steps on the winger's ankles with his studs. It's a poor challenge that sees his name go into the book.
51' Depay's cross from the free-kick goes straight into Dimitrievski's gloves, and he sets his side away on a quick counter. It's switched out to Balliu on the right, but he ends up running straight into Alba.
49' CLOSE! It's a lovely, floated pass over the top from Eric Garcia, and Gonzalez times his run perfectly to stay onside. He brings it down with a brilliant first touch, taking him away from Catena, but he fires his shot wide of the near post.
48' Roberto has acres of space to run into down the right for Barcelona, but he's forced to hold it up as he waits for support. He eventually touches it into Gonzalez ahead of him before being pushed over by Comesana, but nothing comes of the free-kick.
46' Rayo get us back underway for the second half! 
Iraola will be pleased so far, with his side creating the far better chances in the first half and causing Barca some real problems when they went forward, so he'll be hoping for more of the same. As for Koeman, his side were sloppy and that's what led to the goal, which he is something he will want to improve along with how clinical they are in the final third.
Falcao's goal gives Rayo a 1-0 lead over Barcelona at half-time. The hosts had a couple of early chances - the best for Falcao when Ter Stegen pushed away his deflected effort. The Colombian broke the deadlock 30 minutes in though after Busquets was caught on the ball and he curled his shot in off the inside of the post. Barca haven't tested Dimitrievski yet, but Memphis and Dest both fired efforts just wide. 
44' Rayo's high press is still causing Barcelona some problems here, with the visitors struggling to get out of their own half at the moment. Eventually, Alba tries to go long to Depay down the left, but it's cut out by Saveljich.
42' Barca break on the counter, with Dest still getting a lot of joy out on the right wing. He pulls it back away from Francisco Garcia before curling a cross onto the penalty spot, but Dimitrievski comes out to collect it. 
40' Gonzalez hits a powerful shot on goal from the edge of the box, and it takes two deflections off Rayo defenders before bouncing back out to Coutinho. He tries to curl an effort in from range, but a deflection off Catena takes it out for a corner.
38' Trejo has dropped deep to get on the ball, and he lifts a great pass over the top to pick out Balliu's run down the right. He tries to drill an early cross into the box, but Pique makes another good block.
36' DEST! Balliu has his arms around Depay, but the Dutchman does well to spin out of trouble before fizzing a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box. It's crowded in there, but it's Dest that gets the final touch as he fires it wide from close range.
34' CHANCE! It's a sloppy pass out from the back by Ter Stegen as he gifts it to Palazon. He drifts past Eric Garcia as he opens up space on the edge of the D, but he leans back as he takes his shot, sending it flying over the bar. Barca get away with one there!
32' It's Dest that's caught on the ball this time and Francisco Garcia sets Alvaro Garcia off down the left ahead of him. He drills a low cross onto the edge of the box for Falcao, but Pique makes an important interception.
Ó. Trejo
Rayo Vallecano
30' Busquets is dawdling on the ball and doesn't know Trejo is behind him. It's a clean tackle by the captain, and he plays a good throughball into Falcao to set up the goal.
R. Falcao
Rayo Vallecano
30' FALCAO SCORES! Busquets is caught on the ball by Trejo, and he instantly sets on the counter, sliding the ball through to Falcao. Pique stays with him all the way, but he pulls it back to get away from the defender before curling a low shot into the back of the net off the inside of the far post. 1-0 Rayo!
28' Barcelona are dominating possession and are working it upfield quickly. Gonzalez does well to hold off Comesana, who is tugging at his shirt, before sliding in Depay. He spots Alba striding down the left, but overhits the throughball straight out of play.
26' WIDE! Dest makes another driving run down the right before cutting inside and two Rayo defenders are quickly closing him down. He manages to squeeze a shot between them, but can only send it into the side netting.
Ó. Trejo
Yellow Card
Rayo Vallecano
24' Trejo slides in on the back of Gonzalez to try and stop the counter-attack. He brings the player down and is shown the first yellow card of the game. 
22' Barcelona are just upping the pressure now as Dest finds himself in more space down the right. This time, he pulls it back for Gonzalez, but his floated ball over the top to Aguero is headed away by Saveljich.
20' GOOD SAVE! Rayo go straight up the other end from a goal-kick and Falcao spins away from Eric Garcia to open up a pocket of space on the edge of the box. His curling shot takes a slight deflection off Pique and Ter Stegen does well to push it wide with a strong hand.
19' The visitors are moving the ball around much quicker now and they switch it out to Dest, who is in space on the right. He whips a pacy cross into the far post, but Depay gets caught on his heels and can't reach it in time. 
17' Another free-kick for Rayo now and Trejo swings it in again. He's looking for Alvaro Garcia through the middle but again, can only pick out a Barca head as Pique gets it away.
15' Palazon wins a free-kick down the right, but Trejo's cross is poor and cleared by the first man. Balliu drifts out to pick up the second ball, but two Barcelona defenders quickly get across to him and smother it.
13' It's better from Barcelona now as Dest makes a driving run down the right before sliding it through to Gonzalez. He tries to whip an early cross into the box, but Catena slides in to block it at the near post.
11' Barcelona have won their last 13 games against Rayo in LaLiga, scoring an average of 4.3 goals per game - it's their longest current winning streak against the same opponent in the competition.
9' CHANCE! Valentin just doesn't clear his lines when the ball gets touched into him and Depay is quickly in to nick it off him. He goes around the defender and tries to curl a shot into the near bottom corner, but he fires it wide. 
7' Yet again, Barcelona give the ball away when they venture out of their own half and Francisco Garcia makes a good run down the left after making the interception. He fizzes a low cross onto the edge of the box for Palazon, but Ter Stegen rushes out to block it.
5' Alba slides the ball through to Coutinho and he tries to flick his backheel into Depay's feet to set him off through the middle. The forward isn't on the same wavelength though, and Rayo win possession back again.
3' SAVE! Another interception by Rayo and Trejo gets his head up on the halfway line to spot Ter Stegen off his line. He attempts an audacious, long-range chip, but the keeper scrambles back towards his line and sticks out a hand to keep it from sneaking in.
2' Barcelona have played a couple of sloppy passes in the opening minutes here and Rayo are trying to take advantage. Trejo switches it out to Alvaro Garcia on the left, and he whips in a good cross, but Falcao gets caught under it.
1' Aguero gets the game underway for Barcelona! 
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Barcelona are winless in their last three away trips in LaLiga (D2 L1), failing to score in the last two - they've not gone three in a row on the road without scoring in the competition since February 2003 (three).
Ronald Koeman makes four changes from the team that started against Madrid on Sunday. Roberto, Gonzalez, Coutinho and Aguero, who came off the bench to score a very late consolation goal in that game, all come in. Mingueza and Gavi start on the bench, while Frenkie de Jong and Ansu Fati both miss out due to injuries.
Andoni Iraola makes five changes to the side that lost to Real Betis last time out, bringing in Saveljich, Valentin, Comesana, Palazon and Falcao. Hernandez, Maras, Ciss, Lopez and Nteka all drop to the bench.
BARCELONA SUBS: Clement Lenglet, Samuel Umtiti, Alejandro Balde, Luuk de Jong, Neto, Yusuf Demir, Pablo Gaviria, Inaki Pena, Riqui Puig, Oscar Mingueza. 
BARCELONA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Marc-Andre ter Stegen; Sergi Roberto, Gerard Pique, Eric Garcia, Jordi Alba; Nicolas Gonzalez, Sergio Busquets, Philippe Coutinho; Sergino Dest, Sergio Aguero, Memphis Depay.
RAYO VALLECANO SUBS: Bebe, Jose Pozo, Luca Zidane, Mario Hernandez, Sergi Guardiola, Mario Suarez, Pathe Ciss, Unai Lopez, Andres Martin, Nikola Maras, Randy Nteka.
RAYO VALLECANO STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Stole Dimitrievski; Ivan Balliu, Esteban Saveljich, Alejandro Catena, Francisco Garcia; Oscar Valentin, Santiago Comesana; Isi Palazon, Oscar Trejo, Alvaro Garcia; Radamel Falcao.
It's been a mixed season so far for Barcelona, with them currently sitting ninth in the table. They come into this game on the back of a 2-1 defeat to Real Madrid in El Clasico and are still looking for their first away win in any competition this season (D2 L2). As for Rayo, they start the day one place above Barcelona in the table and have lost just two of their last eight games (W5 D1). They're in great form on home soil, winning all four of their games at the Estadio de Vallecas so far this campaign.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the LaLiga meeting between Rayo Vallecano and Barcelona at the Estadio de Vallecas!