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120' + 1'
A. Dragović
Yellow Card
S. Kalajdzic
L. Schaub
2 - 1
M. Pessina
F. Acerbi
2 - 0
M. Hinteregger
Yellow Card
F. Chiesa
L. Spinazzola
1 - 0

Match Stats

51% 48%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 3
Total Passes 668 621
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Italy are through to the quarter-final of the Euros and they'll face either Belgium or Portugal in Munich on Friday. They'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out who'll they face though. Austria couldn't cause the upset that they needed and are heading home.
Italy win it in extra time with a 2-1 victory over Austria. Immobile hit the post in the first half, Arnautovic had a goal ruled out in the second, but the game came to life in extra time. Just five minutes in, Chiesa broke the deadlock as he volleyed in from a tight angle and the other substitute Pessina added a second on the stroke of half-time. Austria kept fighting and pulled one back with Kalajdzic's header from a corner, but it wasn't enough in the end.
A. Dragović
Yellow Card
120' + 1' Dragovic brings down Di Lorenzo with another tired challenge and is shown a yellow card.
120' Chiesa is in on goal as he cuts inside from the left and Bachmann rushes off his line, only for the substitute to chip it over him. There's too much on it though and Trimmel does brilliantly to get back and clear his lines.
118' Kalajdzic's goal was the first that Italy have conceded since October 2020, ending a run of 1168 minutes without conceding for Mancini's side.
116' Austria are full of belief that they can get something here. Donnarumma fumbles it when Gregoritsch's header bounces to him, but he just manages to get it back before Kalajdzic closes him down.
L. Schaub
114' Schaub's corner is hit too low towards the near post, but Kalajdzic did well to make something of it.
S. Kalajdzic
114' AUSTRIA PULL ONE BACK! It's not a great cross in from the corner for Austria, but Kalajdzic bravely gets down low at the near post. He's got three Italian defenders around him, but he manages to nod it past Donnarumma and into the net. 2-1! 
C. Trimmel
S. Lainer
114' And Lainer is the other player making way, with Trimmel on to replace him.
S. Ilsanker
K. Laimer
114' Another double change for Austria now and Laimer is going off for Ilsanker.
113' CHANCE! The ball falls for Gregoritsch in the middle of the box again and he lets it drop so he can hit the shot on the volley. It takes a slight deflection off Spinazzola which helps it over the bar for a corner.
112' It's a tired challenge from Laimer as he brings down Belotti, and the forward is standing over the free-kick. He's a long way out, but he's set himself to strike it, only to hit his effort straight into the wall.
111' CHANCE! Gregoritsch brings the ball down with a great first touch, but can't find space for a shot. He manages to square it to Sabitzer, who misses it on his first attempt before blazing his next effort over the bar from close range.
109' Di Lorenzo picks up the ball deep in his own half and he carries the ball all the way into the final third in Austria's half. No one else can keep up with him and he tests his luck from a tight angle, only to fire it well wide.
B. Cristante
L. Insigne
108' Another change for Italy now as well, with Cristante coming on in place of Insigne.
106' GREAT SAVE! It's a brilliant start by Austria and they're straight on the attack here. Schaub takes his shot early to try and catch out Donnarumma as he drills it towards the near bottom corner, but the keeper gets down sharply to push it away.
106' Austria get us back underway for the second half of extra time!
M. Gregoritsch
X. Schlager
106' And Schlager is also being taken off, with Gregoritsch on for him.
L. Schaub
F. Grillitsch
106' Foda is making a double change before the second half starts and it's Schaub that's coming on for Grillitsch.
Italy lead 2-0 at half-time in extra time, with two substitutes providing the goals. Chiesa broke the deadlock five minutes after the restart, volleying across goal from a tight angle on the right to nestle his shot in the far side netting. On the stroke of half-time, Pessina doubled their lead, latching onto Acerbi's touch to fire his effort into the bottom corner.
F. Acerbi
105' Acerbi did really well to keep hold of the ball after he'd gone to ground before touching it into Pessina to set up the goal.
M. Pessina
105' PESSINA SCORES! There's a real scramble in the middle of the box as Acerbi slips, but Austria don't take the chance to clear their lines. The defender manages to touch it to Pessina, and he fires his shot across goal, past Bachmann, and into the far bottom corner. 2-0 Italy! 
104' GREAT SAVE! Insigne is standing over a free-kick, and he goes for goal despite being a long way out. He curls his effort over the wall and it's sneaking in at the top corner until Bachmann pushes it away with a strong hand.
M. Hinteregger
Yellow Card
103' Hinteregger sticks out a leg to trip Belotti and stop his run, which earns him a yellow card.
101' Chiesa's goal is the first that Italy have ever scored in extra time at the European Championship, in their eighth game that's gone to ET in the competition.
99' Schlager makes a great run through the middle before being blocked off by Bonucci, but Austria manage to keep hold of the ball. They work it out to Lainer on the right, but it's a wild effort from him that flies high over the bar.
S. Kalajdzic
M. Arnautović
97' Austria are making their second change now and it's Arnautovic that's making way for Kalajdzic.
L. Spinazzola
95' Spinazzola is given a lot of time on the ball on the left and quickly spots Chiesa's unmarked run down the right.
F. Chiesa
95' CHIESA SCORES! The substitute finally breaks the deadlock! Chiesa has so much space on the left of the box and the bounce when he brings down Spinazzola's pass catches out Laimer. It's a tight angle on the right, but he volleys his effort across goal and into the far side netting. 1-0 Italy! 
94' SAVE! It's quicker from Italy as Di Lorenzo slots an early throughball through to Belotti and he lays it off to Chiesa on the right. He cuts inside before hitting a low shot down the middle, but Bachmann holds onto it.
92' Schopf was fouled by Locatelli on the right and Alaba swings another good cross into the box. There's pushing and shoving from both sides though and eventually, Italy win a free-kick.
91' Belotti gets us back underway for extra time! 
Austria will be the happier side after that second half and created much better chances. Italy looked tired and were left frustrated by Austria, so Mancini will need to find a way to get them back to the form they showed in the group stages.
And we're going to extra time after a 0-0 draw between Italy and Austria! Italy had the better of the first half and came closest through Immobile when he fired a long-range shot off the outside of the post. After the break, Austria thought they'd taken the lead when Arnautovic nodded in from close range, only to be denied by VAR as he was offside when Alaba played the pass.
90' + 5' Insigne curls an inswinging cross from the edge of the box and he's looking for Bonucci's run to the far post. Hinteregger gets there ahead of him though and heads the ball clear.
90' + 4' It's clumsy from Arnautovic as he just nudged Jorginho in the back on the edge of the box and Italy now have a free-kick in a dangerous position with just one minute left on the clock.
90' + 2' Austria break on the counter again and Sabitzer has a lot of people ahead of him to try and pick out. He looks for Alaba on the left, but overhits the throughball and sends it straight out of play.
A. Schöpf
C. Baumgartner
90' Baumgartner is led straight off the field by the medical team and Schopf is on to replace him.
89' Baumgartner has gone down with cramp after chasing down Bonucci and the medical team are on to see to him. He's helped back to his feet after treatment and he's going to go straight off.
88' Insigne's throughball just opens up a gap in the Austrian defence as he picks out Belotti and the substitute pulls back a cross from the byline. The defenders recovered well though and Dragovic makes another important block.
86' The Italian fans are showing their frustration with their team as they continue to sit deep in their own half and just let Austria keep the ball. The pace of the game has slowed right down, and Austria are in no hurry to get forward.
F. Chiesa
D. Berardi
84' Berardi is also making way, with Chiesa on in his place.
A. Belotti
C. Immobile
84' Another double change for Italy now and Immobile is being taken off for Belotti.
82' It's better from Italy now as they're starting to push out of their own half, but it's still slow from Mancini's side. Di Lorenzo floats a hopeful cross into the far post from the right, but it's cleared by Dragovic.
80' Austria are still keeping possession well here and Italy are being penned back deep in their own half. Lainer squares a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box, but Spinazzola blocks it ahead of Arnautovic.
78' Locatelli quickly closes down Schlager in midfield and hooks the ball forward for Insigne. Hinteregger gets there just ahead of him to put it out of play, but he was offside anyway.
76' VAR is having a look at the penalty incident and it's taking them a while to get to the decision. Hinteregger flicks on Alaba's free-kick in the middle of the box, which is when Lainer strayed offside, so the original onfield decision stands.
74' There are loud shouts from the Austria players and fans for a penalty after Lainer went to ground under pressure from Pessina. The substitute caught him with his arm, but the offside flag was up and the referee waves the claims away.
72' CHANCE! Pessina slides it into Locatelli and he pulls it back, away from Dragovic, to open up the space for a shot. He curls his effort towards the far post from the edge of the box, but it's always going wide.
71' Jorginho spots Immobile making another run off the back of Hinteregger through the middle and tries to pick him out with a long ball over the top. It's overhit though and Bachmann comes off his line to collect it.
69' Some sloppiness has just crept into Italy's play now and they're struggling to push high upfield. All of their play is in front of Austria at the moment and their frustration is starting to show.
M. Pessina
N. Barella
67' Barella is the other player to make way, with Pessina on to replace him.
M. Locatelli
M. Verratti
67' There's a double change for Italy now, and Verratti is the first to make way for Locatelli.
67' CLOSE! Austria are on the attack again after that disallowed goal and Sabitzer tries to beat Donnarumma with another long-range shot. He drills his effort towards the near bottom corner, but it's just wide of the post.
65' NO GOAL! It's a great ball over the top from Lainer on the right to pick out Alaba at the far post and he cushions it back across goal for Arnautovic. He nods it past Donnarumma from very close range, but VAR had a look at it and he set off too early. Still 0-0! 
64' It's a sloppy pass from Schlager after a good spell of possession for Austria, and he gifts it to Insigne. He drives into the box, but Hinteregger times his tackle well to stop his run.
62' WIDE! Verratti thinks he's fouled but the referee lets play go on and Austria are on the attack. Sabitzer is in a pocket of space just outside the box and drills a long-range shot on goal, but Bonucci's deflection takes it just wide of the far post.
60' Barella gets the better of Alaba down the right and makes a good run down the wing for Italy. Immobile and Insigne are both waiting in the box, but he runs the ball out of play before he can put in a cross.
58' It's a great run from Lainer down the right, but none of his team-mates are hurrying to get up in support of him. He plays an early, hopeful cross into the box, but it's easily dealt with by Acerbi.
56' Jorginho slots it through for Insigne, who has a lot of space on the left. He tries to play it across the box for Berardi but doesn't get enough on it and Alaba gets back to make an important interception.
54' Italy have only won two of their last 11 European Championship fixtures when drawing at half-time (D7 L2).
52' CLOSE! Alaba is standing over the free-kick just outside the box and he lifts his effort over the wall as he curls it towards the top corner. There's not enough dip on it though and it's just over the bar.
N. Barella
Yellow Card
51' Barella isn't happy with the free-kick that was given to Austria as he felt Italy should've had one of their own, and he's booked for dissent.
G. Di Lorenzo
Yellow Card
50' Di Lorenzo catches Baumgartner with a high tackle on the edge of the box and has his name taken by the referee.
49' It's a poor touch from Bonucci that lets Arnautovic in behind and he drives into the box. He catches out Di Lorenzo with some clever footwork and cuts inside but loses his balance as he hits the shot and slices it wide.
48' Berardi is one-on-one with Alaba down the right and he wrongfoots the defender with a bit of skill to pull into space. He drills a low cross to the near post, but Dragovic throws himself in front of it to make a block.
46' Italy get us back underway for the second half! 
Italy saw more of the ball, but they've really struggled to break Austria down at times. They've had a lot of half-chances, but Mancini will want to see them test Bachmann a lot more after the break. Austria looked defensively solid, but they'll need to take more risks if they want to cause an upset and end Italy's run of 1100 minutes without conceding.
It's goalless at the break between Italy and Austria. It was a game of few clear-cut chances, but the best fell to Immobile with a long-range effort that bounced off the post. Spinazzola curled an effort wide, while Barella also saw a low shot well-saved by Bachmann. Austria's only chance at the other end was for Arnautovic, but he fired it high over the bar.
45' Insigne plays another good switch of play out to Berardi on the right, but he still can't find a way in behind Alaba. He knocks it through to Barella, who plays a one-two with Immobile, but they still can't get in on goal.
43' SAVE! Spinazzola cuts inside from the left and decides to have a go from range when he can't find a way into the box. He drills a low effort towards the near post, and Bachmann gets down well to push it out for a corner.
42' Still, Italy dominate possession here, but they're still struggling to break down Austria and get into the final third. Austria are frustrating them though and not giving them any time on the ball.
40' Bonucci hooks a long ball forward and Insigne brings it down near the byline. He was well offside, but Italy continue to try and work it into the box before the flag belatedly goes up.
38' Donnarumma accidentally crashed into Baumgartner as he came off his line to collect the ball and the forward has stayed down holding his neck. He receives treatment, but is quickly back to his feet and will be able to carry on.
36' Arnautovic skips out of trouble as he's closed down by two Italian defenders before pulling it back to Schlager on the edge of the box. He swings a cross in first time, but it's too high for Baumgartner, and Donnarumma collects.
34' Berardi just flicks on Bonucci's pass to Immobile and he tries to catch out Austria's defence by having another early shot on goal. He has Hinteregger tight to him though and the defender is in the right place to block it.
32' OFF THE POST! Immobile turns and finds himself in a pocket of space just outside the box, so has a go from distance. It loops towards the far, top corner and Bachmann is wrong-footed and left watching it as it bounces off the outside of the far post.
30' Verratti is brought down by Laimer on the left and he catches Austria out by taking the free-kick quickly to Insigne. He has three to aim for in the middle, but it's a poor cross from him that's over everyone.
28' It's a rare chance for Austria to break on the counter as Laimer manages to wriggle away from Jorginho, and it's three on two for Austria. It's a poor ball through to Baumgartner to his right though and Bonucci makes an important interception.
26' Barella plays a looping pass forward on the turn and he just manages to pick out Immobile's run. It's a poor touch from him to bring it down though which gives the defenders a chance to get back and block his way to goal.
24' Insigne can't find any space down the left, so he switches it out to Barella on the opposite flank. He tries to square it to Immobile on the edge of the box, only for Alaba to get across and intercept it.
22' Austria just can't get out of their own half at the moment and have given the ball away sloppily on a few occasions. Alaba's clearance loops up into the air and Grillitsch brings it down before gifting it to Di Lorenzo.
20' Italy enjoy another good spell of possession, but it's all in front of their opponents until Di Lorenzo slides it through for Berardi. It bounces off the back of his heels though and straight to Schlager's feet.
18' CHANCE! It's a wonderful pass over the top from Sabitzer to pick out Arnautovic's run between the two defenders and he lets it bounce in front of him before hitting the shot. Donnarumma rushes off his line and the shot flies over the crossbar.
17' GOOD SAVE! It's another great run down the left for Spinazzola and he pulls it back into the box. It's behind Immobile and Insigne, but it falls for Barella on the edge of the area. He hits it with the outside of his boot and Bachmann sticks out a leg to deny him.
15' Austria are sitting deep in their own half, but Barella manages to thread a ball through to Insigne on the edge of the box. He doesn't have much space but has a go anyway, and his shot is blocked by Dragovic.
13' Austria are keeping possession well at the moment and Sabitzer plays it out to Lainer on the right again. He curls a cross back to the edge of the box for Arnautovic, but it's blocked by Bonucci.
11' WIDE! Berardi sees his shot blocked by Schlager on the edge of the box, but Italy keep hold of the ball and work it back out to Spinazzola. He cuts inside from the left before having a go from a tight angle and his effort swerves wide of the near post.
10' Italy have won all four of their meeting with Austria at major international tournaments, with all four such games coming in the World Cup: 1-0 in 1934, 1-0 in 1978, 1-0 in 1990 and 2-1 in 1998.
8' Sabitzer switches play out to Lainer on the right and he plays a good pass down the wing for Lainer. He gets caught on his heels and can't catch it though and Acerbi is there to clear the danger for Italy.
6' Verratti does really well to keep hold of the ball and get around Grillitsch before laying it off to Barella on the right. He plays an early throughball forward for Immobile to chase, but the keeper rushes off his line and gets there just before the striker.
4' It's patient play from Italy as they try to open up the space in behind Austria and Acerbi is allowed to carry the ball a long way upfield. He tries to pick out Insigne's run into the box with a throughball, but it's overhit and rolls harmlessly out for a goal-kick.
M. Arnautović
Yellow Card
2' Arnautovic picks up a very early yellow card here after sliding in late and catching Barella with a high boot.
1' Sabitzer gets the game underway for Austria! 
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
Italy have kept a clean sheet in each of their last 11 matches in all competitions, going 1055 minutes (17 hours and 35 minutes) without conceding since a Donny van de Beek goal for Netherlands last October. 
Franco Foda was clearly impressed with his team's win over Ukraine last time out, so he names an unchanged line-up today. Baumgartner is fit to start despite going off with a head injury in that match.
Roberto Mancini rested a lot of his players in the win over Wales having already qualified for the last 16, so he makes seven changes to his side. Di Lorenzo, Acerbi, Spinazzola, Barella, Berardi, Immobile and Insigne are all brought back in.
AUSTRIA SUBS: Andreas Ulmer, Stefan Ilsanker, Pavao Pervan, Julian Baumgartlinger, Stefan Posch, Philipp Lienhart, Christopher Trimmel, Sasa Kalajdzic, Alessandro Schopf, Michael Gregoritsch, Louis Schaub, Alexander Schlager.
AUSTRIA STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Daniel Bachmann; Stefan Lainer, Aleksandar Dragovic, Martin Hinteregger, David Alaba; Xaver Schlager, Florian Grillitsch; Konrad Laimer, Marcel Sabitzer, Christoph Baumgartner; Marko Arnautovic.
ITALY SUBS: Rafael Toloi, Matteo Pessina, Salvatore Sirigu, Alessandro Bastoni, Manuel Locatelli, Emerson, Federico Chiesa, Andrea Belotti, Alex Meret, Federico Bernardeschi, Giacomo Raspadori, Bryan Cristante.
ITALY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Leonardo Bonucci, Francesco Acerbi, Leonardo Spinazzola; Nicolo Barella, Jorginho, Marco Verratti; Domenico Berardi, Ciro Immobile, Lorenzo Insigne.
Italy were the first team to qualify for the round of 16, topping Group A with nine points and without conceding a single goal. They're unbeaten in 30 games in all competitions, winning their last 11 on the bounce and keeping clean sheets in all of those matches. As for Austria, they're in the knockout round for the first time at the European Championships. They finished second in Group C, behind Netherlands, after winning two and losing one of their three matches.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Euro 2020 round-of-16 meeting between Italy and Austria at Wembley Stadium!