Brazil v Senegal Live Commentary, 10/10/2019

1 - 1
Roberto Firmino (9)
F. Diédhiou (45+1 pen)
The National Stadium


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Brazil are next in action on Sunday against Nigeria in a friendly clash, while Senegal take on Guinea next week in their Africa Nations Championship qualifying game.
The contest between Brazil and Senegal ends all square in Singapore. Famara Diedhiou's strike from the penalty spot cancelled out Roberto Firmino's opener for the Selecao. Both sides had chances in the second half as Gabriel Jesus and Neymar spurned openings, while at the other end Sadio Mane struck the post. A draw was probably a fair result in an evenly-matched game which lacked rhythm at times.
90' + 6' Thioub wastes a promising position down the right flank going backwards instead of forward into space. As a result, the referee ends the contest.
90' + 5' The contest is meandering towards a conclusion here. 
S. Thioub
I. Sarr
90' + 3' Thioub replaces Ismaila Sarr for the closing stages of the game.
90' + 1' Koulibaly makes an important intervention at the back to stop Richarlison's throughball from finding Everton.
90' There will be five minutes of added time.
90' SAVE! Neymar curls his effort over the wall, but it's a tame strike that allows Gomis to get down to his right to make a comfortable save.
89' Richarlison wins a free-kick in a good position for the Selecao. Neymar lines up the free-kick from 25 yards.
88' WIDE! Neymar releases Richarlison with an offload on the edge of the box and the Everton forward goes for a strike on his right foot. He connects well with his effort, but places it wide of the post.
87' OVER! Dani Alves clips the ball into the box for Neymar in space. He takes a touch to control, but he snatches at his strike amid pressure from Koulibaly and slices it over the bar.
85' OFF THE POST! Mane comes within inches of putting his side ahead as he strikes the right post with a right-footed shot from the edge of the box.
84' SAVE! Ismaila Sarr cuts in from the right flank and tees up Ndiaye for a strike at goal. He sends a curlling effort towards the target, only to be denied by a sharp save from Ederson.
83' There's another break in play as Ismaila Sarr lands awkwardly after colliding with Lodi. Senegal get the free-kick, while Sarr requires treatment.
81' Gomis is fine to continue for the rest of the match.
80' Everton tries to release Richarlison into the final third, but Gomis is off his line to gather ahead of the forward. However, the keeper takes a blow in the process and requirest treatment before we can continue.
Renan Lodi
Alex Sandro
79' Lodi replaces Alex Sandro at left-back for Brazil.
P. N'Diaye
I. Gueye
79' N'Diaye is on for Gueye in the middle of the park.
H. Diallo
F. Diédhiou
78' Diedhiou makes way for Diallo in the final third.
77' Everton lines up a drive on the edge of the box, only to pull his effort harmlessly wide of the target.
76' We're back underway.
75' There is another stoppage for a water break ahead of the final 15 minutes of the contest.
73' Koulibaly rises to head at goal from a cross from Gueye into the box. However, Ederson is able to pluck it out of the air.
Philippe Coutinho
72' Richarlison replaces Coutinho for the Selecao.
Alex Sandro
Yellow Card
71' Alex Sandro pulls back Ismaila Sarr and goes into the book.
70' There has not been a great deal of flow to the contest in the second half. It has been stop-start due to a number of fouls committed by both sides.
68' OVER! Neymar lines up the free-kick and he bends his strike towards the left top corner. All Gomis can do is watch, but fortunately for him and Senegal, the ball sails inches over the bar.
Matheus Henrique
68' Matheus Henrique replaces Arthur for the Selecao.
K. Koulibaly
Yellow Card
67' Koulibaly pulls back Jesus on the charge and he goes into the book. Senegal were in danger at the back there.
S. Sarr
C. Kouyaté
66' Sidy Sarr replaces Kouyate for Senegal.
64' There are a few niggly challenges going in now from both sides. Everton catches Diatta with an outstretched hand.
61' Jesus gets the better of Kouyate at midfield and he gets brought down by the Senegal skipper. The referee awards the free-kick and in a competitive game, Kouyate may well have received a second yellow card for the challenge.
Roberto Firmino
59' Everton replaces Firmino for the Selecao in the final third.
59' OVER! Diatta lifts the ball into the box and Brazil struggle to clear the danger. It falls to Koulibaly to strike with power 15 yards from goal, only to smash his effort over the bar on the half-volley.
58' Mane runs at Casemiro and Dani Alves down the left flank. He wins a free-kick from a challenge from the latter in a decent position for his team.
56' Sane lifts a long ball over the top for Mane to chase down the left flank. He knocks the ball around Dani Alves to keep it in play, but Ederson gathers ahead of the forward in the box.
55' Senegal have not found their rhythm since the restart. They need to get their football on the ball to counter the start from the Selecao.
53' WIDE! Brazil break on the counter and Coutinho slides a throughball for Jesus in the right inside channel. He tries to lift his strike over the onrushing Gomes, but he sends his effort wide of the left post.
52' Brazil win another free-kick for a foul on Coutinho. Casemiro once again lines up the free-kick, but on this occasion he hammers his effort straight into the wall.
50' Casemiro takes a quick free-kick and tries to catch Gomis off his line from distance, but the keeper gets back to claim the ball.
C. Kouyaté
Yellow Card
50' Kouyate goes into the book for a late challenge on Alex Sandro on the flank.
48' OVER! Koulibaly loses possession and it allows Jesus to tee up Coutinho on the edge of the box. The midfielder goes for the first-time strike, but can only lift his effort over the bar.
46' We're back underway in Singapore.
Neymar has been frustrated to mark his 100th cap with a goal. It has not clicked for the forward in the final third amid a few offside decisions, while he missed a glorious chance after Senegal equalised, where he was denied by a good stop from Alfred Gomis. Neymar has to improve in the second half.
It's all square at the break between Brazil and Senegal as Famara Diedhiou's strike from the penalty spot has cancelled out Roberto Firmino's opener at the Singapore National Stadium. The Selecao took the lead through Firmino as he chipped his effort over Alfred Gomis from the right inside channel. However, Sadio Mane won a penalty for his team on the stroke of half-time and Diedhiou held his composure to score. It has been a pretty even game in the opening 45 minutes.
45' + 2' SAVE! Firmino releases Neymar through on goal with an incisive pass. The forward only has to beat Gomis with his strike, but the Senegal keeper makes the stop with his body. A crucial stop.
F. Diédhiou
Penalty Goal
45' + 1' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! DIEDHIOU SCORES!!! 1-1!!! Diedhiou takes the responsibility from the spot. He holds his composure to bury his strike with power into the right bottom corner, despite Ederson guessing the correct way. Senegal have their equaliser.
Yellow Card
45' Marquinhos goes into the book for bringing down Mane in the box.
45' PENALTY TO SENEGAL! Mane charges at the Brazil defence and finds space in between Marquinhos and Dani Alves. He raids into the box, but goes down under pressure from Marquinhos. The referee points to the spot.
44' Jesus gets the better of Coly down the right flank, but he sees his cross brilliantly intercepted by Koulibaly.
43' Neymar runs at the Senegal defence before trying to slide through a pass for Coutinho, but his throughball goes straight in the arms of the onrushing Gomis.
41' Jesus spots Neymar in space on the left flank, but the forward is caught offside. It has been a frustrating half for the PSG forward.
39' SAVE! Senegal appeal for a penalty for handball from the resulting corner as Sane rises with Thiago Silva. The referee is not interested, but amid the confusion the ball lands at the feet of Coly. He turns to fire at goal on his left foot, only to be denied by Ederson.
38' Sarr takes on Alex Sandro down the right flank and he puts in a dangerous cross towards the near post. Thiago Silva has to head behind, although Diedhiou was on his heels.
36' Senegal try to work the ball in tight quarters in the final third, but Coutinho gets back to help out his team-mates to win possession and then a free-kick to ease the pressure.
35' Senegal are not backing down from the challlenge tonight and are putting the Selecao under pressure at the back.
33' Gueye rolls a pass out wide to Gassama in space, but he sends a poor low cross into the box, allowing Thiago Silva to clear with ease.
32' Mane collects in space, but for once his control lets him down and he allows Dani Alves to close and make the challenge.
31' Dani Alves tries to release Jesus into the right inside channel, but he delays his offload by a fraction and the eventual pass catches him in an offside position.
29' We're back underway in the contest.
28' The referee calls time for a water break due to the humid conditions.
27' Neymar and Coutinho attempt to combine in the Senegal box, but a backheel from the forward towards the midfielder catches the Bayern Munich man in an offside position.
26' SAVE! Mane creates space for himself in the left inside channel to open up room for a strike. He fires at goal on his left foot, but it's straight at Ederson, who beats the ball away.
25' Neymar and Firmino combine with a one-two into the box, but the former cannot control the return pass from his team-mate and shoot amid pressure from Sane.
24' Coutinho looks for the run of Neymar in the final third. He sends a pass behind the Senegal line, but it has just too much pace for the forward, allowing Gomis to gather on the slide.
23' OVER! Sane lines up the free-kick and he strikes his curling effort over the wall, but it sails well over the bar. It wasn't anywhere testing Ederson.
21' Sarr collects and attempts to turn on the edge of the box, but he gets brought down by a loose challenge from Casemiro. Senegal have a free-kick in a promising position.
20' OVER! Gueye goes for a strike to nothing from 25 yards and he connects well with his attempt. Ir rockets towards goal, but Ederson watches it all the way over the bar. It was close, but not close enough from the midfielder.
19' Gassama closes down Alex Sandro's clearance out from the back and continues his run. Sarr releases his run into the right inside channel, but the full-back sees his cross diverted away from Mane by Thiago Silva.
17' Jesus tries to put the pressure on down the left flank, but he succeeds in only bringing down Coly with an outstretched boot.
15' Sane makes a vital interception at the back to stop Coutinho latching on to Dani Alves' cross into the box. The midfielder almost had room to pull the trigger.
13' Mane runs at the Brazil defence and tries to release Gueye down the left flank, but his pass sends the ball out of play for a goal-kick.
12' Alex Sandro looks for the run of Firmino in the box, but Koulibaly is alert to the danger to make the interception.
11' Brazil are exerting their authority over the contest by knocking the ball around the pitch with ease.
Gabriel Jesus
9' Jesus slides an offload into the right inside channel for Firmino to chip the ball over Gomis into the net.
Roberto Firmino
9' GOALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! FIRMINO PUTS BRAZIL AHEAD!!! 1-0!! The Selecao take the lead as Firmino lifts the ball over Gomis from the right inside channel. Jesus releases the run of his team-mate with a precise offload, and the forward does the rest with a delicate chip over the keeper into the net.
8' Dani Alves almost threads the needle to release Neymar through the middle, only for the forward to be denied by a fine challenge from Gassama.
7' Senegal try to work the ball in the final third between Mane, Diedhiou and Sarr, but the presence of Casemiro breaks up the move.
5' Dani Alves hangs a cross to the back post for the run of Firmino. The forward tries to head the ball across the face of goal for Neymar, but the ball loops up for Gomis to gather.
3' Jesus probes down the right flank, but Mane gets back to help out his defence to earn a goal-kick.
2' Coutinho almost latches on to a loose ball in the final third, but Kouyate makes a closing challenge to break up the attack.
1' We're underway in this friendly clash in Singapore.
The players are out on the pitch, so we should be underway shortly.
Diedhiou leads the line for Senegal to spearhead their attack, while Mane starts on the left of a three-man supporting line. Kouyate and Gueye protect the back four in the middle of the field, while Koulibaly anchors the defence.
Neymar wins his 100th cap for Brazil as he starts on the left side of a three-man attacking line behind Firmino. Jesus and Coutinho aslo get the starts in the final third. Dani Alves and Thiago Silva return to the fold in the backline after missing the defeat to Peru last time out.
SENEGAL SUBS: Abdoulaye Diallo, Saliou Ciss, Elhadji Djibril Diaw, Habib Diallo, Keita, Sidy Sarr, Loum, Badou Ndiaye, Sada Thioub, Moussa Wague.
SENEGAL (4-2-3-1): Alfred Gomis; Lamine Gassama, Kalidou Koulibaly, Salif Sane, Racine Coly; Cheikhou Kouyate, Idrissa Gueye; Ismaila Sarr, Krepin Diatta, Sadio Mane; Famara Diedhiou.
BRAZIL SUBS: Weverton, Eder Militao, Richarlison, Santos, Rodrigo Caio, Matheus Henrique, Renan Lodi, Fabinho, Lucas Paqueta, Everton, Gabriel, Marcinho.
BRAZIL (4-2-3-1): Ederson, Dani Alves, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Alex Sandro; Arthur, Casemiro; Gabriel Jesus, Philippe Coutinho, Neymar; Roberto Firmino.
Senegal have won two of their last three matches since being beaten in the final of the Africa Cup of Nations by Algeria in July. They were surprisingly beaten by Liberia before bouncing back in their Africa Nations Championship qualifier, while they secured a 1-0 victory over Guinea in the first leg of their second-round clash. Aliou Cisse will be keen to make a statement today against Brazil.
Brazil return to action for the first time since their defeat at the hands of Peru in their last friendly game. Luis Abram scored the only goal of the game at United Airlines Field in Los Angeles to guide Peru to the victory. The Selecao have gone two games without a win since triumphing in the Copa America final and Tite will want to rediscover the winning feeling today.
Hello and welcome to the live commentary of the friendly clash between Brazil and Senegal at Singapore National Stadium.