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Key Events

90' + 4'
Penalty Goal
2 - 0
90' + 2'
A. Domínguez
Yellow Card
Éder Militão
Yellow Card
E. Preciado
Yellow Card
1 - 0

Match Stats

65% 34%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 0
Total Passes 584 301
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Brazil BRA Brazil 11 10 1 0 26 4 +22 31 W D W W W
2 Argentina ARG Argentina 11 7 4 0 19 6 +13 25 W W D W W
3 Ecuador ECU Ecuador 12 5 2 5 20 13 +7 17 D L W L D
4 Colombia COL Colombia 12 3 7 2 16 16 0 16 D D D W D
5 Uruguay URU Uruguay 12 4 4 4 14 17 -3 16 L L D W W
6 Chile CHI Chile 12 3 4 5 14 14 0 13 W W L L D
7 Bolivia BOL Bolivia 12 3 3 6 17 25 -8 12 W W L L L
8 Paraguay PAR Paraguay 12 2 6 4 9 17 -8 12 L L D W D
9 Peru PER Peru 12 3 2 7 10 19 -9 11 L L W L W
10 Venezuela VEN Venezuela 12 2 1 9 8 22 -14 7 L W L L L


Final Tournament
Intercontinental Play-off


A four-day turnaround awaits both then, and it is Peru who Ecuador will face next. Brazil meanwhile spar with Paraguay - but until then, thank you for joining us and have a great weekend!
Neymar really does know how to fluff a penalty, doesn't he? He was very lucky to get a second bite there, perhaps more so given it would not have been a matchwinner either way. What a bizarre chain of events surrounding it though;
Richarlison's powerful finish and Neymar's double-VAR-assisted penalty means that it is Brazil who stay atop the pile in CONMEBOL Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers - but Ecuador's frustrations will spill out long into the night. Full-time, it has finished Brazil 2-0 Ecuador.
90' + 6' Ecuador are still fuming and rightfully so. This has been something of a circus finale.
90' + 4' GOAL! NEYMAR MAKES NO MISTAKE THIS TIME! 2-0! The striker simply lofts it into the right side of the netting as Dominguez goes the other way. Brazil double their lead deep into injury time.
A. Domínguez
Yellow Card
90' + 2' Absolutely remarkable scenes as Dominguez has to be restrained by his own team-mates. He is fuming with that call and is booked for his actions too, to rub salt in the wound.
Penalty Miss
90' + 1' Neymar stutters in the run up - and Dominguez saves! But the Brazil forward will get to take it again, a minute after play has resumed, because Ecuador are said to have infringed in the box too early!
90' + 1' Before the penalty - which Neymar will take - can happen though, Fabinho is on for Richarlison.
89' It's a penalty! Brazil will get the chance to add a second from the spot.
88' The referee has moved to the screen now. This is a lengthy look.
86' There's a lengthy pause in play now to see if Roberto Firmino, only on in the last 10 minutes, has earned himself a penalty for a trip in the box.
J. Cazares
Á. Mena
84' Juan Cazares is the latest new face for Ecuador, replacing Mena.
82' Entering the final stages, Ecuador to appear to have a little more verve about them. There's still a result for them here, and the honour of bringing Brazil's winning run to an end.
80' An Ecuador corner is swiftly dealt with by Brazil once more. Alisson has had an easier time of it than his opposite number this evening.
78' Ecuador's possession has fluctuated this evening, but it seems to have settled around the 30 per cent mark. Brazil will kick themselves if they do not come away with the win here.
M. Estrada
J. Méndez
76' Michael Estrada is also on for the visitors, replacing Mendez.
J. Caicedo
E. Valencia
76' Valencia meanwhile makes way for Jordy Caicedo for Ecuador.
Roberto Firmino
Gabriel Barbosa
76' Roberto Firmino is on for Gabi in Brazil's latest change.
Éder Militão
Yellow Card
73' Militao now sees yellow for a hasty challenge. Plenty of these players could do with keeping it cool out there.
72' Dominguez has had an evening with a few edgy touches and he does so again now. The goalkeeper has been generally safe tonight if not always too convincing.
F. Martínez
E. Preciado
70' Preciado naturally then makes way too, lest he risk a second booking. Fidel Martinez takes his place.
E. Preciado
Yellow Card
69' Preciado becomes the latest player to get booked, this one for an effort that brings down Gabriel Jesus. There's definitely frustration running through the veins of the visitors now.
67' It is like a metaphorical weight has been lifted from the hosts. With a goal in the bag, they've loosened up a little, are in charge of a bit more freedom more than rigid formation.
65' Neymar does a crafty job rather than firing himself there, but Richarlison works it well to slip that finish in. The latter wheels away to Tite on the far side of the pitch and celebrates wildly.
65' GOAL! RICHARLISON GIVES BRAZIL THE BREAKTHROUGH! 1-0! It is the Everton man who strikes home with a relatively simple finish in the end, prodded out onto the left flank of the box by Neymar's pass, where he simply powers a close-range finish in at the near post, despite Dominguez managing a touch. First blood to the Selecao.
64' Neymar prods a teasing ball into the Ecuador box, plays an unorthodox one-two with Richarlison, and pushes a low finish straight to the keeper. He's disappointed with that one.
Gabriel Jesus
62' It is perhaps not a surprise that Fred exits in the first change of the game now, as Brazil bring on Gabriel Jesus.
61' Fred swings into Valencia now and tempers seem to flare up between both sides. A disgruntled Neymar is close to the heart of it. 
59' Frustrations for the visitors in the end as they struggle to quite break through the crowded box and Preciado blasts an effort comfortably wide of the mark. 
57' Ecuador turn their defence into attack quite intelligently now and win a corner for their troubles. That's savvy work from them.
E. Valencia
Yellow Card
55' Valencia just goes in a little too hard and gets slapped with a yellow card for his efforts. He rolls his eyes in disgust - at the call or at himself - after it is given.
52' Tite is definitely gesticulating to his bench as his side continue to toil in search of an opener. Roberto Firmino looks a likely option up front, but for who is the question.
50' How long will it be before the frustrations of Brazil's situation boil over? With the exception of last November's 1-0 win over Venezuela, they've been comfortably in the clear throughout their other qualifiers. This, even with a long way to go, feels nervy.
48' There looks to have been no changes at the break, but it surely isn't going to be too long before we see a few faces swapped out. A couple of players are still sporting the bumps and bruises of that first half, some more plainly than others.
46' We are back underway in this World Cup qualifier. What do Brazil and Ecuador have in the bag for this second half?
Brazil notched almost twice as many passes as their visitors in that first half. The question is whether they can convert that into a goal here or not. 
A disallowed Gabi goal is as close as we've come to a breakthrough in this World Cup qualifier - which means there is nothing to split the Selecao and La Tricolor as it stands. At half-time, it is Brazil 0-0 Ecuador.
45' + 2' This could be a worry for Brazil - has Neymar picked up a knock here? Mendez stretches out to catch him and the former drops to the turf, but the contact did look to be a bit heavy-handed. He's back on his feet after a short while, but looks a little bit perturbed.
45' There will be two added minutes in this first half.
43' Oh, Gabi will be furious with that one. Brazil should be in front and they know it. A huge let-off for Ecuador, who have held out well so far.
41' Gabi has it in the net - but it is offside for Brazil! Oh, the striker thought he had carved open Ecuador there for the first goal of the night but he's drifted ahead on his run and the officials are quick to chalk it off.
39' Gabi has been the quiet link in that front three for Brazil, but it doesn't look like he will be for much longer. He's making some sparky runs now.
Yellow Card
37' Now Fred picks up the second yellow card of the game for an unruly challenge. Ecuador spear the set-piece downfield, into the Brazil box, and come away with nothing once more.
35' It's getting a little bit anxious out there, almost. The two sides seem a little bit disrupted, missing an element of their flow.
33' Some see this as a chance - given that Brazil will have a host of further chances to assuredly seal their Qatar 2022 spot - as a chance for Tite to finetune ahead of an unexpected Copa America hosting gig. Regardless of the circumstances, the pressure will be on to win.
31' The empty echo of this mostly deserted stadium tonight is crafting some fine acoustics in which the noise of each command can be heard. Both teams are shouting up a storm.
29' There's still nothing on the scoreboard between these two sides, and it is Ecuador who will take heart from that. They've done enough to keep a fearsome Brazil attack guessing; the onus remains firmly on the Selecao.
Á. Preciado
Yellow Card
27' Angelo Preciado rattles Alex Sandro and picks up the first booking of the game for it. Both sets of players seem to be not happy with that decision. 
25' Dominguez is having quite the busy night. Now he rises inside a crowded box to smack a glove onto another set-piece delivery, this one dangerously veering close to one of several Selecao heads lurking on the cusp of his six-yard area.
23' Another chance for Gabi! This time he is tipped on into the box courtesy of a half-touch from Richarlison and Dominguez is forced off his line to parry at close-range. 
22' Sterling work from the central defence of Ecuador now after Gabi slips around them and they cut out his return delivery.
20' Close for Brazil! A 35-yard free-kick from Neymar is lifted into the box. Richarlison might just get a touch but either way, the ball skitters nervously out of Dominguez's grasp, requiring some quick clean-up work.
18' Valencia gets caught at the bottom of a three-man tumble after going up for the ball and takes a while to regain his feet. Ecuador could do without any early injuries - or injuries at all, for that matter.
16' With a quarter-hour gone, neither side has threatened a serious breakthrough yet. There's been three-quarters of possession for Brazil however, in something sure to exhaust Ecuador as this match continues.
14' Brazil counter by running a succession of set-plays down the right edge. The end product is lacking but it catches a lopsided Ecuador defence off-guard too often to be considered comfortable.
12' Ecuador seem to be having to work their socks off, but now they lodge a looping ball into the Brazil box after some smart build-up play. They come away with nothing again - Richarlison takes a glancing touch and draws the foul - but that is reassuring at the least.
10' Mena does take to the field again, with a minute or so played since his departure. It will be worth keeping an eye on his progress. Brazil look quite leisurely so far.
9' It is a worrying sign for Ecuador however, as Mena is helped to limp to the sidelines by medics. It's hard to tell if his game is already over or if he will be able to return.
7' Fancy footwork through the middle now sees the Selecao make ground all too easily, but Mena draws a foul in their midst and swings their momentum to a grinding halt as a result.
5' Brazil are already looking to find pace on their wings, and with Neymar and Richarlison both planted out wide, they stand a promising chance of turning those avenues into serious attempts within this game.
3' An early corner for La Tricolor allows a quick chance for the visitors to threaten, though they come away empty-handed almost immediately, their hosts sharp to their opportunity.
1' We are underway in this CONMEBOL Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Ecuador!
The teams have emerged and we are moments away from kick-off.
Estadio Beira-Rio has not been one of the lucky stadiums to pick up games for the rescheduled Copa America, which will give this clash something of a local flavour for the hosts. On paper, this will be one of their trickier tests before the tournament however.
Three players between these two sides have nabbed a trio of goals each across the opening batch of these qualifiers - Neymar and Roberto Firmino, plus Michael Estrada. Will any of them add to their tally today?
Subs: Pedro Ortiz, Hernan Galindez, Mario Pineida, Luis Fernando Leon, Felix Torres, Dixon Arroyo, Juan Cazares, Fidel Martinez, Christian Noboa, Damian Diaz, Jordy Caicedo, Michael Estrada.
ECUADOR (4-2-3-1): Alexander Dominguez; Angelo Preciado, Robert Arboleda, Xavier Arreaga, Pervis Estupinan; Jhegson Mendez, Carlos Gruezo; Angel Mena, Ayrton Preciado, Alan Franco; Enner Valencia.
Subs: Ederson, Weverton, Emerson, Felipe, Rodrigo Caio, Renan Lodi, Fabinho, Everton Ribeiro, Vinicius Junior, Everton, Gabriel Jesus, Roberto Firmino.
BRAZIL (4-3-3): Alisson; Danilo, Marquinhos, Eder Militao, Alex Sancho; Lucas Paqueta, Casemiro, Fred; Richarlison, Gabi, Neymar.
The hosts are without captain Thiago Silva today, with the freshly-minted Champions League winner missing out after his heroics with Chelsea which saw him take an early knock. Vice-captain Casemiro does however anchor the midfield, with Richarlison and Neymar either side of Gabi up front.
But La Tricolor will be out to spoil what could well be a simple coronation run through to the start of the competition, particularly given their own hopes of making Qatar next year. After missing out on Russia 2018, Gustavo Alfaro's team will be determined to make amends.
Just over three weeks out from a Copa America encounter - now to be played on home soil following a last-minute tournament reshuffle in the past few days - Tite's Selecao get a taste of what they'll be up against in the shape of their rivals.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the CONMEBOL Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers as Brazil look to keep their spotless record intact against fellow hopefuls Ecuador at Estadio Beira-Rio in Porto Alegre.