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Bodø / Glimt v Arsenal Live Commentary, 13/10/2022

0 - 1
B. Saka (24)
Aspmyra Stadion


That's all for today, goodbye!
Arsenal stay top of the group with nine points, and their winning run extends to six games in all competitions. Next up for them is Leeds United in the Premier League. Bodo's impressive 14-match winning run at home in Europe is over as they stay in third. They travel to Valerenga next time out in the league.
Arsenal's perfect start to the Europa League continues as they hold on to beat Bodo/Glimt 1-0. Saka scored the only goal of the match in the first half when his blocked shot rebounded back against his chest and beat Haikin at the near post. That was Arsenal's only shot on target in the game, and they didn't really get going in the second half, with Bodo upping the pressure. Pellegrino saw an effort saved, while Solbakken and Espejord both sent shots just over the bar.
90' + 3' Bodo have the ball in the back of the net through Mvuka's volley, but the referee's whistle had already gone for a foul on Turner by Haikin during the corner.
M. Turner
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Turner is taking a long time over this goal-kick, and the referee now books him for time-wasting.
90' + 1' The home fans aren't happy with Arsenal as they think that the visitors are time-wasting. Arteta is equally frustrated with something on the sidelines, and he's urged back to his technical area by the fourth official.
J. Mvuka
A. Pellegrino
Bodø / Glimt
89' And Mvuka also comes on in place of Pellegrino.
B. Moe
M. Høibråten
Bodø / Glimt
89' Bodo are making a double change as they continue to search for a late equaliser. Hoibraten is the first to go off, with Moe replacing him.
T. Partey
Yellow Card
89' Partey stops Bodo from taking a free-kick and he's booked for time-wasting.
88' Marquinhos jumps into Wembangomo as he tries to bring down Saliba's clearance and they both land awkwardly. They slowly get back to their feet, and neither needs treatment.
86' It's Xhaka that loses the ball in midfield this time, and Salvesen comes away with it. He's looking to tee up Pellegrino on the edge of the D, but Tomiyasu steps in with a vital interception.
T. Partey
A. Lokonga
84' Final roll of the dice for Arsenal now as Partey comes on in place of Lokonga.
82' There are big shouts for a handball against Lokonga from the home fans as Pellegrino's touch bounces off him. The referee was right in front of it though and he shakes his head.
80' Nketiah bursts down the left, but his team-mates are slow to get up in support. He tries to roll it into the six-yard box, but Lode's interception hits him before going out for a goal-kick.
78' Bodo's high press is still causing Arsenal some problems here as Lokonga loses out again. Pellegrino tries to pick out Solbakken's run to the edge of the box, but Saliba steps in with an important block.
L. Salvesen
R. Espejord
Bodø / Glimt
76' Bodo's second change sees Salvesen come on to replace Espejord.
74' Arsenal are enjoying a good spell of possession here as they force Bodo to drop deeper into their own half. Tierney curls it into Nketiah on the edge of the box, but his heavy first touch gifts it back to the hosts.
72' CHANCE! Marquinhos is caught on the ball by Pellegrino and he fizzes an early throughball into the box. Vetlesen was caught on his heels and can't get the touch he'd need to put it past Turner.
T. Tomiyasu
B. White
70' And White is also making way for Tomiyasu.
M. Ødegaard
70' Another double change for Arsenal now, with Odegaard taken off and replaced by Marquinhos.
68' Bodo push forward on the counter again, but their final product is still lacking. Gronbaek spins away from Xhaka to pick out Espejord, but he slices at the shot first time, sending it high over the bar.
H. Vetlesen
Yellow Card
Bodø / Glimt
66' Vetlesen is tracking back after Sampsted sloppily gives the ball away, and he drags Nketiah back. He can have no complaints with that yellow card.
65' Pellegrino is starting to find space down the left again and he clips a good cross into the box. It's just behind Solbakken, but Espejord chests it down behind him, only to lose out to Vieira.
63' White overhits the throughball for Xhaka and Wembangomo knocks it back to his keeper, but the substitute doesn't give it up. He's bearing down on Haikin, but the keeper clears his lines just in time.
61' Xhaka works it out to Martinelli down the left, but he can't find a way through. He drops back, looking to switch it out to the opposite flank, but Berg cuts it out for Bodo.
Gabriel Martinelli
R. Nelson
59' And Nelson also makes way for Martinelli.
G. Xhaka
B. Saka
59' Arsenal are making a double change as they try to get back on the front foot in this game. Saka is the first to go off, with Xhaka replacing him.
58' GREAT CHANCE! Hoibraten lifts a great pass over the top for Vetlesen and he chests it down to Espejord to his left. He lets it bounce before hitting the shot on the half-volley, but this one flies over as well.
56' CLOSE! Solbakken makes a great run down the right and waits until he gets into the box to take it around Tierney and Lokonga. He tries to curl his shot into the far top corner, but it sails just over the bar.
54' That Pellegrino chance has got the Bodo fans going, but Arsenal are enjoying a good spell of possession here. It's all in front of the hosts though, as they patiently try to break them down.
52' GOOD SAVE! Lokonga's throughball is cut out by Berg in midfield and he threads it through for Pellegrino down the left. He takes his time with this one, keeping it low as he hits it across goal, but Turner gets down to push it away.
50' It's a good break from Bodo, with Gronbaek surging forward down the right before playing a one-two with Solbakken to get into space. He fizzes a low cross in from the byline, but it's blocked by Holding.
48' Odegaard picks out Nelson down the left and he drops a shoulder, catching out Sampsted as he cuts inside. He gets the shot all wrong though, slicing at it, and it bounces out nearer the corner flag.
46' Arsenal get us back underway for the second half!
Arteta will be fairly pleased with what he's seen so far, but he'll be hoping for a much more clinical performance as they look to wrap the points up. Bodo have looked a threat going forward, but without causing Arsenal too many problems, which is something Knutsen will be looking to improve.
Saka's goal separates the sides at half-time, with Arsenal beating Bodo/Glimt 1-0. The breakthrough came from the only shot on target in the game so far, when Saka's blocked effort rebounded back against his chest and over the line from close range. Arsenal have looked the better side, with Saka also firing wide with another good opportunity, but Bodo have caused a few problems of their own.
44' Vieira switches it out to Saka on the right this time and he has space to run into. He chooses to slide it forward for White who makes the overlapping run, but he can't keep his cross in play at the byline.
42' Hoibraten hooks it away to stop Nelson from breaking, and it's almost a good throughball for Espejord. Holding gets in front of the forward just in time to hold him off and let Turner sweep it away.
40' Gronbaek is toppled over by Lokonga, but Espejord is quickly in to nick it back off the midfielder. He touches it into Solbakken before continuing his run into the box, but the return pass is just out of his reach and Turner holds it.
38' It's held up well by Nketiah, but Bodo are flooding bodies back to close down the space ahead of Arsenal. Odegaard spins and tries to feed in Nelson, but Lode is there to cut it out.
36' Arsenal look out to their left again as Tierney breezes into space. He curls a dangerous cross into the box, but none of his team-mates attack it and it bounces harmlessly out.
34' It's better from Bodo here as Lode spreads it out to Sampsted on the right. He clips a cross towards Vetlesen at the near post, but it's an easy one for Turner to collect.
32' Saka is still getting a lot of joy down the right as he pulls it back to Odegaard on the edge of the box. He looks to Tierney down the left, but can only win a corner when Sampsted intercepts.
B. Saka
Yellow Card
30' It's a late tackle from Saka on Gronbaek, and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
29' GREAT CHANCE! Berg's throughball cuts Arsenal's defence wide open and Pellegrino is bursting into the box. He rushes his shot though, catching it all wrong as it curls well wide of the far post.
28' Another quick break from the visitors almost catches Bodo out as Lokonga spreads it out to Saka on the right again. He drills a low cross into the six-yard box this time, but it's blocked by Hoibraten.
26' MISS! Arsenal win it back in their own box and Nketiah surges forward, holding it up well as he waits for support. He eventually squares it to Odegaard, who cushions it into Saka's path, but he slices this one well wide of the post.
B. Saka
24' SAKA SCORES! It was good build-up from Arsenal, as they patiently work it out from the back. Saka eventually finds some space down the right and plays a good one-two with Lokonga to get around Wembangomo. Hiis shot is blocked by Hoibraten, but it bounces against Saka's chest and over the line. 1-0 Arsenal!
22' White's long ball to Saka doesn't come off this time, and Vetlesen carries it a long way for Bodo before spreading it out to Solbakken. It's a poor cross from him though as he hits the first man.
20' As soon as Arsenal lose possession, they drop back to prevent Bodo from mounting a counter-attack. Sampsted tries to catch them out with an early cross, but Holding is there to head it away.
18' Bodo try to break quickly on the counter, and Berg looks to set Pellegrino away down the left. The hosts are getting sloppy on the ball though and he gifts it straight to White instead.
16' Arsenal are still dominating possession here as they patiently try to open up Bodo. Lokonga finds a pocket of space through the middle and tries to slide in Nketiah, but there's too much on it as Haikin collects.
14' Arsenal have lost just one of their last 14 away games in the Europa League (W10 D3), with that defeat coming against Unai Emery's Villarreal in the 2020-21 semi-final.
A. Grønbæk
U. Saltnes
Bodø / Glimt
12' Bodo are being forced into an early change here as Saltnes makes his way off with an injury. Gronbaek comes on to replace him.
10' Saka gets the better of Wembangomo and cuts inside before touching it to Odegaard. He has his back to goal, so lays it off to Lokonga on the edge of the box, but he slices his shot wide of the near post.
8' Pellegrino is causing Arsenal a few problems early on here as it's switched out to him again. He lays it off to Saltnes, who spins away from Saliba, but sells Espejord short with the cross.
6' Arsenal work it down their left this time, with Vieira looking to pick out Tierney's overlapping run. He overhits the low pass into the box though and Haikin comes out to collect it.
4' Bodo have a great chance at the other end as Saltnes slides it down the left for Pellegrino and he fizzes a dangerous ball across the face of goal. Solbakken and Espejord both run onto it, but neither can make contact for a tap-in.
2' CHANCE! White lifts it over Wembangomo down the right to pick out Saka, and he chips a cross over Haikin when the keeper comes rushing out to him. Nketiah is in the middle, but he's just beaten to it by Hoibraten.
1' Espejord gets the game underway for Bodo/Glimt!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Bodo/Glimt have won 14 consecutive home matches in European competitions, the longest run by any side since Barcelona's 15-game stretch which ended in March 2017.
Mikel Arteta rotates his squad, making seven changes from the win over Liverpool on Sunday as only White, Saliba, Odegaard and Saka retain their places. Nketiah leads the line, as he looks to score in his fifth consecutive Europa League start. Martinelli, Ramsdale, Partey, Tomiyasu, Xhaka and Gabriel are among the substitutes. Gabriel Jesus is rested.
Kjetil Knutsen makes just two changes to the side that beat Sandefjord in the league at the weekend, bringing in Saltnes and Espejord. Gronbaek and Salvesen both drop to the bench.
ARSENAL SUBS: Cedric Soares, Granit Xhaka, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey, Karl Hein, Marquinhos, Khayon Edwards, Bradley Ibrahim, Takehiro Tomiyasu, Aaron Ramsdale, Gabriel Magalhaes, Matt Smith.
ARSENAL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Matt Turner; Ben White, Rob Holding, William Saliba, Kieran Tierney; Martin Odegaard, Albert Sambi Lokonga, Fabio Vieira; Bukayo Saka, Eddie Nketiah, Reiss Nelson.
BODO/GLIMT SUBS: Nino Zugelj, Japhet Sery Larsen, Lars-Jorgen Salvesen, Sondre Sorli, Albert Gronbaek, Isak Amundsen, Brede Moe, Morten Konradsen, Joel Mvuka, Julian Faye Lund, Elias Hagen.
BODO/GLIMT STARTING XI (4-3-3): Nikita Haikin; Alfons Sampsted, Marius Hoibraten, Marius Lode, Brice Wembangomo; Hugo Vetlesen, Patrick Berg, Ulrik Saltnes; Runar Espejord, Ola Solbakken, Amahi Pellegrino.
Arsenal are looking to continue their perfect start to the Europa League after winning both of their games so far, including a comfortable 3-0 victory in the reverse fixture last week. They're going from strength to strength this season, losing just once in all competitions, and they come into this game on a five-match winning run. Bodo's defeat last week was their first in the competition (W1 D1), and their only loss in their last five outings (W3 D1). They know that they need a win to keep their chances of reaching the knockout stages in their own hands.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Europa League Group A meeting between Bodo/Glimt and Arsenal at the Aspmyra Stadium!