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S. Gnabry
L. Goretzka
5 - 1
S. Gnabry
L. Hernández
4 - 1
R. Lewandowski
T. Müller
3 - 1
E. Skhiri
2 - 1
R. Lewandowski
L. Goretzka
2 - 0

Match Stats

55% 44%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 3
Total Passes 634 502
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UEFA Champions League
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UEFA Conference League Qualifiers
Relegation Play-off


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Bayern go five points clear of RB Leipzig at the top of the table, with their game not taking place until later today. Flick will be hoping Bayern can build some momentum off this as they look ahead to Borussia Dortmund next weekend. As for Cologne, they're still three points clear of the drop zone, with the teams below them losing their games. Next up for them is Werder Bremen.
Bayern are back to winning ways in the league with a 5-1 win over Cologne. The hosts led 2-0 at the break with Choupo-Moting and Lewandowski both taking their chances. Cologne pulled one back three minutes into the second half when a mix-up at the back for Bayern let Skhiri in and he lifted it past Neuer. Lewandowski got his second to put Bayern back in control before a mistake by Neuer almost let in the visitors, but Drexler hit the post. Gnabry came off the bench to get two and wrap up the game late on.
89' Timo Horn almost plays his side into trouble at the back again as he plays a loose pass into Cestic, who is being closed down by Gnabry. The defender reacts quickly though and manages to touch it away from the substitute.
Tiago Dantas
J. Kimmich
87' Substitution Joshua Kimmich Tiago Filipe Oliveira Dantas
Javi Martínez
L. Sané
87' Bayern are making another double change now and Kimmich is the first to make way for Martinez.
L. Goretzka
86' Just like for the first goal, Goretzka floats another brilliant cross into the far post for Gnabry and he has a hat-trick of assists in this match.
S. Gnabry
86' IT'S FIVE! Gnabry has his second of the game as Goretzka lifts a lovely cross into the far post again and he's left with a free header where he nods it in to put Bayern 5-1 ahead!
N. Katterbach
I. Jakobs
85' Final change for Cologne now and it's Jakobs that's making way for Katterbach.
84' It's a good chance for Cologne to pull another goal back as Thielmann cuts inside from the right and drills the ball into the box, but it's too close to Neuer who pushes it away at the near post.
L. Hernández
82' Hernandez had a lot of space to run into on the left and he played a low cross into a dangerous area for his team-mates to run onto.
S. Gnabry
82' GNABRY SCORES! It's too easy for Bayern to get in behind as Hernandez plays a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. Lewandowski is sliding in at the near post, but can't get enough on it and it goes through to Gnabry who sends it past Timo Horn. 4-1 Bayern!
81' Lewandowski has just drifted out to the right to try and get on the ball and he tries to square it to Sane on the edge of the box. He's already readying himself for the shot but it's cut out by Mere.
79' Goretzka is forward for Bayern again here and he spots Timo Horn off his line, so decides to have a go from long range again. He gets a lot of power behind the shot but ends up drilling it wide of the far post.
77' SAVE! Bayern break quickly on the counter and a pocket of space opens up for Goretzka on the edge of the box. He drills his shot on goal, but Timo Horn gets across to push it away.
75' OFF THE POST! Neuer comes out of his box to collect the ball on the right and Drexler nicks it off him and he has an open goal to aim for. It's a tight angle, but he takes it early as the defenders get back quickly. He keeps it low and hits it across goal, only for it to rebound off the far post.
74' A heavy first touch takes it away from Cestic as Cologne try to play out from the back and he slides in to try to take it away from Goretzka, but he catches the midfielder and Bayern have a free-kick in midfield, but it comes to nothing.
L. Hernández
A. Davies
72' Third change for Bayern now as Davies is taken off for Hernandez.
M. Meyer
O. Duda
71' Meyer is also coming on in place of Duda.
D. Drexler
E. Rexhbecaj
70' Another double change for Cologne now and Gisdol is bringing on Drexler for Rexhbecaj.
69' CHANCE! Jakobs is unmarked in the box and he pulls it back for Duda in the middle. He takes the shot first time, but Alaba does brilliantly to get back and make a block ahead of Neuer.
67' CLOSE! Muller and Lewandowski link up well again as the substitute lifts another great pass into the box. Lewandowski flicks it on with a deft touch and Timo Horn is scrambling across his line, but it's just wide of the far post.
T. Müller
65' Muller has only been on the pitch seconds when he plays the ball forward for Lewandowski and Bayern have their two-goal cushion back.
R. Lewandowski
65' LEWANDOWSKI SCORES! It's an instant impact by Muller as he picks out Lewandowski on the edge of the box. The forward turns and hits the shot as soon as it drops at his feet, picking out the bottom corner. 3-1 Bayern!
S. Gnabry
E. Choupo-Moting
64' The scorer of the first goal, Choupo-Moting, is also making way, with Gnabry replacing him.
T. Müller
J. Musiala
64' There's a double change for Bayern now and it's Musiala that's making way for Muller first.
63' Cologne break quickly on the counter, but Boateng cuts out Rexhbecaj's throughball. He almost plays himself into trouble when he takes a heavy touch and then just manages to clear his lines as Duda closes him down.
61' Thielmann turns away from Davies on the right and he whips a dangerous cross into the far post where Jakobs is making a late run behind Boateng. He tries to hook it towards goal, but the defender does enough to stop him.
59' Sule has drifted into midfield and he floats a cross into the box. It's cleared by Mere, but only as far as Kimmich and he curls his effort wide of the near post from the edge of the area.
57' Cologne are starting to get some joy down their right side as Wolf pulls away from Davies to get into the final third again. Nobody is up with him in support though which gives Bayern chance to get back again.
55' None of the Bayern defenders spot Ozkan's run into the box as he's picked out by Wolf and he turns to get his shot on goal. Kimmich spots the danger late but gets back quickly to make an important interception for the hosts.
53' Cologne have everyone sitting back in their own half again at the moment as Bayern attack again. It's a great piece of play by Sule as he holds off Thielmann to get to the byline, but the substitute stays with him and makes a block on the cross.
51' Bayern are trying to get their two-goal cushion back as they put the pressure on Cologne again here. Sane makes another driving run down the right before whipping in a cross, but it's well blocked by Thielmann.
E. Skhiri
49' COLOGNE ARE BACK IN IT! It's poor from Bayern as all the defenders leave it for each other to clear and Skhiri takes advantage of the confusion. He steps past Davies before lifting his shot over Neuer and picking out the far top corner. 2-1!
48' Sane cuts inside from the right before laying the ball off to Kimmich. He tries to drill a low cross into the box for Lewandowski but scuffs it, and Cestic clears it.
46' Cologne get us back underway for the second half!
J. Horn
R. Czichos
46' Czichos also makes way, with Jannes Horn replacing him.
J. Thielmann
E. Dennis
46' There's a double change for Cologne at the break. Dennis is being taken off, with Thielmann coming on for him.
Flick will be pleased with how his side have bounced back from their last two league results with their performance so far. They've looked comfortable throughout and look a threat when they go forward. As for Cologne, they haven't troubled Neuer at all and they need to make a big improvement if they want to get back into this game.
Bayern lead Cologne 2-0 at the break. It's been a fairly quiet first half in terms of chances, with Bayern scoring from two of their three shots on target. Choupo-Moting headed in the first from close range before a mistake from Cologne gave the ball away to Lewandowski and he slotted past Horn after playing a one-two with Goretkza. Cologne haven't had a single shot so far.
L. Sané
Yellow Card
45' + 1' Earlier in the move, Sane caught Skhiri after he'd got rid of the ball, so he's booked as well.
R. Czichos
Yellow Card
45' It's a late challenge from Czichos on Musiala and he is shown a yellow card.
43' It's almost another costly mistake from the visitors as Ozcan takes too long to make a pass and Goretzka's touch sends the ball forward for Lewandowski to chase. He's almost one-on-one with Horn before Wolf steps across to take it off him.
41' Czichos tries to set his side on a quick counter after winning the ball off Sane and loops the ball over the top for Dennis to chase. He brings it down with a good first touch before playing his pass straight to Sule.
39' Bayern are in no hurry to get into the final third after winning it back off Cologne in their own half once again. Sane does make a run down the right, but he can't find a way past Jakobs and is forced back.
37' The visitors get away with one as Cestic makes another poor clearance in his own box that Sane intercepts. He just steps on the ball on the edge of the area which stops him from having a shot and Mere is able to clear.
35' Cologne are trying to push forward and put Bayern on the back foot but their passing is still letting them down as Rexhbecaj switches play out to Wolf, but there's too much on it and it goes straight out.
L. Goretzka
33' Goretzka carries the ball to the edge of the box after getting it off Lewandowski before squaring the return pass to him to set up the goal.
R. Lewandowski
33' LEWANDOWSKI SCORES! It's another sloppy pass by Cologne, this time it's Skhiri that gives it away in midfield and Lewandowski pounces on it. He plays a one-two with Goretzka to open up some space and slots his shot past Horn to make it 2-0 Bayern!
32' Another driving run by Jakobs is picked out down the left but he has no one up in support when he gets to the byline. He's forced to go backwards to Dennis, and Kimmich cuts out his cross.
30' Cologne have everyone back in their own half as Bayern patiently push forward again. Goretzka eventually plays a long ball over the top to Lewandowski, but Mere is with him and manages to poke it behind for a corner.
28' Jakobs plays a throughball forward for Dennis to chase and he has a clear run into the box. A heavy touch takes him away from goal and gives Boateng chance to get back just as a very late offside flag goes up against him.
26' GOOD CHANCE! Bayern are in behind again, this time with Sule whipping a great cross into the middle for Lewandowski. He has a free header in the middle and flicks it on, but just like Musiala, sends it wide.
24' CHANCE! Kimmich cuts inside before fizzing a great cross into the middle of the box. None of the Cologne defenders spotted Musiala's run, and he got his head onto it but sends it wide of the far post
D. Alaba
Yellow Card
22' Alaba gave the ball away with a sloppy pass and then pulled back Duda to stop him reaching it so is shown the first booking of the game.
20' Cologne just can't get on the ball at the moment as Bayern continue to knock it around comfortably in midfield. The visitors are sitting deep again as they try to frustrate Bayern and close down the space ahead of them.
L. Goretzka
18' Goretzka was allowed to just continue his run to the edge of the box and he had time to float his cross into Choupo-Moting at the far post.
E. Choupo-Moting
18' BAYERN LEAD! Choupo-Moting peels away from Wolf at the far post as he makes the run to get on the end of Goretzka's cross and nods it past Horn, who can't get across his line quickly across. 1-0 Bayern!
17' Bayern's 2-1 defeat to Frankfurt last time out means they've now lost twice as many Bundesliga games in 2021 (two) than they did across the whole of 2020 (one).
15' CLOSE! Bayern break quickly this time and Sule is up in support on the right. It's touched into him by Sane and he has a go from range, drilling his shot just wide of the near top corner.
13' Rexhbecaj swings another good corner into the crowd of players in the six-yard box. Neuer comes off his line and manages to punch it away and Goretzka has to clear it again on the stretch to stop Skhiri having a shot.
11' Bayern nick it back deep in Cologne's half again and Musiala spots Sane out in space on the right again. There's not enough on the pass to him though and Cestic steps out to intercept it.
9' The first chance of the game falls to Sane on the left of the box as Mere's clearance falls to him in space. He brings it down on his chest before hitting it on the half-volley, but it's a comfortable save for Horn at the near post.
8' It's patient from Bayern as they play out from the back and try to break down Cologne who are sitting deep in their own half at the moment. Davies switches play out to Sule, but he can't turn away from Czichos.
6' Jakobs pulls away from Sule on the left and he whips a good cross towards the near post, looking for Duda. Boateng reads it well though to make a block and put it out for a corner.
4' Cologne take a big risk as Czichos plays a short back pass to Horn and he has Lewandowski quickly closing him down. Horn clears his lines first time, but it does hit the forward and luckily falls for Mere and not another Bayern player.
2' Goretzka intercepts Wolf's pass and instantly sets his side on the counter-attack. He tries to play it low out to Sane on the right, but Mere makes an important interception through the middle to stop it reaching him.
1' Choupo-Moting gets the game underway for Bayern!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Bayern and Cologne are meeting for the 100th time in German professional football. Cologne have only suffered more defeats against Borussia Monchengladbach (56) than they have against Bayern (52).
Markus Gisdol also makes one change to his team after their loss to Stuttgart last weekend. Ozcan comes in for Ehizibue, who drops to the bench.
Hansi Flick makes just one change to the side that beat Lazio in their last match as he brings in Choupo-Moting for Coman, who starts on the bench. Muller is named as a substitute after recovering from coronavirus, as is Gnabry who is back after a thigh injury.
COLOGNE SUBS: Kingsley Ehizibue, Jannes Horn, Benno Schmitz, Dimitris Limnios, Max Meyer, Noah Katterbach, Jan Thielmann, Dominick Drexler, Ron-Robert Zieler.
COLOGNE STARTING XI (3-5-2): Timo Horn; Sava-Arangel Cestic, Jorge Mere, Rafael Czichos; Marius Wolf, Salih Ozcan, Ellyes Skhiri, Elvis Rexhbecaj, Ismail Jakobs; Ondrej Duda, Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis.
BAYERN MUNICH SUBS: Javi Martinez, Lucas Hernandez, Bouna Sarr, Serge Gnabry, Marc Roca, Kingsley Coman, Ron-Thorben Hoffmann, Tiago Dantas, Thomas Muller.
BAYERN MUNICH STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Manuel Neuer; Niklas Sule, Jerome Boateng, David Alaba, Alphonso Davies; Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretzka; Leroy Sane, Jamal Musiala, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting; Robert Lewandowski.
Bayern have a chance to go five points clear at the top of the table with a win today but come into this game having drawn against Arminia and lost to Eintracht Frankfurt in their last two league games. However, they did get back to winning ways with a 4-1 win over Lazio in the Champions League on Tuesday. Cologne have won three of their last seven games in the Bundesliga (D1 L3), and are in need of a result as they sit just three points above the relegation zone.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Bundesliga meeting between Bayern Munich and Cologne at the Allianz Arena!