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90' + 5'
G. Kondogbia
Yellow Card
L. Suárez
Yellow Card
D. Benedetto
Yellow Card
Gonzalo Verdú
Yellow Card
Á. Correa
R. De Paul
1 - 0

Match Stats

41% 58%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 2
Total Passes 421 582
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Atletico host Villarreal next while Elche host Sevilla. Both teams will take this result and move on. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Atletico return to the top of LaLiga for now with Real Madrid set to kick off away to Levante shortly. It was an ugly win in the end but Simeone won't care a jot. It's how Atletico won the league last season and how they'll retain the title if they do. Elche stay in lower mid-table.
Atletico make it two wins from their opening two games after edging out Elche. Correa's first-half strike proved to be the difference between the two sides in a tight game that didn't have much going for it. Elche worked hard but were blunt in attack, causing the match to be decided by Casilla's error.
G. Kondogbia
Yellow Card
90' + 5' Kondogbia picks up a late yellow card for impeding Morente. Atletico are almost there.
90' + 3' Simeone whips up the crowd in an attempt to inspire his team over the finishing line. They'll surely cross it unscathed now.
90' + 1' There'll be six minutes of added time. Atletico are masters of the dark arts and Elche look toothless, so this shouldn't cause Atletico too much concern.
L. Suárez
Yellow Card
90' Suarez is booked for his petulance in kicking the ball away. The Uruguayan is entirely unmoved.
89' Kondogbia plays a pass forward and the offside flag goes up against Carrasco. Atletico's fans and players are frustrated with the constant stoppages and Suarez belts the ball into the stands.
88' The game's degenerated into a series of fouls now. The fans aren't happy as Llorente shrugs off Gonzalez in the penalty area, only for the referee to blow his whistle.
D. Benedetto
Yellow Card
87' Benedetto brings down Saul with a cynical challenge and picks up a yellow card.
Diego González
86' There's another Elche change too. Gonzalez is on for Bigas.
Renan Lodi
Á. Correa
85' Atletico substitution. The left-sided defender Renan Lodi takes Correa's place.
84' Elche will want to create chances closer to Atletico's goal in these closing stages. Of their four shots so far, just one has been in Atletico's box.
G. Carrillo
I. Marcone
82' Marcone is last to go off. Carrillo ventures up front for Elche.
Josan Ferrández
J. Mojica
82' Elche's brightest spark Mojica is next to go off. Josan takes his place.
Tete Morente
L. Boyé
82' Elche decide to make more changes. Morente replaces Boye first.
81' After all the aggression in the build-up Elche's corner is terrible. Fidel's inswinger evades everyone and floats out of play for an Atletico goal-kick.
80' Elche have got themselves a corner. The referee wanders across to stop the players pushing as Trippier ends up on the turf inside the net.
79' Atletico are still looking threatening on occasion. Suarez blasts over from Saul's cutback to the left of the box.
78' Elche are enjoying plenty of possession now but Atletico are still managing to hold them at arm's length. Fidel's ball into the box for Boye doesn't work out.
76' Mojica takes the ball down with a lovely touch and beats Trippier to fizz a fruitless cross in, taking a knock in the process. The Colombian looks fine to continue. It's a relief, as he's been lovely to watch.
74' The game has restarted. We'll have to see what Elche can muster going forward during the next 15 minutes.
72' Play's paused again for another cooling break. That'll suit Atletico just fine. Simeone gives his players a pep talk.
70' The home fans erupt with fury as Mojica disrupts Llorente's run with a shoulder barge and the referee deems it to be a fair challenge. It's been an interesting tussle between those two wing-backs.
69' Benedetto shrugs off a challenge to fire low at Oblak from close to the D. Atletico can't afford to give Elche too many chances to pull the score level. Eventually they might take one.
68' Boye dribbles towards the byline but finds himself tracked all the way and is unable to cross or shoot. Elche's attacks are getting more urgent.
66' Gimenez gets caught offside from Suarez's free-kick. Atletico look keen to grab a second goal. As long as they don't Elche will still believe they can snatch something from this.
Gonzalo Verdú
Yellow Card
65' Verdu is overaggressive in challenging Suarez for a loose ball and bundles the Atletico striker over. Verdu receives the game's first yellow card.
63' Trippier gets involved in the action straight away as the Englishman fires in a dangerous cross on the overlap. Elche manage to deal with it, but Trippier's offside anyway.
D. Benedetto
Pere Milla
63' Elche substitution. The Marseille loanee Benedetto replaces Milla.
K. Trippier
R. De Paul
62' Trippier comes on next, replacing De Paul. Let's see how those changes affect Atletico's shape.
L. Suárez
T. Lemar
62' Here are those Atletico changes. Suarez replaces the hardworking Lemar.
60' Atletico are preparing Suarez and Trippier to come on. Koke spots Casilla off his line from deep in his own half and makes an audacious attempt to score. Casilla backpedals fast enough to catch the shot and save himself from further looking the fool.
58' This game has started to open up. Elche are improving but haven't been able to lay a glove on Atletico yet.
56' Milla fires an underwhelming effort into the arms of Oblak from outside the box. Still, that's a shot for Elche. Seconds later Palacios gallops into space down the right and crosses in low, only for Gimenez to hook it away.
55' Mojica goes on a dazzling run down the left flank and lures de Paul into fouling him. Fidel curls the free-kick towards the far post but there's no one in Elche black there to reach it.
53' Atletico venture forward again. Elche get the benefit of a free-kick but end up handing the ball straight back to Oblak. The visitors are finding Atletico harder to live with since the half-time break.
51' Atletico have woken up now. Carrasco latches onto a simple ball over the top and swivels on the spot to get his shot away. In the end it's tame and straight at Casilla, but Elche suddenly have issues.
49' The opening two minutes of this half have already been more exciting than most of the first half. Carrasco twists this way and that to try to reach the byline but Palacios shuts the door on him. Simeone looks to be having fun down in the technical area.
47' Atletico race out of the traps, winning an early corner down their right off Mojica. Koke swings the corner in and Gimenez finds a pocket of space to nod it towards goal! Casilla makes a diving save to his right to keep the header out!
45' Atletico get the second half going. No changes at half-time.
Before this game Correa had scored seven goals in his last nine appearances for Atletico in all competitions, as many as he'd scored in his previous 63 appearances for the club. The champions will be grateful that the Argentine has popped up again here, having not played particularly well yet. They'll surely improve in the second half.
Atletico head in at the break with a fortunate half-time lead thanks to Correa's opportunistic strike. Prior to Casilla's blunder, the hosts had threatened Elche very little at all. Elche are still very much in this game but need to create a few more shooting opportunities now.
45' + 2' Kondogbia's touch lefts him down and he catches Guti with an outstretched leg. Fidel finds Boye at the far post with his ball in. Boye turns and swivels an effort over the crossbar. That's as close as Elche have come to scoring, and now it's half-time!
45' Saul races after a crossfield pass but there's too much power on it for him to stop it from going out for an Elche goal-kick. There'll be three additional minutes at the end of this first half.
43' Correa's caught offside as Savic tries to find him. Atletico can afford to slow the game down a little now as we approach the half-time whistle.
41' Fidel is brought down in Atletico's half by de Paul but Elche can't capitalise on the free-kick. They'll be disappointed to be behind after doing so well to limit Atletico's chances.
R. De Paul
39' De Paul will claim the assist for that goal, although it was as much a result of Casilla's mistake as it was the Argentine's pass. Atletico won't care. They're ahead despite playing well below their best in this first half.
Á. Correa
39' GOAL! ATLETICO MADRID 1-0 ELCHE! Atletico take the lead through a gift of a goal as Casilla fails to clear de Paul's pass over the top. Correa nips in to steal the ball from the hapless goalkeeper and rifles the ball into the top left corner.
37' Lemar jinks inside from the right to roll a shot just wide of the right-hand post. The crowd cheer the Frenchman's hard work after over half an hour of little to cheer about.
36' Atletico earn a free-kick deep in Elche's half as Bigas nudges Correa over. Unfortunately Atletico's delivery is awful.
35' Atletico feel aggrieved as Llorente is denied a free-kick. The hosts look a little frustrated but have yet to lose their cool.
34' Llorente plays a nice give-and-go to float a high cross into the box. Saul arrives at the far post to go for the header but is unable to keep his effort down under pressure from Elche's defenders.
33' Palacios cuts out Atletico's latest attack and Elche try to keep the ball. Verdu's pass out wide to Palacios is wayward though and goes out for a throw. The Elche captain apologises to his teammate.
31' Play resumes with a goal-kick for Atletico. Both sides have had just one shot each so far. This match is not threatening to be a classic yet.
29' Verdu steps up and goes for goal from the free-kick, firing high and wide of Atletico's goal. Play stops for a cooling break as it's incredibly hot in Madrid at the moment.
27' Elche earn a free-kick down their left. Atletico head it away as far as Guti who takes a knock to the head from Carrasco as the pair challenge for the header. Elche will have the chance to shoot from this range.
26' Llorente is the next Atletico player to give a foul away, barging into Mojica as Elche's left wing-back holds his ground. The Atletico fans are beginning to whistle.
25' Verdu booms a pass upfield for Boye to chase. Kondogbia arrives on the scene and shields the ball well near the byline, forcing Boye to foul him.
24' Palacios darts inside with the ball but fails to beat his man. There's a turnover of possession and the Colombian gets back into position to tug Carrasco back as the Belgian looks to breeze away.
22' The crowd murmur their displeasure as Koke steams into the back of Milla, fouling the Elche forward.
21' The offside flag goes up against Carrasco who's heading towards the left-hand touchline after Savic's direct pass. This has been a cagey game so far with little in the way of chances to score.
19' Elche are enjoying more of the possession now. They've had 59 per cent so far. Everyone knows that Atletico prefer to play on the break, though, so that won't bother them. Palacios humps a high cross into the Atletico box but Kondogbia clears. Roco hands Atletico a free-kick.
17' De Paul sets Carrasco running towards goal with a nice throughball. Casilla anticipates the danger though and smothers the ball first.
15' Fidel pulls off a nice turn to scamper forward and send Boye running down the left-hand channel. Atletico have it covered through and counter. Carrasco spots Lemar's run into the box and looks to find him. Lemar sticks a foot out but can't reach the ball to divert it past Casilla.
13' Oblak claims an aimless Elche ball upfield. Kondogbia miscontrols a backpass, slowing Atletico's advance down. The hosts make gradual progress down their left only for the attack to come to nothing.
11' Both sides take turns exchanging possession in midfield, neither able to break through the other down. This looks like it could be a tight affair.
9' After a slightly shaky start Elche are growing in confidence as Mojica earns a free-kick from de Paul in Atletico's half. It doesn't lead to very much though as Mojica returns the favour seconds later.
7' Saul has his first shot of the game, spotting an opportunity to fire a rasping effort towards goal from deep. It fizzes past the right-hand post.
6' Palacios tries to keep a crossfield pass in play for Elche but the Colombian is unable to master the ball. Atletico take the throw-in quickly to race upfield and Llorente's low cross gets punted out of play.
4' Atletico are not messing around so far, pinning Elche in their own half. Elche have nowhere to go.
2' Atletico begin to get settled on the ball. Contrary to pre-match reports Atletico have lined up in a 3-5-2 formation with Saul and Llorente as wing-backs. The hosts win their first corner of the game down their right off Mojica. Elche deal with it well enough.
1' The visitors Elche get this match underway!
Atletico are given a guard of honour by Elche's players as they walk out onto the Wanda Metropolitano pitch to a raucous reception. They gracefully accept the gesture. Atletico are in their usual red and white striped shirts and blue shorts. Elche are wearing their all-black away strip.
Atletico have played more home games without a single defeat against Elche than against any other opponent in their LaLiga history. Elche have lost all of these sides' last eight league meetings, while Elche have kept just one clean sheet on Atletico's turf, a 0-0 draw back in October 1968. Atletico are heavy favourites here, then, but will this be the routine win they hope for?
There's just the one change to Atletico from their victory over Celta Vigo as de Paul replaces the suspended Mario Hermoso. Elche keep changes to a minimum too. Palacios comes in for Josan at right wing-back.
SUBS: Edgar Badia, Guido Carrillo, Tete Morente, Josan, Diego Bri, Dario Benedetto, Lluis Andreu, Antonio Barragan, John Chetauya, Josema, Cesar Moreno, Diego Gonzalez.
ELCHE (3-5-2): Kiko Casilla; Enzo Roco, Gonzalo Verdu (c), Pedro Bigas; Helibelton Palacios, Raul Guti, Fidel, Ivan Marcone, Johan Mojica; Pere Milla, Lucas Boye.
SUBS: Nehuen Perez, Javier Serrano, Renan Lodi, Benjamin Lecomte, Sime Vrsaljko, Giuliano Simeone, Sergio Camello, Luis Suarez, Kieran Trippier.
ATLETICO MADRID (4-4-2): Jan Oblak; Marcos Llorente, Stefan Savic, Jose Gimenez, Saul Niguez; Koke (c), Rodrigo de Paul, Geoffrey Kondogbia, Thomas Lemar; Yannick Carrasco, Angel Correa.
Atletico's opponents here are Elche who picked up a 0-0 draw in their opener against Athletic Bilbao last week. Fran Escriba's men ended last season positively and will want to continue that momentum, but have never won away to Atletico in 22 previous attempts. Will this time be different?
Having started their title defence with a 2-1 win away to Celta Vigo last week, Atletico Madrid will be looking to win their first two games of a league season for the fourth time under boss Diego Simeone. That result was also Atletico's fourth consecutive 2-1 win in the league, a testament to the champions' battling qualities.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this LaLiga match between Atletico Madrid and Elche at Wanda Metrapolitano, Madrid.