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Sadio Mane: Made with love - Fans praise Senegal star's statue while others don't recognise the forward

8:59 PM WAT 01/11/2022
Sadio Mane Bayern Munich 2022.
Many supporters lauded the efforts of the sculptor even though others were not impressed.

A statue of Sadio Mane designed and built by a Senegalese artist in the player's hometown of Bambali has divided opinion online.

The sculpture was designed with the Bayern Munich forward in a Senegal jersey doing one of his celebrations during the 2021 African Cup of Nations, which the Teranga Lions won.

However, others feel the statue does not resemble the 30-year-old.

  • Egypt - Africa Cup of Nations final

    Must have been made in Egypt

    I think this was done in Egypt because Sadio Mane made every Egyptian cry. So, I understand why they did it like that. -Joe Kabuka


    Total disrespect

    This is disrespect. A Mane statue unveiled in Dakar. How is this even Mane? -@prince_josaito

    Whoever made this statue of Sadio Mane must be a comedian. -@SamsonOtto

    The artist who made this statue is really a hero from zero. Have you seen, how he has managed to deform and disfigure the footballer's face in the name being a praise singer? -James Katumwa

    The person who made this statue has issues with Sadio. I would love to see the look on his [Mane’s] face when he sees it. -Tamara Mapiri

  • Sadio Mane of Senegal.

    Great effort

    It's all about recognition. Not everyone will have the privilege of being recognised and honoured like that. -Tshiamo Chabalala

    This is his level of expertise and he made sure he used it to demonstrate his love. Unless you are comparing his art. He has a heart of gold. -Tofa Albashir Seidou

  • ONLY GERMANY Sadio Mane FC Bayern fans 2022

    Cut the artist some slack

    How can some people be so mean. For all we know and see, this sculptor is proud of his work. -Electric concrete block machines

    The purpose for which this is made is nothing but to design a caricature of him [Mane].

    -Kokouvi Tete Glikpo

    Let's give him a round of applause. He tried his best. -Soyaphi Waka Miyambo

  • Sadio Mane

    That’s not Mane

    It doesn't look like Mane. I can give the artist 0.05/10. -Happy Ntuli

    The statue doesn't look like Sadio. Maybe, it's a monitoring spirit. As Sadio Mane’s fans, we rebuke it. Holy Ghost Fire. -Edwardo Dianz

  • ONLY GERMANY Sadio Mane FC Bayern Barcelona 2022

    He made it with love

    Sad but the artist made it with love. At least he did something to honour and appreciate Mane while he's still alive. Remember, it is a wood statue. Applause to Bambali wood artist, that's a matter of his/ her heart. -Thabo Touchman

    Aowa! Even our own Rasta could have drawn better. Nice try though. -Mariamore Seanego

    It is the thought that counts. Surely Mane would love and appreciate the statue since it was made with love by a fellow Bambalian. -Sifiso Melokuhle Mthembu

    He can collect it out of respect for the artist, then hide it in his backyard for entertainment purposes when he is stressed/bored. -Terry Mwape Lubula

    Nice body work but on the face, let them replace it with a better head. Anyway, wood maybe hard to work with, I think. -Sidney Chambo

    Art is an expression of hidden feelings. Sometimes what we picture in our mind is quite different from the final touches. At least, he tried unveiling his potential. Let us encourage than criticising, it can cause more damage to him. -Kuston M Egoville