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'Paying off Aubameyang best thing Arsenal did since buying Henry from Juventus' - Fans

5:50 PM WAT 06/11/2022
The 33-year-old produced a flat game against his former employers as Chelsea suffered their fourth top-flight defeat at Stamford Bridge

Chelsea forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has faced criticism from a section of fans after his abysmal display against former side Arsenal in their 1-0 Premier League defeat on Sunday.

Ahead of the fixture at Stamford Bridge, the 33-year-old Aubameyang had promised to get one over his former employers but it was not the case as he managed eight touches before he was substituted in the 64th minute.

The ex-Gabon international had left Arsenal to sign for Barcelona after being offloaded by Mikel Arteta but he later returned to the Premier League to sign for Chelsea at the start of the current campaign.

Fans have flocked social media to express their views after he failed to find the back of the net against the Gunners and his overall display in the fixture.

  • Pierre Emerick Aubameyang Chelsea 2022-23

    Auba fires blanks

    The Aubameyang story is a satire. Auba was shooting blanks and got sold, Outers wanted him to score against us, he faced us and he still blanked 😂 - @EbukaMeansGreat

  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Mikel Arteta

    Arsenal did not need Auba

    One day we shall all believe that Arteta was right his team no longer needed Auba. There is a team that had him on for 64 minutes and in those 63 minutes he had eight touches and a yellow card. I am not going to ask you how many Jesus had. In Mikel Arteta I Trust. He is always right. - @SamsonKasumba

  • Aubameyang Arteta

    Arsenal right to sell Auba

    Paying off Auba was the best thing we’ve done since buying Thierry Henry from Juventus. He’s so easy to play against, he’s weak, can't win duels, can’t link up, can’t strike a ball. Saliba-Gabriel will never have a easier game in the season. - @HAftbl

  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Chelsea 2022-23

    Auba had eight touches

    Aubameyang had eight touches before he was withdrawn in the 64th minutes. Normal because he played against the best defender in the league 💪 - @bra_meloo

    Pierre-Emerick “Nothing Personal” Aubameyang coming off after only 64 minutes with eight touches and no goals. - @dopegooner

    Aubameyang did all those pre match videos just to drop eight touches & three accurate passes in 64 minutes. - @UTDkingsley

  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Chelsea 2022-23

    How does Auba feel?

    How must Aubameyang feel? Sees the team that he left and the manager that he fell out with dominating him. I love it 😇😇 - @r1medi

  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Chelsea 2022-23

    Auba needed to lose

    Aubameyang needed this humbling. He's been drooling since coming back to Premier League. - @DiabloGooner

  • Arteta 2022-23

    Arsenal have Arteta

    Bring on @Auba. Nothing personal. This is the type of performance you get when you shut up and listen to the manager. We've got super MIKEL ARTETA. - @nischal_15

  • Arsenal vs Chelsea 2022-23

    Proud of Arsenal

    Ready @Auba? Soooo proud of Arsenal winning the game, and now being top of the league with no ‘big characters in our squad’ big up my @biel_m04 for stepping up and scoring the winner showing everyone London is always RED now we beat every London team⚽️❣️🔛🔝- @Lisacochrane

  • William Saliba Arsenal 2022-23

    Saliba & Gabriel disrespected Auba

    I had second hand embarrassment for Auba today. For Gabriel and Saliba to treat him like that after all the talking he did last week was borderline disrespectful. - @PatrickTimmons1

  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Arsenal 2020-21

    Who is laughing now?

    Aubameyang could have done himself a great favour by shutting up in the first place but just like his attitude as Arsenal completely immature, is obvious the squad that have "small player that Arteta can handle" now are far better without him, now who is wrong? - Akin-Oyewole Oluwatosin