WATCH: The worst miss of the season? Mauro Icardi somehow fails to score for Galatasaray following ingenious penalty routine

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  • Icardi with inexplicable miss
  • Makes up for it minutes later
  • Galatasaray win to go top

WHAT HAPPENED? Striker Kerem Akturkoglu placed the ball on the spot and patiently awaited the referee's whistle. But instead of striking the ball at goal, Akturkoglu neatly sent the goalkeeper to the ground before rolling a perfectly-weighted ball to strike partner Mauro Icardi who had raced in to the box ahead of unsuspecting defenders. The only thing missing was, well – the finish. Despite having the goal at his mercy, Icardi screwed his shot horribly wide of a gaping net.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Icardi though, was able to make amends just five minutes later when Akturkoglu once again teed the Argentine forward, who powered a far more difficult chance that found the bottom left-hand corner of the net for what proved to be the winner.

WHAT NEXT FOR GALATASARAY AND ICARDI? The win takes Galatasaray top of the league for the time being with city rivals Fenerbahce due to play on Thursday night.