Spanish player viciously punches referee in futsal game

Football officials can get a hard time on the pitch, but few have to worry about being assaulted by the players they are monitoring

Most people will agree that being a referee is a difficult job at the best of times, but at the worst of times it can be downright dangerous.

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One official in Spain learned that fact when he was on the receiving end of a vicious punch after giving a decision against a player in the Segunda Division B futsal league.

Brutal referee wipeout in indoor football match

Referee wipeout! A brutal and unprovoked attack.

Posted by on Monday, 1 May 2017

The brutal attack occurred during a game in Catalunya between Barceloneta and Olimpic Floresta.

Once the whistle is blown, the furious player can be seen squaring up to the official before delivering a powerful strike to his head, much to the shock of onlookers.