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'Unsustainable' - Bosnich's bid to save the A-League

8:15 AM MYT 24/05/2019
Perth Glory
The former Socceroo believes the competition needs to become independent if it is to survive

With reports A-League independence is at a crossroads with state federations in particular struggling to decide how it should be done, Mark Bosnich has made a desperate plea for progress. 

Though expansion will offer a boost for the competition, the A-League has been going backwards in recent years in terms of ratings and overall interest.

That reality could have serious consequences when it comes to finances available for the competition when future TV deals are struck.

Bosnich adamant that as it stands the A-League can't survive long term with independence vital to ensure it can operate in a viable manner. 

“It must be known to everyone that the ratings have fallen off the cliff the last two years,” Bosnich said on Fox Sports' show the A-League Round Table

"With how it’s going right now, the grand final as great as it was, was the lowest rating grand final in A-League history.

“The way things are going right now is unsustainable. Time is not on our side.

“So I will say to all those member federations...if I can’t appeal to your good will in the sense of doing something right, I will say this. If this procrastination results in loss of revenue from the clubs then you will be held accountable.

“There’s four years left on that TV deal and we’re very lucky to have Fox Sports but luck can always run out.

“The Socceroos are the flagship but the clubs and the A-League is the fleet and if that goes then the whole thing will go back to being part-time. Unless that’s what they want."