Tim Cahill's classy Socceroos farewell

The green and gold striker has bowed out in trademark style

The final whistle may have blown without Tim Cahill adding one final Socceroos goal, but that didn't stop the striker reminding fans just how much he'll be missed on and off the pitch.

Hours after he played his final minutes for Australia, Cahill was still seen mingling with fans and signing autographs as he bowed out in style.

Cahill was given just under 10 minutes to secure a fairytale farewell on the pitch with an inviting cross not long after he came on painfully intercepted as he prepared for one final trademark header.

The 38 year old was given a standing ovation as he was brought on at ANZ Stadium and savoured every minute of his final taste of Socceroos action.

“I’m still taking it all in, I’m embracing it," Cahill told media after game. 

“It’s everything you could dream of or wish for as a footballer at the end of your career as an international.

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“Even leading into it I was really proud, really happy and content because I know everything I’ve ever done for my country has been for the right reasons, it’s not just about scoring.”

Cahill finished his international career having played 108 games and scored 50 goals for the Socceroos.

Though he might be done with international football, the soon to be 39 year old will continue playing club football in India with Jamshedpur.