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Coronavirus: PFAM relents to paycut discussions, on two conditions

8:34 AM MYT 12/04/2020
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The Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia has finally relented to the demand that Malaysian footballers join paycut discussions.

The Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) has finally relented to the demand that Malaysian footballers join discussions on the matter of paycut, during the competitions suspension brought about by the Covid-19 outbreak.

In a statement issued on Sunday, April 12, PFAM noted that its members will join discussions with their clubs as urged by the Malaysian FA (FAM) and competitions organiser Malaysian Football League, as long as two requirements are met.

"We regret to find that the employers are rushing the players into accepting a paycut while they have been taking their time on the matter of unpaid wages. Ironically, these problematic clubs are among those who have been vocal in suggesting the paycut.

"So first of all, clubs with wage arrears before the pandemic need to settle them. Our stand is firm and there is no debating on this demand.

"Secondly, negotiations must be held on a case by case basis, instead of a collective one. Each footballer has differing wages and situations, therefore they will not agree to the same rate of paycut.

"To ensure that discussions take place in good faith, the players deserve to be furnished with all reasonable information regarding the club's financial situation, to ensure that clubs come to the table with clean hands.

"PFAM too wants to remind that malicious acts such as coercion, undue influence, misrepresentation and fraud will not be tolerated by the players," wrote the association in a statement signed by its leadership, including its president and former Malaysia striker Safee Sali, JDT goalkeeper Farizal Marlias and and Perak centre back Shahrul Saad.