"Overvalued" Malaysia Super League players need salary cap, says FA Selangor sec-gen

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Johan Kamal Hamidon, Selangor, 2019
Malaysian Football League
Johan Kamal Hamidon also asked Selangor fans to give the current association board time to take the Red Giants to greater heights.

Selangor secretary-general, Johan Kamal Hamidon has urged that a salary cap for players be implemented in the Malaysian league.

In an interview with radio station Kool FM that was aired on Saturday morning, he responded to an inquiry on the annual budgets of Malaysian clubs.

"If a club wants to stay in the Super League, by finishing in the top ten position, the minimum is RM8 million (around USD1.9 million), while RM10 million is enough.

"But the gap between this range of budget and those of JDT, Pahang, Selangor and Perak's (major teams) is huge. These teams run on a budget of between RM15 million to RM25 million.

This then led him to make his suggestion on salary restrictions:

"I'm one of the proponents of a salary cap. A ceiling on Malaysian players' salaries is needed in order to 'reset' the league, because they're a little overvalued.

"In terms of investment, if we invest RM10 million in players, do we necessarily get RM 10 million back in revenue? That's the economic question that we need to answer. The market is overvalued.

"The salaries are a big chunk of the operational costs, around 80 to 90 per cent of the costs. If you want to make a big financial change, you start with the salaries. A 10 per cent change can already make a huge dent. There will be repercussions on the performance and results, but what is also important is protecting the other employees of the club,"

On a different note, Johan also voiced out the need for time for the current association management, led by the Selangor Crown Prince Tengku Amir Shah Sultan Sharafuddin as its president, to lead the team to success, and also to achieve synergy with its fans.

Tengku Amir Shah Sultan Sharafuddin, Selangor, 10112018

Tengku Amir Shah with Selangor fans. Photo by Zulhilmi Zainal

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"I've been in discussions with the fans on how to inculcate a stronger supporting culture, but it takes a long time to put in practice. Selangor fans and Malaysian fans in general...crave success on the pitch.

"But at the same time, they've noticed the changes and transformations we've introduced off the pitch. God willing, within the next two or three years, when we bring in the results and changes, the fans will be proud to associate themselves with the club. By that time, there will be avenues for them to get involved in the club's sustainability.

"I hope they hang in there and keep believing in the Crown Prince's leadership. It's not an overnight work, so please give us two, three years to fully realise the Red Giants' potential at the highest level,"