MFL to be thorough with PMOM development

There will be no rushed process in the development of PMOM as all parties want the right people to be put in charge of the new referee body.

Recently Malaysian Football League (MFL) in tandem with Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) announced the creation of Professional Match Officials of Malaysia (PMOM) in a move to improve the standard of match officiating in the country but neither party are willing to rush the process.

As of now, PMOM as a company has already been registered and the search is now in progress to find the General Manager of the new stand-alone referee body. The right candidate is expected to be sought from outside the Malaysian borders, someone who has a wide knowledge of not only the refereeing side of things but in management as well.

This plan has been well received and welcomed by all that are concerned in the footballing fraternity in the country as the current match officials operating within the Super League and Premier League have caused much consternation to fans and teams alike.

"PMOM is on the right track of execution. We've stressed the refereeing issues for a long time and now we've created this new organisation to work together with FAM, who are in full support of the project. We are the midst of getting a general manage whose experience is suited for the job."

"That is most vital because otherwise we will be rushing into things without taking into consideration all matters. MFL sees the PMOM as the future of referees and we hope that in executing this project, we can improve the quality of refereeing on top of assisting FAM to move forward," said Kevin Ramalingam in a press release today.

The chief executive officer of MFL was recently in England together with FAM representatives to hold meetings with the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) in England as part of the transfer and sharing of knowledge towards this new direction.

For years, Malaysian football has suffered due to the lack of quality personnel when it comes to officiating matches and the move could also help to eradicate some of the perceived notion of bias from selected sections of the fans.

As part of the new direction, MFL could also be looking to invite top referees from Asian and Europe to officiate in domestic matches that are considered higher stature and could also be taking the route when it comes to cup finals.


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