MFL amends import ruling for cup competition and others

Pahang FA
Super League teams will now be able to use the full quota of import players in the cup competitions, but only if they meet another Super League team.

Following a meeting of the board of directors at Malaysian Football League (MFL) on March 15, they have to decided to amend the regulations relating to the number of import players that can partake in matches involving teams from the Super League, Premier League and M3 League in all cup competitions in 2019.

Last year, the competition rules states that as many as four import players are allowed on the pitch when Super League teams met or face teams from the Premier League. This season, MFL will allow all five imports to play when a Super League team meets another Super League team.

But the four imports rule remain when they face teams from lower divisions. Meanwhile when a Premier League side meet an amateur side, the Premier League side are allowed to field four import players and the amateur team from M3 can field two import players.

The other decisions made by the board includes the following:

- extension of registration of players for 30 days should MFL cancels their first registration
- tiebreakers for teams matched on points will be decided based on goal difference, number of goals scored and head-to-head with the fair play factor dropped. If it's still a tie after head-to-head, MFL will decide on the next mechanism
- there will be a play-off between two teams in M3 to fight for the promotion to Premier League
- the 11th placed Premier League team will face the FAM Cup champions while the 12th placed Premier League team will face the M3 champion. If the FAM Cup and M3 champions is the same team, then the slot to meet the 11th placed Premier League team will go to the M3 runner-up.
- play-off spot for FAM Cup champions is only to the competiting team that is from M3, otherwise the slot will go to the M3 runner-up.
- teams in contention to be promoted to the Premier League will have to comply to all club licensing rule


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