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Is Team of the Year Modric the best FIFA Ultimate Team card in history?

8:31 PM MYT 10/01/2019
Luka Modric FIFA card
The Ballon d'Or winner and World Cup finalist has been given a sensational update with better stats than Messi and Ronaldo

EA Sports has revealed the complete group of the Team of the Year (TOTY) cards for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team and, for once, there is a new contender for the highest-rated card in the game alongside Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid superstar Luka Modric had a sensational 2018 , making history by helping his club to a third consecutive Champions League trophy and captaining Croatia to the country's first-ever World Cup final.

Those incredible accomplishments led to Modric being awarded the Ballon d'Or trophy and, in turn, his TOTY card has the highest-possible rating of 99 overall.

However, Modric shines above Messi's and Ronaldo's blue cards with all of his stats rated at 90 and above - giving the Croatian the best overall stats in FIFA 19. The card features 90 pace, 99 dribbling, 94 shooting, 94 defending, 99 passing and 90 physicality as well as four-star skills and a four-star weak-foot making this potentially the most well-balanced card in Ultimate Team history.

The FIFA community created a very exclusive group dubbed the "Gullit Club" for any player with all ratings in 80s and above - named after Dutch legend Ruud Gullit who regularly accomplishes this feat.

The fact that so few make it into the Gullit Club speaks volumes of Modric's achievement. The only other card to have reached all 90s is Radja Nainggolan's TOTY from FIFA 17, aka 9golan.

However, 9Golan's impressive 2588 total in-game stats are still dwarfed by Modric who boasts a staggering 2701 - potentially the highest in a FIFA game ever. Modric came close to having the best total stats in a game last year as he came second in FIFA 18 thanks to his upgraded World Cup mode card which sported 2542 in-game stats.

Modric is well ahead of everyone in FIFA 19 with his closest rival, TOTY Kevin De Bruyne, still lagging fairly far behind with a total of 2599 in-game stats. The Belgian himself missed out on the all 90s club due to his 87 pace and 78 defending. 

On top of Modric's perfect rating of 99 overall, the card also has multiple perfect stats with 99 long shots, penalties, vision, short passing, agility, balance, ball control, interceptions, standing tackle and stamina.

In fact, Modric only has two stats which aren't in the green - his heading (73) and strength (77) which are both in the yellow. There may never be a better card than Modric's TOTY but if you want to experience for yourself, you'll have to be willing to part with nearly 4 million coins on the FUT market.​