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'I am not going to protect myself' - Solskjaer puts Man Utd future ahead of his own

7:40 AM MYT 11/01/2020
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Manchester United 2019-20
The Norwegian won't seek a quick-fix to the team's problems if he feels it would jeopardise the club in the future

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer insists he will continue to plan for the long-term at Manchester United, even if a failure to address short-term problems costs him his job.

The Red Devils have been linked with a host of players this month in an attempt to address a number of issues in the squad.

They remain short up front after allowing Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez to leave the club last summer. They also look light in centre midfield following injuries to Paul Pogba and Scott McTominay.

However, the January window is generally tougher to operate in than the summer window as clubs are reluctant to let their key players leave mid-season.

Therefore there is a temptation to seek loan deals to as a temporary fix before pursuing long-term targets at the end of the campaign.

Solskjaer admits he is considering short-term solutions to the club’s problems, which were glaringly exposed in their 3-1 League Cup semi-final defeat to Manchester City in midweek.

However, the Norwegian insists he will not gamble on short-term transfers that may harm the club in the future, even if that puts his position at immediate risk.

“It wouldn’t always be the worst thing you can do to put a short-term fix in if it’s good for the group here and now,” Solskjaer said. “But you wouldn’t put yourself in a situation where you’ve done something that you regret in 18 months’ time.

“We’ve got to do due diligence - character of players, quality of players that are the right fit into this squad.

“I am not going to protect myself. I am going to do what is best for the club, what I think and we feel is right for the club and I will never put myself before the club.

“This is Man United and there is no ‘I’ in Manchester and for me there is no ‘I’ in this team and I could never ever do that, that’s not me. I am working for Man United, not for me.

“I have those conversations with Ed (Woodward) all the time and we are looking at how we are going to look in one month’s time, five months’ time, in the longer period. He knows my feelings and we know our feelings. I am very happy with these players.”

Solskjaer also insists he is willing to stand up to vice-chairman Ed Woodward over transfer deals.

Woodward’s business in the transfer market has been criticised by fans and it has been suggested that Solskjaer is not doing enough to push for the players he wants.

Solskjaer, though, says he isn’t afraid to tell Woodward what he wants but insists the pair both share the same long-term vision for the club.

“Of course we have got open discussions and of course we’re open and honest and we talk,” said Solskjaer. “But I wouldn’t say to you what I say to him, that’s none of my concern really.

“I would never say: 'I need this and this player out of the club' to you.

“We are building towards something and I’m almost getting bored myself talking about this, and the fans will definitely be bored listening to me talk about what we do have as a vision and a plan.

“But it doesn’t change from August or September 1 to now. It’s impossible for that to change.”