FUTWIZ Tom on representing England & playing with F2Tekkz

Tom Leese will represent the eLions at the eNations Cup FIFA 19 tournament in a huge weekend for a place in the Global Series Rankings

Tom 'FUTWIZ Tom' Leese will play in his biggest tournament of the season on Saturday as he teams up with world No.1 Donovan 'F2Tekkz' Hunt to represent England in the FIFA eNations Cup.

The tournament will feature 20 nations competing in the same 2v2 format which proved to be popular in the FIFA eClub World Cup earlier this year.

Goal caught up with FUTWIZ Tom to find out how he was feeling ahead of the tournament and how he's getting ready for the 2v2 matches.

Firstly, how does it feel knowing you'll be representing England?

"It's a crazy feeling. To be honest, it's not really something you can describe. When I was playing in the qualifiers, I tried not to think too far ahead. But now it's sunk in a bit it still doesn't feel real but I'm sure I'll feel proud when I'm playing with all the England gear on."

You got to play a game of FIFA against Callum Hudson-Odoi, what was that day like?

"We went up to St George's Park to watch a training session. I got to make videos with a few members of the team and it was just a really good experience. I'm a Tottenham fan and I saw Harry Kane, Eric Dier and Danny Rose but they were chilling in the cafe so I didn't really want to intrude but it was still a great day."

eLions FUTWIZ Tom

With your place in the Global Series Rankings (113th), this must be a massive tournament for you?

"Depending on how far I go, it determines if I make the eWorld Cup playoffs or I could even go straight into the eWorld Cup if I do well enough. So for me, it really is all to play for."

And how are you handling that pressure and pre-tournament nerves?

"I'm trying not to think about it too much, I'm just trying to play the game and worry about what's happening in there instead of worrying about the occasion around me or what points I'm on. I can't really think like that, just play each game as it comes, try to win and get out of the groups. Then in the knockouts, it's anyone's game really."

Though that is a pretty difficult group with the likes of France & Saudia Arabia...

"I think it's a tough group, you've got MSdossary and Maestro, who played in the FUT Champions Cup cross-console final last week. You could argue that three tournament favourites are in Group A on paper so it's definitely going to be difficult, it'll be a good challenge."

And of course you'll be playing with the 2v2 format, do you have any experience with that?

"I have some experience after playing in the Gfinity Arena but that was only as a show game, it wasn't an actual tournament. So it's my first time playing like that competitively. We [he and Tekkz] have been practising 2v2, just trying to figure out the right tactics for each other because we have different play-styles. I think we'll manage to get it to work. It's different but that makes it exciting I think, it's better for people to follow with the team atmosphere."

You mentioned yourself & Tekkz have different play-styles, how well are you guys synergising?

"It's just small things like we both try to press so we can manage to get that to work if we do so in a different way to what we would in a 1v1. Going forward we're quite similar, we both like quick skill moves in and around the box and trying to get a shot off early. It's just small differences, nothing too bad."

The two of you are probably used to playing with different players so how are you deciding who to use in your 2v2 matches?

"We've had a think about it, it depends on our opponent and how they're playing their 2v2s. Nobody has really had too much experience with it so we've just got to adapt to what our opponents do. Through that, we'll decide who to play at full-back and in midfield,  I think the front four picks itself at this stage with R9, Mbappe, Neymar and CR7. It's mostly defensively which we'll figure out on the day but we definitely have an idea of who we'll be using."

On top of that, have you figured out if there will be anything in-game that only you or Tekkz will be responsible for, like moving the goalkeeper?

"I think we're mainly looking at Tekkz for the goalkeeper movement and we've got a few set-piece routines that we're trying to work on. Obviously, it's easier to create a chance from a set piece when someone else is attacking the ball."

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It's interesting you mention custom set-pieces because 2v2 must give you more options in attack, right?

"It's harder to build passing moves because in your head during a 1v1, you're painting a picture yourself and you know what you're going to do next. But obviously with someone else you have to try and get on the same page. It's different but at the same time it's interesting and exciting to talk to someone whilst your playing. It's a different dynamic."

FUTWIZ Tom was speaking following his participation at the FUT Champions Cup April held at the Gfinity arena in London. To catch the action from the next tournament follow @EAFIFAesports on Twitter.