Contract improvements implemented by Selangor ahead of 2019 season

Faizzudin Abidin, Selangor, 2018
Selangor FA
The Red Giants are looking to encourage better performances from their signings this season, starting from their contracts.

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Ahead of the 2019 season, the new Selangor management under president Tengku Amir Shah Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, is set to introduce changes in how the club is run.

Among the areas the Red Giants are seeking to make changes is in their players contracts.

Vice president Izhar Moslim on Wednesday revealed to Goal that the improvements came about from their intensive engagement with attorneys, in order to protect the team's interests.

"We has solicited legal input on players and coaches' contracts, to shore up our interests and strengthen them. Now they're tied up more strongly to the players' performances.

"The players' contracts are all based on one which is drafted by FAM (Malaysian FA). But what we've been doing is attaching our own terms in separate documents, for example for players who we think have marketing potential, and for terms such as players' housing and transportation. 

"Now we are expanding the attachments to include terms on performance. If a player scores a goal, he'll get a certain amount of bonus. If he makes an assist, he'll get a bonus too. By the way, we're rewarding assists and goals the same amount of money, so the players won't have to decide between wanting to be a team player, or making more money!

"The contracts are now more tied to performance, their appearances, which should encourage the players to perform better," he explained.

Izhar added further, that injury-prone players too will be signed under a different set of contracts.

"Players who are injury prone will have additional clauses in their contracts, but not in the coming season. We're not signing any injury-prone players this season.

"We first need to strengthen our backroom staff, medical team, improve on our [sports science] collaboration with UiTM (a local university). In the future, we will be ready for this," he noted.

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